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IP Address is a huge topic. We will have to start from the very beginning of the internet to know what IP address is and how it works. The history of the internet started about 50 to 60 years ago. Exactly it started in 1950s, I don’t the exact year or date when the web took place. But internet was started by the concepts of Wide Area Networking. This concept was first originated in many computer science laboratories in the United States, United Kingdom, and France. The US was a bit forward in this section as their Defense department awarded contracts in the 1960s for many developments including the ARPANET which was directed by Robert Taylor and managed by Lawrence Roberts.

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Okay, but what is ARPANET, if you have completed your high schools then you will surely come to know about ARPANET. If you missed those classes, then let me tell you what it really is.

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This image explains what ARPANET is all about. I think you haven’t understood anything from the image. Don’t worry, I am with you, I too didn’t get what it is all about.

We will look it ARPANET in a lot more simple way. ARANET was a network which after became the basis for the Internet that we use today. ARPANET was published in 1967 and was developed under the Advanced Research Projects Agency or ARPA of the US.

In 1969, the idea of ARPANET became a reality with the interconnection of 4 university computers. It was actually build to share anything within the researchers of the university. After that they used the ARPANET to transfer small units of files or information called packets which could be routed on different paths and reconstructed at their destination. In 1970s, TCP/IP protocol was developed and that made the ARPANET to possibly expand the size of the network. In today’s world it is known as internet or the network of networks.

Then in 1980, ARPANET was handed over to a new military network of US which is Defense Data Network and the NSFNet which is a network of scientific and academic computers which was funded by the National Science Foundation.

After ARPA changing to Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in 1971, the ARPANET did also get a new name which is DARPANET. Never get confused by seeing the name DARPANET. Both of them are just the same, the only difference is the name. The DARPA was again changed to ARPA in 1993 but in 1996 it was again changed to DARPA.

We can’t say what was going on then but all we know is that ARPANET was know to be closed on 1990s.

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The above image is the map of the ARPANET in 1974 after expanding the network. I just want you guys to see all this to have some knowledge. However you may not understand it now in the beginning but eventually after sometime you will surely come to know what this is.

It is said that the first message sent over the ARPANET or the internet is in 1969 by the computer science professor Leonard Kleinrock’s laboratory at the University od California, Los Angeles or in simple UCLA to the second nod at the Stanford Research Institute or in other words SRI.

It was after that Packet Switching networks like NPL network, ARPANET, Tymnet, Merit Network, CYCLADES, and Telenet were developed. This was in the late 60s and in the early 70s and this was created using some of the communications protocols. Donald Davies was the first demonstrated packet switching that to in the 1967 at the National Physics Laboratory or the NPL in the UK, and the main thing is that it became a testbed for UK research for almost two decades. How lucky he is, isn’t? After that ARPANET project led to the development of some other protocols for internetworking, in which multiple separate networks could be joined into just a network.

It was then realized that ARPANET is not enough for the whole world to communicate each other or they just wanted a little bigger network that the simple ARPANET can give them. It was then they started and created TCP/IP protocol. It was developed by Robert E. Kahn and Vint cerf in 1970s and became the standard networking protocol on the ARPANET, incorporating concepts.

The history of the internet has started in such a small way and now it has ended up in giving the whole world a bigger and better internet. Now the world is whole connected into the web.

After the internet has grown there have been many tools like we see now. Mark Started Facebook and lot other sites where started. Search engines, social medias, entertainment and also many other section have took part in the web. Not only that the web does also took a form to sell the things up. The results say that it was after the web becoming so famous the sales have started a lot faster than the earlier sales. All the things that we do offline were become online now. Even the war between the nationals has now turned to online ones. Hacking each other and taking the information out and doing something to the nation via some other techniques. Everything has gone online.

When looking through a angle it is pretty good. But I think, in the next generation the rates for internet is going to be much higher than now. None of us can control the rate. There is something that needs to be changed. The webs are now so secured that no one can actually get in to ones information and do something he wants to. So, be secured is one of the main thing that web provides but even in this secured days, there are many cases which is leading many big problems to the humans. Whatever the creation is there is always a cons and pros for any creation. So don’t always trust on to the web or the internet fully.

