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About Online Ping Website Tool

Web or the internet is place where lot of them does lot of jobs. Whatever the section of society you are, whether you are poor or rich. Web treats you all equally. Some of them are here to enjoy themselves some of them are to find something perfect for them. However, most of them will be surely here to enjoy. We use, Facebook, Twitter to chat with friends. Or we use different news channels to know the latest news. The web or the internet have grow a bit too large than we expected. Now, we will almost get everything from the web. Now, everything, buying products or watching TV, playing games, getting and doing any necessary things. Everything has been to the web.

There are many who avoid Television at their home and rather watch the movies and programs though internet or the web. Even live casinos have launched in the web. There are many things that can make our life easier in the web. While many services like, Google, Facebook rule the web by attracting visitors and gives them the most pleasure. Sites like Amazon, EBay provides internet users a chance to shop from their home. These things are not at just the beginning but still new things are discovered in the web. One of such big discovery is the place we all read more or we use those this to know more about something. It is normally called as blog. Those who make it or those who write articles to it is known as a blogger. When just talking about the history of blogs it all starts in 1994. We actually don’t know when was the first blog started. However, the first ever know blog is and everyone believe that it is the world’s first blog.

ping website to google

If you want to know how a blog looks before when Wordpress and Weebly came into play, then you will surely need to check out the website. This website or the blog was created by Justin Hall. He created that in the time of this collage days in Swarthmore College. You may have guessed that it is not Blogs that in that time of the web. It was just the start of the web and it was only known as or referred as a personal homepage.

After a bit, around 1997 there was a bit different change to the word personal Homapage. In 1997 Jorn Barger coined the word “weblog”. The term was created to show the proccess of logging the web as he browsed. His blog or his weblog was named as Robot Wisdom. As I said it was still a part of personal homepage. Howeve, in 1999 a programmer name Peter Merholz again shorten the word weblog to the word which still exist, “blog”.

It was not the type of blogs which we see now. The early blogs were updated manually. It is often linked from a central page, which we called as the homepage or archive of the blog. This was not very efficient. The main reason is that no one could make a blog unless a programmer who knows to code. Then a programmer gave rise to blogging platforms. This was very important because there wasn’t another option for the no programmers to start there on blogs.

Maybe next few years have given rise to web’s best blogging techniques. During these years something called blogging platforms took their place in web. Livejournal is one of oldest blogging platform known. Who knows whether there where something ese before that. I don’t think there is. Even he have the correct information about how dinosaurs died and when was earth discovered. If humans find out these complex things then why can’t they find out something which happened with 20 years? Maybe those how created these could be living now too.

ping from multiple locations

However, in the same year, in 1999 not just 1999 but August 23 1999, Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan created Blogger which is known and famous still today. They used language known as Python to make Blogger. It was Blogger which made blogging more famous in the web.

In 2003, Google bought Blogger. You can see the free blogger service by going to Even today blogger is one of the widely used blogging platform. The main reason behind that is Blogger is free and anyone with a Google account can register for free. You can create your own blog and then add articles a do much more. For few more years, blogger published blogs on other hosts but then Google changed it to their own servers.

ping ip address

The early 2000s given rise to many other blogs and eventually the blogs grown a little bit. In 1999 according to a list of all blogs which was complied by Jesse James Garret, there were 23 blogs on total in the internet. And the next 5 – 6 years was the fastest growing period of blogs. After 6 years in 2006, a survey conducted shows that there was abound 50 million blogs. The rise in the number you can notice how fast was the growth of blogs. It was not the end. In these times it was to blogs that we use to see now. Mostly in those days it was Political Blogs which were so popular. Some politcal candidates like Howard Dean and Wsley Clark started their own blogs in these period to pass their own views to the public. You may have guess that, in the early days blogs may not be started to make money. It was just a way to show themselves in a new world where everyone come together. But when it turns to a easy income then there was lots of users and creators for blogs.

One of the most important event in the rise of blogging was when the blogs and bloggers focused on the comments U.S. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said regarding U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond in 2002. Lott, while praising Thurmond, stated that the U.S. would have been better off if Thurmond had been elected President in 1948. This comment was not picked up by the mainstream news channels that days but after that when bloggers broke it out to the public there was nothing else for news channels to do but to catch up with the bloggers to give their users the right information.

After this blogs became a bit more popular. The world changed the way they listened to the news and even there were many rises and protests made in the web after that.

By 2001, there was enough interest in blogging that somehow to do articles and also many others guides started to take place. Have you heard about Meta blogs? Meta blogs are blogs about blogging. These type of blogs provide you information like how to start a blog or how to do some things in blog. In other words we can say it as a blog for those who do blogging. So I was saying that in 2001, these kinds of blogs really took a lot of part and became one of the most popular things in the internet.

