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According to October 2017, there are 7.6 billion people in this earth. And we have around 7,106 different languages in our earth. We may know 1, 2 or 3 languages. I just know 4 of them. However, there are many who are looking for studying new languages. Even coming to the web or the place we call as internet, it first with English, maybe and then expanded to lot of languages. Now, within last two years web could take any language and then display it to users. Even the smallest used languages are now available in the web.

All the languages are supported in the web. When coming to HTML, we can use any language as we want. But first we will have to inform the browsers and the computers about want language we are using. Mostly used language is English and it’s IS language code is en. In HTML, we first need to make the browsers aware that we are using what kind of language we are using in this web page. The code is as follows:

<html language=”en”>


But when coming to XHTML, we will have to make some changes to the lines to get is as we want. The html tag in XHTML is as follows:

<html xmlns= lang=”en” xml:lang="en">


You will be thinking what XHTML is, or what the difference between HTML and XHTML is.

XHTML stands for Extensible HyperText Markup Language. In simple words we can say XHTML as the next step in the evolution of internet. You may have heard of HTML1.0 or 3 or even the latest HTML5 which given developers a lot of opportunities to make their websites work in much different way than before. When coming to XHTML has a version of 1.0 which is the first document type in the XHTML family.

XHTML was developed by W3C or World Wide Web Consortium. This has mainly to help the web developers make the transition from HTML to XML. When moving to XHTML today, it is much easier for the web developers to enter the XML with all of its benefits and still remaining confident in the backward and future compatibility of the content.

There are many XHTML benefits other than using HTML:

  • XHTML are the those kind of documents which are XML conforming as they are readily viewed, edited ad validated with the standard XML tools which we can use.
  • XHTML documents can be in better working condition both in new browsers and also in the old and existing browsers.
  • XHTML gives a web developer more consistent way of coding. XHMTL  is well structured format so that our web pages can be easily parsed or processed by and of the present browsers as well as future web browsers.
  • You can easily maintain, edit, convert and format your document when in a long run.
  • Because of XHTML is the combination of HTML and XML, this document means the XHTML document can be rendered in not only HTML enabled browsers but only XML-enabled browsers.
  • The best thing I like about these is that your page will be counted as a quality web page or website if you follow the quality standard which is defined by XHTML. The W3C certifies those websites with a quality stamp.

Why do you think, XHTML is having a bit more popularity than HTML? Actually we know that we are all trying to do something different from other. In the same way web developers and web browsers designers are all trying to discover or they are all find some new ways to express their ideas through new markup languages. When coming to XML, it is very easy to add new elements or additional element attributes. But they was failing to design those of less XML enabled browsers but with the introduction of XHTML these developers got a great chance to make all their ideas come true. They can easily make their ideas with XML and then also use it in HTML enabled browsers.

The XHTML family is not a small family and has the space to accommodate all the extensions through XHTML modules and techniques for developing new XHTML conforming modules.

The main benefit of these modules is that these modules will help web developers of web browser developers to add the combination of existing features and new features in the time of developing content and designing new user agents.

If you want to understand about XHTML then you will have to understand about XML first.

XML is a record extension for an Extensible Markup Language (XML) record format used to create commonplace data codecs and percentage each the format and the facts on the world extensive internet, intranets, and someplace else the use of general ASCII textual content.


XML is similar to HTML. Each XML and HTML incorporates markup symbols to describe the contents of a page or report. HTML, however, describes the content material of a web page (particularly textual content and picture photos) simplest in terms of ways it is to be displayed and interacted with. For example, the letter "p" placed inside markup tags begins a brand new paragraph.


XML describes the content in phrases of what information is being defined. for instance, the phrase "phonenum" located within markup tags may want to imply that the information that accompanied was a cellphone quantity. An XML document can be processed simply as facts by means of a software or it can be saved with comparable information on any other pc or it is able to be displayed, like an HTML file. as an example, relying on how the utility inside the receiving computer wanted to address the smartphone number, it may be saved, displayed, or dialed.


XML is taken into consideration extensible due to the fact, in contrast to HTML, the markup symbols are limitless and self-defining. XML is a simpler and less complicated-to-use subset of the usual Generalized Markup Language (SGML) popular for how to create a file shape. it is expected that HTML and XML can be used together in many internet packages. XML markup, as an instance, may additionally seem inside an HTML web page.

To get the clear idea about XHTML, you will also have to understand, what HTML is and what the difference between HTML and XML is.

First, what is HTML?

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the set of markup symbols or codes inserted in a document intended for display on a world huge net browser page. The markup tells the internet browser how to show an internet web page's words and snap shots for the person. Every person markup code is referred to as an element (however many people also check with it as a tag). Some elements are available pairs that indicate when some display effect is to begin and while it is to give up.