However, you can go on by keeping some limits on your usage of the internet or the web.

Now we will have a small discussion about the pros and the cons of the internet. The first best thing about the internet is that the communication is now happening globally that to in real time. Guess how it would be possible to send a message from India to US if there was no internet. We will have to consider postal ways to send message which may cause you a lot of time and also a lot of money. For example just think using the postal way to chat like we do in WhatsApp or something like that. First you will have to write Hi as the post to US and wait until you get the replay maybe after 10 to 20 days and then replay for that. Thanks to internet so that we can do it in a second. Chatting with your parents, friends and family and even many new friends are created from this web or the internet. And also the internet is cheaper than the posts or going every year to meet them. Internet can now provide video calls, voice calls and a lot more without taking or charging any additional charges.

The second thing about the internet is that we get more stuff done in very less time. Imagine that you have to send some money to your kid or a friend who is studying aboard. You would have to go to the bank then fill up the forms and deposit the money. Which may take a day but with the help of internet, you can save the money or the traveling charges and also you can save your effort. If you are a little old then it will be a herculean task for you to do so.

The next benefit of the internet is that we get the information that we want in anytime and in anywhere. Due to rapid growth of internet now many newspapers have started their own websites and their website is updated every day or even every hour. You can find out any of the news from any place. If there was no internet then you would have to reach your home to open the television or seek into some public ones to know the news. Not only the economic news but you can easily know all kind of news like sports, international, and even Gossips.

You can involve in any of the movements which is held on your region or your society. Most of the orgs or political parties in the world have their own online society where anyone can join and contribute to their works. You can become a part to a charity without going out to the public. You can do anything from your home or any of the public places where you can use a phone.

Internet will also help to keep the relationships stronger for a long term. For example if there was no internet then there would have no choice to connect with the people who have studied with you in the high schools after 10 or 20 years. Due to the internet you can easily keep them all in your friends list and poke them whenever you want. You can show them your care and love with the internet.

The next main thing that the internet done is the digital payments. After the rise of internet many companies like PayPal or Payza have started their own websites and helps users to transfer the among to their friends or to anyone in the world in any currency. You may transfer you money to USD from INR or any other which would take days to do in the real world. This means that payments and digital currencies have just grown a lot with the support of internet. If your parents are alone at home, then you can simply pay all the bills from your phone that to from any place in the world.

Making money or freelancing have started in the virtual world of the internet. Due to the rapid growth of internet people are always able to search for anything they want. Whether it is a goods or some service they can get everything online. For example if you want someone to one of your shop in a city then you would need to do a advertisement in the newspaper and you may not be able to find the best one. But after internet came to the ground, you could just post a free advertisement in most of the jobs websites. There are tons of the marketplace through which you can choose the one you want for your job.

The internet has given job for many of the freelancers. Without internet creating a flex for your service was very hard. However after the internet has started you just need to post a ad and you get the flex ready in where you want.

Internet has given rise to many things like, or and many other websites which will pay you for what you know. Internet even given some of the writers a place to write what they know and share it with world in the name of the blog. There are many other things which internet helps in.

There are many companies, which has the net profit of billions by using the online world. The best example for that is the Facebook or the Google. Both this companies started their business online, however Google have gone a little wider and expanded their margin to offline markets too. Google have started the sales of phones which they create which are now started taking the market. You will be also able to see and know lot more about Google’s products like Google Wind, Google’s Cycle and a lot more.

But when coming to the facebook there are still in the online world, with two of three famous techs in their name. You may know that even WhatsApp which has 1 billion+ downloads is owned by facebook. And the revenue Facebook makes from WhatsApp alone is $1,289,000 in 2014 when the app downloads was just 700 million. Now it has increased to 1 billion and imagines what will be their revenue of 2017. I couldn’t get the report of their report in 2017. However, all we need to know is that there are many giants in the web who make a lot only out of the internet.