Lot of popular blogs started to take their place in the web in the early 2000s. Many blogs like Boing Boing, Dooce, Gizmodo, Gawker, Wonkette, Huffington Post, Weblogs Inc. and a lot other took their place in the web. I this Gawker was one of the first biggest Gossip blog. Weblogs Inc. Was started by Jason Calacanis in 2003 and then it was sold to AOL for $25 million. With this sale everyone understood that blogs can grew a lot more and you can make a lot out of it.

It was then the time for a some other major blogging platforms like Wordpress. The version 1 of Movable Type was released in September of 2001.

And then in 2003, Wordpress was started. And this Wordpress got a high popularity than any other blogging service due to the uniqueness.

I don’t know whether you have read my blog, if you had then you will come to know that I always says that you should do something unique to get something out. Only things which are created uniquely will be treated by the world or the users as a major success.

Imagine the same thing about the movie. Will you say that a movie is great if it does not have anything much in them. Every want some unique concept. Facebook was created and then twitter. If Twitter was same as Facebook then would anyone use it. Only because Twitter has some other idea ad a unique concept with it, it become a bit more popular.

There was something called Technorati, this was launched in 2002 and this was a well know blog search engine. After that there was many other services which took the web like the Audioblogger, the first major podcasting service. This was founded in 2003. And with some more unique concept in 2004, the world’s first ever video blog have started. When comparing it with Youtube. The first video blog was founded 1 year before the YouTube was. So we are sure that Youtube is inspired from this video blog.

After the launch of video blog in 2003, web or the internet became a serious market place. Money started to grow in the web and then this new marketplace gave rise to Adsense advertising platform. Adsense advertising platform was one of the first advertising network to match ads to the content of blogs. Adsense also made it possible for bloggers without huge platforms to start making money from their blog and from their start. However, if the blogs has very les traffic then the incomes where pretty low.

When the bloggers started to make money, then the type of number meta tags has grown a lot bigger. Bloggers like Darren Rowse started and Not only he just started it but in 2004 and 2005 we has able to make a huge profit from the blogs by telling other bloggers and newbies amount how to start a new blog or how to earn more and also how to turn blogging it to a full-time career.

It was then making full time income from the web started. Until then everyone was just thinking of making some profit other than their normal income. One of the another incident which highlighted the importance of the blog was in 2002. The firing of Heather Armstrong, the blogger behind Dooce, for comments posted on her blog regarding her employer. This have bring a sparked a debate over privacy issues that goes on up to 2011.

And after that Dooced have became a slang word to describe being fires from someone’s job for something you have written on your blog. And then this word has got appearances in Urban Dictionary and even on Jeopardy!

And in the mid 2000s the blogs has became one of the main sections to know more news and also to pass more information. In January of 2005, a study showed that 32 million of the Americans read blogs. Isn’t it something amazing, you will be more shocked to hear that at that time it was around 10% of the total population in America? And in the same year a blogger Garrett M. Graff was granted White House press credentials. He was the first blogger to get so.

Then after someone reaching so then the main new websites and other information sites have started their own blogs during the mid to late 2000s. But some of the other mainstream blogs teamed up with existing blogs to provide additional coverage and commentary.

ping monitor tool

By 2004 all the main political consultants, candidates, and main streams news organizations all began to make their own blogs. Blogs was one of the best sources for them to broadcast their news to the public. And they were so successful to spread the news to the public. It was then everyone used blogs to do anything. Even the smallest web user started to create their own blog.

Then, it was a time for blogging to grow. It really grew a lot. At the end of 2010, it was said that there was more than 152 million blogs. When coming to another fact. Within 2101 every mainstream news channels and sources had at least one blog. Not only even many individuals and also many corporations took it more seriously and started their own blog.

The video below is a Youtube video which shows the same thing what I said in just 2 min. You will more idea when you watch this video.

As we said there was a lot of blogs in those times but for some of the these was no enough which give rise to something called Microblogs and also Tumblogs. Almost of the newbie even some professional bloggers even now write that one of the main micro blog is Twitter. However, we can’t consider Twitter as a Micro blog. What you are going to write in 150 characters. So Twitter is not at all a micro blog. If Twitter is not, then which one will be?

As I said twitter will not allow you to do something like blogging even though Twitter looks like a micro blog, it isn’t.

The first ever major site to offer users a kind of micro blog or micro blogging platform is Tumblr. And this service was started in 2007. Tumblr allowed a lot of variety of different post types, unlike traditional blogging, which allows users to format their posts however they want, including adding multi-media objects.

It also makes it easier for users to re-blog the content of others. Think that you see a post that you like in Tumblr then you will be able to re blog it or pin it to your blog. Then all your visitors will be able to see that. Also some, like, comment features that we see today in facebook or twitter.

ping website

Twitter can also be considered as a sub product of the evolution of blogs. Twitter allows users to make their own content and that content will be in their profile. It also allows users to pin others content to their profile with a like button.

