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About XML Sitemap Generator Tool

Have you heard of XML Sitemap Generator? Or have you heard of Sitemap? Maybe you will have heard of about the robots.txt when you searched about SEO or something to rank in the search engines. If you have heard about those then you are going to take this serious.

Who should use this tool?

All the tools in the web are not for all of us. You may have heard of tools to create some websites. You may have heard of Dreamweaver or Photoshop. There are many tools like that but not all of them are for us. In the same way all the tools that we have is not for everyone. However, everyone is free to use still you will have to have a little knowledge about what this tool is and why should you use this tool.

Our XML Sitemap Generator tools are for those who really want their appearance in the search engines like Google or Bing. Any one is allowed to use this tool without any limitations but using our tools without proper knowledge can be always dangerous.

Before you use this tool, you should first know:

  • What XML Sitemap Is?
  • Why Should You Use XML Sitemap Generator?
  • How Should You Use XML Sitemap Generator?

If you have the answer for three of these questions then you can easily get something out of this.

First. What is XML Sitemap?

When coming to answer from Wikipedia, They suggest that Sitemaps is a protocol that allows a webmaster to inform search engines about the URLs of a website that are available for crawling. A sitemap is a XML, which means it has an extension of .xml and the sitemap lists the URLs in a site. It not only list all the URLs in the web site to crawl it also helps webmasters to include different information about different URLs. This will not only help in the sites SEO but this will also help search engines to be smarter than ever.

For whom is Sitemaps Important?

  • Sitemaps are very important for those websites have some areas which should not be browsed.
  • And also if your website needs the use of Ajax, Silverlight, or flash content then you will have to use Sitemaps because of this content are not normally processed by the search engines.
  • Also you will need to use the sitemap if your website has a very large content and there is chance for the web crawlers or spiders to skip or overlook the newly added content.
  • And it is also important for that website which has a lot of web pages and internal linking is less. Means if you don’t link one article to some other articles then the search engines will have to work a little harder to find the contents of your website which may result in lower ranking in search engines.

First sitemaps were introduced by Google in June 2005, so that web developers could publish lists of links from their sites. After a year in November 2006, Google MSN and Yahoo announced joint support for Sitemaps. As for the search engines sitemaps does only the good things for them. Sitemaps would make the job of spiders easier.

After sitemaps growing a bit larger, in April 2007, and IBM announced the support for sitemaps. While in the same time, Google, Yahoo, MS said that their spiders will automatically discover sitemaps via robots.txt

How Do Sitemaps Help In SEO?

A sitemap is usually used for the purpose of letting the search engine crawlers follow the links to all the web pages in the website so that crawlers won’t miss out on anything.

Sometimes we leave out URLs or hide some URLs from the search engines because we don’t want users to accidently get into some of our hidden web pages. Our sitemap will help to do so.

Now how will you create a sitemap? Creating sitemaps is not a hard section. If you own a blog, then probably you will be using Wordpress users, if you are using Wordpress then the best way is to download Google XML Sitemaps Plugin. By the name don’t think that this is created by Google. It is created by Arne Brachhold. According to his description this Google XML Sitemaps Wordpress plug-in will improve SEO of you websites and help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and to better index your site.

This is a great tool and is working fine for many Wordpress users; I can see it from the ratings of the plug-in. It has a 5 start rating. A majority of users have rated 5 star, around 1864 user have rated 5 star followed by 36 users voting 4 star and 11 users voting 3 start and 3 of the voted 3. However, due to some recent updates its 1 star has gone a bit high to 42 votes.

XML Sitemap Generator

This plug-in will create files or sitemap xml file with the extension of sitemap.xml.bak.

After you installing this extension of Wordpress you can find the sitemap of your blog or website by entering your domain URL followed by sitemap.xml. For example if your blog domain URL is, the sitemap will follow like this:

However, this has some limitations that’s the reason of getting some down ratings. So, I suggest you to use our tool for both websites and also for blog, whether it is Wordpress or not.

Now why do you need to do lot of things to satisfy search engines? The answer would be very easy, to get traffic. The whole web is looking for traffic. What will happen when you fully concentrate on SEO or search engine optimization? When you a fully concentrated on SEO, you will go back in your posts. If you go back in your posts that mean that you are losing something important. Without a real content, sitemap or SEO is not of any use. All that is the second option always the first option or the first thing you will have to do is content.