HTML is a proper advice via the sector huge net Consortium (W3C) and is normally adhered to through the important browsers, Microsoft's net Explorer and Netscape's Navigator, which additionally offer some additional non-wellknown codes. The modern-day model of HTML is HTML But, each internet Explorer and Netscape enforce some features in another way and offer non-trendy extensions. net builders using the extra advanced capabilities of HTML 4 might also need to layout pages for each browsers and ship out the best version to a consumer. Great features in HTML 4 are from time to time defined in general as dynamic HTML. What is from time to time known as HTML 5 is an extensible shape of HTML referred to as Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML).

There is still to know about the difference between HTML and XML:

  • XML is the acronym from Extensible Markup Language (meta-language of noting/marking). XML is a corresponding to language with HTML. It changed into developed for describing records.
  • The XML tags aren't pre-described in XML. You will need to create tags according to your wishes.
  • XML is self descriptive.
  • XML uses DDT precept (Defining the report type) to officially describe the data.
  • The principle difference among XML and HTML: XML is not an alternative to HTML.

Both XML and HTML were developed with different purposes:

  • XML turned into developed to explain information and to focalize on what the records represent.
  • HTML changed into advanced to display facts approximately to focalize at the way that information appears.
  • HTML is set showing statistics, XML is about describing information.
  • XML is extensible.

I think you have got some idea about why is web developers using XHTML or why they prefer to use tools like this than simple codes like HTML. We will also check some methods of using all this codes but first we will see the basic structure of all the languages.

We coming to the basic structure of HTML, is as follows:

word counter google docs

 You check web for more information. Try doing a Google Search like I done.

Then the basic structure of XML is a bit more complex to understand and it may take a little more time than you take to study HTML. However, take a look:\

word frequency counter

As you see XML is a bit difficult language to try if you don’t know how to handle it. But when coming to XHTML, it is a bit easy and is almost same as HTML:

word count in word

If you know the basic of HTML then you can easily write XHTML too. But if you want to create something complex with XML to your XHTML then you will surely need the knowledge of XML.

There is nothing much to talk about our word counter tool, we will at last figure out how word counter works but for now we will look at some ways to making blogging or website profitable. We will surely look at blogging first and then we will carry on to website too. If you are a blogger, means not a very successful one then you will surely have to make some moves to make it better.

Making a blog better is a part of Blog Maintenance. The first thing I suggest is to sign up an account in Google Analytics.

This may give you precious records about the fitness of your blog. I everyday use it to look how traffic is doing here, specifically actual-Time and referral assets.  It’s great to tune what content material is resonating with your readers.  Plus, in case you ever want to bring forth commercials or sponsors to your blog, they may need to understand your blog’s stats tracked via Google Analytics. Plus it’s totally free, so get it these days.

You will be thinking what Google Analytics is. In the first look, Analytics look pretty simple.

english word count

This is how the start page of Analytics look like. The header says that start analyzing your site’s traffic in 3 steps. And followed by that they have mentioned the three steps which you should use. The first one is Sign Up for Google Analytics, they say that they just ask you about some basic information about what you like to monitor or what you what to do which analytics. The second step is adding the tracking code to your website.

This one of the basic thing, almost all the platforms like Weebly or wix and if WordPress have special place to enter this code for those who don’t know about coding. If you don’t use any of these platforms you can use this method without any problem because Google itself gives you the best guide so that you will be able to add them very easily.

According to them the third method is to learn about your audience. This method will be more often know as the result. After you add the code to your website you will be easily able to know all the data about your site. You will be able to know how much visitors come, every day or every hour and you will also get more detailed reviews which you may not have expected to know these fast.

Google, itself is providing all who is interest to learn about Analytics a guide or tutorial which will help them to work more easily. You can see and learn more about this from Google Analytics Academy. I think it is the 6th course from them which explains more. You don’t have to worry about the number or course or something, you will get the video tutorial when you go to the page.

Google itself says that Google Analytics Course For Beginners shows all the new users how to create an account in analytics, implement tracking code, and set up data filters. We will be able to navigate the Google Analytics interface and reports and also set up dashboards and shortcuts after learning by this tutorial. Not only that this course will also demonstrate how to analyze basic audience, behavior and set up goals and campaign tracking. There is a not no that you can learn from this simple guide. The below is the promo video to watch before you join the academy.