Another major platform which rose after Tumblr as Posterous. Posterous allows all its users to set up a simple blog via email, and then submit the content either via their online editor or by email. And then they can manage their content according to their wish. This service was started in 2008. Posterous is sometimes considered more of a life streaming app than a blogging platform.


Now what you thing, the future of blogging is?

8 to 10 years ago, blogs was one of the primary points for all the web users to know all the news and all the main programs. Many similar Meta blogs did also started. Not only blogs which teach bloggers but blogs which teach even the simplest thing have started. If you search something in the web, then I’m sure that you will surely find a blog in the top 10 search results. Blogging has grown a lot now.

However, when coming to the last 2 – 3 years, there was a great

change in this pattern. If everyone was concentrating on creating blogs until then the trend changed a bit. It was then the time of Social Medias. If you check the history of social medias then you will surely come to know there was a lot of increase in social medias in the last some yeas. Many of the social networking sites popped out from nowhere and became the trending changers of the web.

With this increase in social media usage blogs just became a part of the web just like everything else in the web.

Sites like YouTube or some Vlogs have look place the job what bloggers did. Every one turned to something new. I‘m seeing an end of blogging with some time maybe with around 10 years something going to change. Sometimes, it may be the way of blogging or it may be it is the blogs which will go down.

We cannot predict what is going to change. If you have a good study on the history of the web then you can observe the only thing which didn’t change is just the change. Many this happened. From simple like, share buttons social medias grown a lot bigger that we could ever guess.

However, I don’t think blogs will end but the growth of number of blogs is just making me a little sad. I know that there are just 20% – 30% of the blogs are really doing their job. But still it is something that we should always notice that number of bloggers is increasing. And in my opinion if you looking for some ways to make money online and you think blogging is the next platform for that then, I’m sure that it will never help you earn a lot. You may earn some money but not so much and not so fast. Because this platform has positioned according to their needs. There are many blogs who started it too earlier than you can think and they even have fixed positions in the search engines. Search engines trust them more and they display their content first.

Before we guys can earn the trust from the search engines, the blogging trend is going change. There is a chance for most blogs to close. If you can spend away the money for blogging hosting and domain until the entire blogs close then you have a chance to grow.

We can’t say when the change in blogging is going to happen. So, sometimes after those tight years we may again return to the trend of blogging. Maybe after that blogging will become more popular. If that is the case then you will simply need to buy a domain and host a blog now with some articles and make as you can and then you will be able to a earn a bit more after this years.

Now what is online ping website tool? A online ping website tool is used to check if your computer is connected to a network. This is what a simple definition of online ping website tool. This tool is not only for that but this also determines whether the computer you are checking is connected to the internet. It is not the end; it also checks the delay between two computers. An Online Ping Website Tool Test is run to the server to check the latency between the computer running the ping test and the server.

People who know everything about computer or those who have good knowledge about computer can easily do a ping test without using a website or a tool like ours to check or run it. They can directly go to the command prompt in their computer and then enter the commands which are used by our ping tool or any other ping tool and then name any website they wish in it. They will also get results very fast, almost within a millisecond or with 2 or 3 milliseconds to exchange a packet with the website. And then it displays the result.

You may also see the same results when you run a speed test or something like that. When you do a internet speed test, the same results of the ping shows in establishing a connection to the server. The best internet speed test will try to establish a connection with three or four servers. The server which is used for internet tests are the servers with the lowest connection time.

The ping test is used to check if a hosted computer that we are

trying to access is operating or not. It is also used for troubleshooting and also to check the server response time. There are many tests like this which you may not know.

You will surely hear of the operating systems like windows or Linux. The windows has a ping test command which comes pre build in it which will help to run ping test. The first thing you will have to do is to identify the host which you want to connect. It can be a domain address or the IP address of the domain. We have all the tools which will help you to check for your domain’s IP address and also gives you full details of the domains.

For example if you want to do the ping test of The first you will have to go to command prompt. In your windows you can just search for command prompt or you can just enter the “cmd” in the search. Then you will see the command prompt and then you need to run it as administrator by right clicking on it and then selecting run as administrator.


Online Ping Website

In case if you are entering the ip address then you will have follow the same method as you enter the domain address. It should be like: ping, is will provide you the result. Remember that you will only need to enter one of that not two. If you run both then sometimes it will not run. For example if you run ping, then you will not get the result. If you will be failed to get the results.

If the ping returns a request time out, then it means that a connect could not be established with other computer. This is one of the common error which can come. But sometimes you may also get another error which says cannot resolve “ unknown host”. This is not such a common error however there is a chance that you get this error. So if you are getting this error then the possible reason behind this one is because the hostname has been misspelled or may be because that it does not exist in the web.