I always suggest any blogs or website to contain a great content before they start SEO, when coming to blogs, you should always have around 200 to 300 posts before you step out to SEO, and also trust me that you are not going to rank in Google with a day. You will rank better if you have a great backlinks to your site and also looking at how old is your web page. If you are crying for not ranking, just remember that there are not of things you will have to concentrate before ranking your page. Do you know about backlinks and only if you do then you will get something out of your website.

You should create backlinks if haven’t created those. Actually it is not so suggested to create backlinks your own. Actually, backlinks are those links which some websites sends to your website. Imagine that you have a great content then it is sure that some of the blogs will surely link their site to your site. Even the idea behind the new ranking method of PR is based on this kind of ideas. According to the study done by Google, if your website is linked by one of the giants of web then you will actually rank well. Think that Wikipedia links to one of your web pages (not going to happen but still) then you will actually rank a lot more. Imagine that the content of the keyword of your website on blogging. There will be many sites which provides a lot of information of blogging and how to start a blog and all those sites will be appearing in the top positions in Google. In that case your blog or your blog post may not appear in the top 50. But if a website like Wikipedia links to your website then you rank will come a little higher. If you have a rank of 75 then after Wikipedia link to your content then you will get a rank of 10 or 20. If you got 10 or 20 then you can easily make it 1 with pretty less efforts. All you will have to do is to wait until you web page becomes a little older and then you will have to wait a bit more until your site gets a little more links from some small starter blogs or websites. If you still missing backlinks then you can try out Backlinks Generator tools which are just like this XML Sitemap Generator tool. You can use that tool to get Backlinks from some of the great website. With the links of Wikipedia and the links that we create can make a huge impact on your site’s ranking.

There are a lot of them who use our tools to get the best from us. They have got some ranking to. So don’t think that we can never help. We are always up with some good tools which will help you to earn more than you want but you should make sure that you will do a lot of work and make your site as good as you can. Making a website better is not something hard.

What I usually do with my blog is, I find out the worst thing about my blog myself. When looking on our site as a visitor give us a lot of ideas. The main thing I change on my website is the theme. I just always tries to find out the best them I can. I usually try my best to find out the best fonts out there by looking all the popular blogs and also by visiting the best blogs. I use a chrome plug-in name Wordpress Theme and Plugins Dectector. This tool will really help me to find the best themes of Wordpress. And If I find that, I would by the theme, if I like it then I will some changes myself. I have a little knowledge of coding so for me it is a bit easy to change the basic styles of the theme. I usually change is the color used and the fonts used. Both of this makes a great difference on a Wordpress blog.

I also try my best to hide the worst looks of my blog. When you are choosing a theme, just make sure that your theme looks nice in mobile too. It is really important that our blog or website looks same in the web and the phone. Whatever, theme you use, makes sure it looks okay in mobile. First should be mobile. If the mobile design is good then we can yourself do a bit editing in how it looks in a computer or a large screen. So my theory in that case is the theme should be great in mobile and in the wide screen. When you are choosing a theme you can test how it looks in a mobile and a large screen by using some of the online responsive checker. Or you can do it yourself by the chrome developer tools. The best thing to do is check it via a responsive checker. If you do it by chrome’s tool then it will take a little more time that you thing. We comparing the result, I thing chrome gives you a great option of checking the tool. The responsive checker gives a little option and they just show out how a sites looks on the different mobiles while the chrome tools will allow you to see how a website looks on your required dimensions. In this case, I can’t which tool is better. If you are using a chrome tool then you will get a better result in the same screen while if you use a responsive checker then you will get the design in more detailed way but you will not be able to use your own dimensions.

Now, how to check whether a site is responsive or not. The first method is using a website or a online tool. Unfortunately, we don't provide such a tool which will help you to check whether a site is responsive or not. Before we check whether a site is responsive or not, we should first find out a site design for the Wordpress blog and we will check out how responsive is our Wordpress theme.

So, the very first method is to go to and then search for best Wordpress themes. This will give you a number of designs so that we can choose from the best. I have searched Google and have chosen a site which is called Themeforest. Under the category of 2017’s Best Selling Wordpress Theme, I found a list of themes. You can select any theme as you wish.

XML Sitemap Generator Tool

All the themes has something special, you can choose whatever you wish too. I have select a theme which is named “The7 — Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress”. You can buy that theme from themeforest or you can view their website for more information.