That’s a lot about Analytics. We have been talking about how to maintain your blog or website. As we said the first thing is to set up the analytics account. Now the second thing to do is add the correct plugins that can add more realistic look and feel to your users. When coming to WordPress the best Plugins that I think everyone should add are:

Yoast Comment Hacks: Comment redirect is one of the best Plugin have ever added in my blog. This Plugin is great because if someone leaves a comment on you post for the first time, then this Plugin will redirect them to a page of thanking. If you purchase something in a ecommerce site you usually get a thanks page before you leave. The same thing goes here. If you comment for the first then this Plugin will give a simple page to users where the admin of the site can add anything. The example of the comment page is the thanks for commenting page of

You can easily download this WordPress Plugin from their official page. They not only have a comment redirect but this Plugin also includes:

  • Minimum Comment Length: This will allow you to set the minimum comment length for you website. In default for WordPress blogs it is one. Anyone who writes even a single letter can post comment which can lead to many fraud comments.
  • Email Commenter: You may not have heard about this method. But it is still used by many bloggers. This plugins also give the blogger a chance to sent direct message to those how comment on your post

google docs word count shortcut

  • Comment Parent Edit: If you are a Wordpress blogger then you will surely notice that you will not be able to edit the parent comment, which is sometimes the worst thing in WordPress. This Plugin helps to add a simple input field to change that:

how to insert word count on google docs

  • And the last thing this Plugin do is Clean Notification Emails: This is a pretty simple one; this will help the emails of users look simple and neat. However, there is no need of this kind of features in this part of blogging. Because, now most of the blog design will never display the email and all. However, if you wish toot then you can use it.

There is another Plugin which is names as WPTouch. You will surely think that you need this plugins from the time of the start of your blog. What this does is this plugin adds a simple and elegant mobile theme for those users who like to visit your site from phone. This theme is checked by Google, and this will enable a mobile-friendly version of your website that passes the Google Mobile Test and also this plugin ensure that your SEO rankings do not drop a low stylish mobile site. Even many websites have gone back in rank because of not being responsive.

The WpTouch has great admistration panel and WordPress Customizer allow you to customize almost all the aspects of its appearance and deliver a fast, user-friendly and stylish version of your site.

You can get a pro version of the same Plugin if you wish to have a lot more than this. You can download the plug-in from official WordPress plug-in Store and know more information about this specific Plugin from their official website.

Their pro version will also give full support to every kind of users. Even they have some plans for developers. So make sure that you check it out before you continue.

word frequency counter microsoft word

 You can find the best plan you want and then choose it to your wish. If you are a starter I still suggest you to use its free version until to have some knowledge and also some visitors.

The best plug-in that you should really have is Popular Posts. This is such a famous plugin so this will be in any of the themes that you buy. If you bought a theme then never worry about this one. But, if you haven’t bought a theme then you will have to

install it. This creates links to your most popular posts from the start of the blog. And will be see in the sidebar widget. The best thing about this plug-in is that this will help you to get more views to the pages which now currently have the most number of views. With this method you will get traffic to many of the most popular posts. This will help you to get view to the posts which you have written before a year or two.

You can download Popular posts from their official website. For your reference this plug-in was created by rmarsh.

We came a long way from where we have started. If you don’t remember we has saying how to make your blog good for the readers.

The next thing I want to you to do is to go down to the readers. All you have to do to earn the real visitors is to go to the readers. You should know what they want. If you wish you can also have some opinion survey like questions or something like that so you will come to know what your users want. But I never suggest that method. You should always understand what your readers want without making them say that.

For example if your blog is about fashion. Then you know what your readers want, they want to be stylish. There will be different aged ones. There will also be many different cultures. However, it is fully your wish. If you want good readers then you will have to understand them well. You will have to consider every type of your readers when writing an article.

You will also need to know what readers are doing in your blog. Are they reading your posts fully. Or they get tried when they read a bit of your post? You can mostly get all about this from Google Analytics which we have been talking about.

The next thing you should remember is to make your heading nailed. Any user who is into your blog for a solution will always read your heading from Google or other search engines and also from your blog. Imagine that your blog post is all about making money. Then when a user searches about making money online and

finally end up with many results in the search engine take it as Google. If they see that your post has a heading “I bet you will make $1000 with a month after this trick”, if you use some heading like this then you are going to rock. I am pretty sure that more 60% of the visitors will come to your post.

However, you should not only have the heading. You need the perfect article for that. You should have a proof of what you made. And again never try to fake it. There are many online money making methods which are still trending in the web. They provide you very fake proofs. If you do something like that then you will surely get 10 views but after that your site will go down. So always try to keep your articles correct. Only right about a method, if you know it will happen. Or only suggest a money making method after you have tried it.

I know some of the big scams how always cheats the users with some fake techniques. The first one is a PTC site. PTC sites are always owned by cheaters. There are some PTC sites which can give you some money but it is nothing worth of doing.

Then another great fake is a website which is called I shouldn’t mention about such scams here but there is no way I can go further without saying about a scam like that. He is the world’s one of the biggest scam. And I haven’t linked my website to his page because I don’t even him to get a lead from me. I usually says everyone. In any forum, I usually say that he is a real fake and never trust the methods used in that site. What he says is one of the oldest trick which will never work with any of the casinos.