Mostly this kind of test is done by those who have a large organization or something like a big call centre. They will never check like we do. The will check the result, in result they will be mainly checking the response time. If the response time is between 200 – 400 then it is average time and those servers have a response more than 400 is considers are bad. And if the response time is below 200 then it is a great time. Also remember that all this time are in milliseconds and not in seconds or minutes. When coming to something of computers all the times are faster than we ever think.

When the IT sector of our world grown the ping tool also got much importance. You may have heard of cloud computing. There are many companies which use cloud computing and then if their server of cloud computing is delayed then it will be a serious problem for them. So they never want to have any delays in ping time. The want the connections to be as fast as when they were not using cloud computing. So everyone wants it to be below 300 milliseconds.

Today in the online world the importance of the ping test have grown a lot more. Almost all the websites owners are running a ping test to check the servers in which their category of business. For example a blog will want to check how fast it does or their servers connect to the servers of blog service.

Whether you know or not, various web servers provide various services to different categories of web servers. We know that every day our web is expanding and to share the load global networks require some efficient networks. This is the main

reason why all the websites and the blogs check for the ping tool and make the use of it.

Whether you know about internet or not. If you know about internet. There is more than a 1000 web servers to manage the whole process of internet. If you know the basic of how internet works then you will surely know that 1, 2 or 3 servers are not enough to control the whole traffic to the web servers. If you could browse the web so fast as now the reason behind it is the servers which are located in the different parts of the world.

When we search, search engines pass a request to the nearby servers which maintains a list or the database of all domain and IP address. In return the server will pass the required information to the search engines and finally we get the results.

If you are a website owner or even a blogger then you will surely need to search for something like ping my website to search engines someday. I’m sure that you will surely need to do it someday. Or sometime you will be using this tools to use our too see whether all you tools are up.

If you want your blog or website to always stay visible in the web then you will have to surely use this ping tool. If you understand the basis as fast as you can then you can do it so fast from the next time. There are many guides which explain about this kind of ping tool. Or there are many articles which will provide you the detailed article about how online ping website tool works.

Now we will look at the tutorials of our ping tool. Ping tool is not like all other tools you will have to use it very carefully. If you got something wrong then, it is a bit hard to recover. However, the best news is that our ping tool is designed in such a easy way that you will not face any problem while using our tool. Our tool will provide very simple and easy way to increase you blog or website’s online viability.

The first thing to do a ping is to enter your blog or website URL. IF you check our tool you will see that we just used only the Blog name there.

Online Ping Website tool

Our text says to enter your blog URL. This section is to enter your blog’s URL. You can not only enter the url of your blog but also your website. We just mentioned only blog here because the most of those who use this ping tool is blog owners. So there you go, first enter your blog domain address. Many other online tools need you to enter you blog or website’s IP address which is a bit difficult to find. However, we never want you guys to work so hard. If you want to work hard then you could use some other manual methods. A small change in the IP address can also cause you some problems. So it is always better to use some kind of tools like ours which will only ask you your domain address.

Then if you successfully entered the domain address then the next thing you will have to do is to enter the blog’s name. This column is not for ping test. Yes we use it for ping but it is mostly for us. We use this information to create some list of who and how did and use our tool. However, we never store some secret information or something like that.

free Online Ping Website tool

And the very next thing to do is to enter your website’s updated URL. There are some case who wants to enter a updated blog URL. You will come to what these this are when you become more advanced at blogging. Now if you don’t have a updated blog URL then enter the same domain address or the URL in the box.

After you do that the very next thing is to enter the blog’s rss feed URL. Just go to your rss feed and then copy the link in the address bar of your browser and then enter it in the box. After you do that too. Then you will have to solve a image verification.

Our image verification tool is used to stop bots. There are many bloggers or website users who use these kinds of bots to submit these details in the field. And to get the ping tool. This can damage our tool and also create some problems. So this image verification will surely help us to make our tool stay long and also to give you the best result.

The image verification we used is very simple, anyone can understand it. We haven’t used the hard captcha which are the web. But there is a chance that we will switch to NoCaptcha for the better results and make it easier.

noCaptcha doesn’t mean that there is no captcha it is one of the name of a captcha tha Google uses. As you may have thought Google always does something unique. When everyone was just struggling with Captcha Google simply made something which can make the captcha solving very easy. In noCaptcha, you will not have to enter any of the information. You will not need to click the image of the cars or street signs. It will work in a more easy way.

After doing the image verification, the thing you will have to do is to submit the details. For submitting your details, you will have to click on the submit button. When you click on this submit button all your information will be passed to our server and we do some calculations and we will also contact some servers which are around the world and then finally ping to every server.

best free Online Ping Website tool

The above image is showing how the result will look like. You will have to wait until it finishes doing every ping. After doing that you can exit the tool and come back the next time when you wanted.