They provide you 6 premium plugins and a lot of other features like 750+ design options. However, it is our wish; you can select any of the themes

html sitemap generator

Their main page says that their site is SEO-Ready and Mobile Friendly, which is verified by Google. Now what we are going to do is to check whether they are saying the truth.

best sitemap generator

We are now going to try our first method out. So to try our first method of checking whether their theme is responsive, we will have to go to some search engine and search for responsive checker. When saying search engine, I always suggest Google because it deliver the best result for me all the time. Before you search, you should copy the URL of the page to test. In my case it is, By searching Google, I have chosen the very first one, which is Responsive Design Checker.

sitemap generator wordpress

When we open the website we get something similar to the image above. All you have to do is to enter the URL of the page we want to check to the line where it says enter your URL here.

If you enter your URL then you will get the result. You webpage will be displayed in the center of the page and in the left you can see three options through  which you can switch from desktop view to mobile or tablet view according to your wish.

visual sitemap generator

Some of the cons of this site is that, you cannot see how this site looks in a landscape view of all this. The the other thing is that you can’t add your own devices to them. If you think you have some devices and you want to add it to or if you want to know how it looks in your device or something, you don’t have option in this case. In those cases you will have to use some other tools like this to get a clear idea.

That is the reason why I suggest everyone one to use a free tool from Google which is greater than any of the online checker. Google chrome comes with this in-build option of checking whether a site is responsive. You may also use Google Chrome responsive checker in offline pages which are not uploaded to the web. This tool is therefore great for those who are developing a new website. I’m sure that a developer who is creating good websites will surely depend on Google Chrome for this. Even chrome does a lot more things for the developers which developers can’t avoid so soon.

Now how will you use this free tool from Google Chrome. To use this tool first you will have to open the website which you need to check. In my case the website still is After going to the website just right click in somewhere. Then you will get a popup asking you what to do, so select the last one which is called inspect element. By selecting this chrome will allow you to check what styles are given to a specific element of the page? Element can be anything from a button to the text in a webpage. All of that is a element. The whole web page is also a element. So whatever a webpage contain is a element. When you select that option after you right click you will get a pop up of a section with lot of codes opens up, maybe in the right or the bottom. I think a long before I moved it to the right. Wherever it appears it does the same thing, so don’t worry about that. After getting that pop up you can notice an icon of mobile and tablet, in the upper most of the section which popped up. You just need to click on that icon so that you get a result o responsive layout instead of website which you were seeing. Chrome tools has a lot of customizable options which you can make use of. There are around 60+ devices in chrome at the same time, you have a chance to add a new device according to your wish.

You can simply add a device by clicking the device name dropdown menu in the top of the page and then clicking on edit. When you do that you will also be able to a lot more than adding or switching the device.

html sitemap generator

In the top you will also be able to rotate the device like a phone that means you will be able to see both the portrait and the landscape view of the website in a device. While adding a new device you can simply add a new device and then edit the size of the phone and also you have a option to add the user agent string.

I couldn’t find the perfect video which explains the whole thing about chrome dev tools but I have found a video which explains the basic of chrome tools.

Google also has a Mobile-Friendly Test which you can use for free. This is something similar to a online website that we used. However, this will not show how page looks in different mobile devices but what this does is it shows whether the site we checked is mobile friendly or not. You can easily access that page from Google.

But, if you wish to then you can get a screenshot of how that site looks in the smart phones from this same website of Google.

html sitemap generator new

This is how a result page of the Google’ test looks like. Google will say whether this page is mobile friendly or not. The design which we have checked is mobile friendly and what they have said about Google verified is correct about that theme. If you want to know more about that site then you will also need to have a SEO test of the website. After having both of the tests you can buy the design without any doubt. Just remember these things whenever you buy a website design. You will always need to check a website before you buy that. After you purchase that there is no use of saying or complaining that it has some problems.

All the website designs today provide a sample website for users to check and understand how there website looks and behave. It is your opportunity to check how it works. Before you buy a website you should also know what other users say about this design. You hear it from someone who hasn’t purchased the theme. Always hear from the users comment section of the design. If you are using the Themeforest then you will come to see a comment section under the description of the website.

You just have to look the rating of the website and what the users bought that says.

When it comes to money anyone can say anything, sometimes the developer of this design may use some sites to do some fake reviews about their product. I you find a review like Good, best design or something which doesn’t say something they hate about that design will be surely a fake one. When I comment in Google Play Store or some other play to rate, I usually do is rate them what I think I my mind. Whether I rated 1 start or 5 star, I will surely say what I like in them and what I don’t and I think all the users are following something like that.

We was just talking about SEO and know we have came a long way that simple SEO tricks.