So, what I was saying is never and never ever trust anyone who offers something like this. All this are bloody fakes. They will never give you a way out. You should always find a way out.

Up to now we have been talking about the blogs and now we are heading to tips to make a website better. Before we get the tips let me warn you that you should never start a website or a blog only to make money. You can start a blog or a website to make money. But if you are only looking for money then you will never

make the contents for the users. You will be just making something and displaying ads and do affiliate marketing and lot more. You can do that, you can keep ads and do affiliate marketing but always limit it. If you have a blog post with tons of ads and affiliate URLs which asks the users to buy that buy this. Then the users are never going to buy. Plus you will surely lose a lot more. The trust of your blog may be lost. Or sometimes you will lose traffic. Sometimes search engines may even penalize you for doing something like that.

If you want to make a website better. It is easier than making a blog simple. For blogs there is a lot of this that you should consider but when coming to the blogs you have very less to do.

The first this I suggest is according to your needs select a theme. Don’t always try for free themes. It is right that you will get free themes and these themes are great. But you may not get the perfect theme for your needs so, if that is your case then never use a theme which matches to it. Means never try to make a different theme match your content. Always remember to choose the perfect theme that you can get. If you don’t see free themes from the web. The try to buy it, consider using sites like ThemeForest to get the best themes.

There are many great fonts in Google fonts after all those fonts are fully free for anyone. You can use it according to your wish. In the past everyone stick with the simple fonts which are pre-built in all computers. But now the way of coding and creating something for the web has changed. But also remember that you never overdo it. You should always remember to use fonts which are stylish but not way too stylish. I suggest using some fonts which are bit bolder and give more attraction to our content. But, I never mean that you should select the bolder themes. I only mean that the font should take the words and gives it more attraction.

The next thing is to use something different in background. Everyone is now trying to figure out new ways to make the website look stylish. If you want to make your site the best then you will have to make it a bit unique. Always remember to use some background image, texture or pattern in the background. However, I never suggest using background images for all your content. I know a website which has a lot of collection of many of such patters which is Subtle Patterns. It never means that you should always stick with this. You can also use solid colors or gradients. I never use solid colors. What I usually do is use some gradients which users can’t recognize in the first look. These types of gradients will provide sites a bit more stylish look.

The next thing that you should remember is the white spaces. If your website have  lot of content then you should also have to use the best whitespace. White spaces can make your site look much cleaner and also a lot organised. I see a countless number of sites who have bunched all their content together to give the worst look ever. And then they will say that they are not getting any visitors.

There is no use at all for saying that you are getting negative reviews from the users if you have a bad comment. Before you search for something like how to rank my website. First try a search for how to make my site look attractive. This will help a little more.

After making your site the best then you can simply make it SEO friendly and rank it.

Then, you should also use good icons. You can use some open source icons like font awesome, which is updated like every month. These kinds of icons will provide a neater look for your site Imagine that you are using something like a facebook icon for the users to connect with your social media, how much more attraction do you think it can bring. However, nothing like a text Connect with us in facebook can’t bring much. All you have to think is what you will do in such a case. Will you prefer to see a site with social media icons or texts?

For me it is really the icons. When coming to font awesome, it is really a stable form to make your website fill with correct icons. Font Awesome has many version with the latest version of 5, it has given a different view to the web developing section. However, they have introduced a pro version in their new release of font awesome 5.

The icons page of Font Awesome looks something simple but when coming to Font Awesome 5, it looks like:

Word Counter Tool

Now we have got the tips to make it better we will check out our tool, Word Counter.

Our tool word counter is a perfect tool to know how much tools a webpage or a document has. Many applications like WordPad never show how many words the page has. So it is very important to have a tool which is similar to this. Most of the word counter tools which are online will surely have some limitations but our tool is entirely different. Our word counter is open to all so that anyone can use it according to their wish. We will look on a small tutorial in through which we will able to know how to use our word counter.

Word Counter

This is how our tools looks. Our tool has many in built function so our tool will not only display the number of word but also will display the number of characters. First you will have to enter the text that you want to check into the big box. If you want to make the box a bit more larger then you can simply drag the box in to any of the direction you want by going to the right lower end of the box. You may notice three lines there. Then just go and then drag it and that’s finish.

word frequency counter software

Now after adjusting it according to your wish you will need to enter the text. And then you will just need to click the count words button. We have avoided captcha in this tool because there is no use of making this tool wrong. No one is able to use this tool for wrong. This tool is very simple so that you can just enter the words and click the button to know the number of words. After you click the button, you will notice that you get the number of words and also the number of characters that you have enter in the result. Our page will automatically focus to the result section after you press the button.

word count not showing in status bar

This is how the result. You may not be able to read the content that I have entered because that content has some dummy text which no one can really read. Even I tried a lot and just stopped it. This type of text is mostly used in web design to give the design more attraction than the text.