I have heard many saying that forum posting or linking our site with forum is a important way to increase the SEO of our website. But according to me, forum posting only helps around a 2% of the whole SEO process. I’m not sure whether it helps up to 2% of the whole process whoever, I said 2% to show how less it can provide. If you are think of getting the backlinks from a forum is so important then you may try to get some links from forum, but according to me forum posting is important but not to get yourself displayed in search engines or to give search engines and idea of how important our website is. Forum posting simply help us to get some traffic to our website, directly or indirectly.

Imagine that a user who is looking for how to increase my site ranking in Google end up at a forum question which says the reason of not getting the ranking or a post explaining who Google ranks and at the end of the post or comment, if the publisher says to know more visit our website then if the content is interesting the reader or the one who search will surely go to his website and know the possibility. This is a type of direct traffic, means our site is not ranking in search engines it is a fact but if you still want to show up our content in Google or any other search engines select a forum which has a high ranking in the niche you have selected. Then if you post something about the niche and if the user searches the same thing then your question or answer will surely get some visitors. Up to that is a method done by the forums. They make your content more searchable or according to the forum your content in the forum ranks in the search engines but after that when a user enter the forum and goes back by reading your post, it just means that you don’t have a post which can make the users interesting.

Always remember that without a great content no one can reach anywhere. That is the reason which I always suggest you to have a great content before doing SEO. I also suggest only starting a blog, if you have good knowledge on a subject. If you know how to market something in Social Medias that is i you know social media marketing then you can easily make a blog with marketing strategies. And then you can easily increase the content of your website with some other posts which is related with marketing by Amazon affiliate. If you are starting a blog, never think that you can make a lot from affiliate marketing or advertisements that are displayed in your website or a web page.

Always you should have something to sell, if you look at top blogs which are making money, you can see that those sites are never making a lot from advertisements but they make a lot by selling their own products. If you are a affiliate marketer then you may sell a eBook based on marketing strategies or you may sell you experience as a marketer. There is lot like that to sell.

But there is something which makes forum posting a little bit different or there is something which makes me say no to forum posting.

Forum posting can also bring the issue of spam with it. Your forum will be open for spammers, and if it gets really big, it can have a lot of weight in search engines and others. As a result, the forum might get closed, or the mode of operation can be changed. Forum posting also has some other problem like it can always lead to a lot of security issues to your business. You will have to update your software regularly, and close down any loopholes which can allow hacker to take control of your forum via some methods and damage your forum and create many problems for your forum and may be something personally for you. Monitoring the forum constantly can take up a lot of time and destroy your passion of forum posting.

Because XML sitemaps are straighter forward and typically less understood in the marketing world. You will have to understand what sitemaps are to make sure that you get the best.

You will have to understand about all the tools before you carry own with some of the tools. You will have to know why is sitemaps known as XML sitemaps and why this tool has a name of XML Sitemap Generator. There is a lot like that which you should know but now we have a look at how to create sitemaps.

Creating sitemaps are bit easy.

Before you create your own sitemaps just know how sitemaps looks from the outsite and from the inside. Creating sitemap is not so difficult until we have a free tool of XML Sitemap Generator which will help any user to make the best sitemap for any of the website. But how a sitemap looks?

sitemap generator online

contains and what it will say to search engine spiders we have learned that there are a lot of spiders which are working day and night and some times those come to check our websites too. After they do their check they will provide it to the search engines or may be to some of the social medias like facebook or twitter. However, it is better that you understand how important a sitemap is.

Now we will check the working of XML sitemap Generator. This is not a first tool from us. We have generated a lot of tools for all the web users. Both for web users and also for publishers or for those who want to earn from the web. We have created all this because we have heard that lot of them say that online is not a good option to but we have to change and everyone should start earning online. Our XML Sitemap Generator works in a very simple way. The only thing you will have to do is to enter some information about your website and how your sitemap should be. After you enter those you will be a out of great sitemap which can be used in any of the website.

The first thing you will have to do is enter your domain address. After entering that then you will have to say when should be the modified date. If you check the image which I have given you, I that image you will see what modified date is all about. You may also check that website by going to their address. Or you can examine any website by enetering their domain and the followed by a / then sitemap.xml. The full format will be If you enter any domain you want to check you will get the result for sure.

html sitemap template

After doing and entering everything you will have to do the image verification which very easy comparing to many sites which do the same thing. And the final thing is to click on the generate sitemap button. When you do that our bot will crawl all your files and gives you a sitemap which you can use in your sites. You can save it as a xml file or you may copy it as your wish.