What it means? Internet is a not a real place where we can go and sell or do jobs. But internet is a virtual world where we create virtual things for the real people in this world.

Watch the video from a YouTube channel to know more about the internet.

As I said everything has pros and cons. When coming to the internet, up to now we was talking about the pros of the internet and now we will be talking a look at the cons of the internet. There are several cons to say but here we will only look at the most dangerous or common ones.

The first thing is that the internet has decreased personal privacy or simply privacy. Just think that you had a personal talk with one of your friend which no one should know. If you had the speak in reality then nothing will be stored. The conversation that you two had will be on your brain but nowhere else. But when coming to the virtual world or the internet, if you had a conversation a hacker or someone with some technical knowledge, they could easily track all that you talked each other.

However, almost all the messaging apps has started encrypting the text that you send so that only you and the one who you sent can read not even the app can read it. WhatsApp in their latest version has started something like that.

find my router ip address

This is what WhatsApp say about their secure method. According to them not even WhatsApp will be able to read it but still there is a chance that someone who opens your mobile could read it.

So there is always a chance for your messages to be read by others.

The next biggest thing is that a lot of usage of internet or the overuse of internet can lead to an addiction. After some time most of us will be addicted to the internet. Maybe only to some sites. When I started facebook 6 years before I was not much addicted to it but eventually after a year, I started using Facebook more and more for 2 years. After that I got bored but then it was WhatsApp for me. There are many cases like that in which mainly the teenagers are fully addicted to it and then finally the sleep in social Medias or internet. There has been also reported that due to internet many teenagers have been addicted to porn and even wasted a lot money just for that. You can think that you will never get into that. Even I thought but sometimes we may not be able to control yourself. I knew I was using facebook a lot but still I couldn’t control it. But the main thing is that if you got addicted to Facebook or Twitter then you will finally lose the interest after a year or two. But in the same time if you are addicted to something like porn then it can turn into something so dangerous. So always try not to be addicted always.

According to a report men are more addicted to Porn, Games and Gambling, in the same time women are mostly addicted to Shopping, Messaging. If you doesn’t use the internet wisely then even you will end up with addiction.

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I don’t mean that you should stop using internet or reading blogs. I just mean that you need to control it.

Depending fully on internet can also harm the business. Internet dependence can lessen the productivity. Internet is all set up on couple of wires. What if you run a internet business and then your ISP goes down? There is nothing much you can do. The only thing you can do is to wait until the internet comes and then count the loss. There was some incident in the past. For example, in march 2017, a small piece of equipment which was owned by Comcast caused complete internet and cellular outage on Whidbey Island, Washington. And then for 4 hours there were no internet which may lead to business failure and may sometimes end up in a big loss.

The cost of the internet connection is very high. According to a survey the average cost of a internet connection in US is 50$ per month. Even a basic dail-up service can cost you around 10$. In the same way, if you want a website then you will have to pay more starting business offline. You will have to register you domain and then you will have buy a hosting and some security and backup and lot more like that. And in the end it will result with a high cost website and if you can’t get anything at the end of it then you will need to stop doing everything and then quit your job.

Hackers, Revenge porn and many things like that go in the world of internet. If a video clip is out to the web, then no one will be able to completely stop it. This may finally lead up to a suicide attempt by the victim. That is what you will have to take care of. Always think that there is something called internet which we can never control or manage. Not only us but no one can really control it. So always try to stop all the possibility to do something like that. Many of them just do it for a fun by thinking they could delete it last but they can never do it.

The next main thing is the Ransom ware. Ransom ware is one of the most modern growing problems of the internet. This is a type of virus which may enter you computer or mobile and then it can take all your details or if can block you from entering your own device and then ask you for money to get back your computer or mobile. The only option is to format the hard disk which may end up with a permanent loss of all the data that you had.

how to find my ip address

This is the model of screen that looks when you have got a ransom ware attack. You may face this type of attack when you try to download something illegal and also sometimes you may get it from some messages or personal emails.

You will be given a fixed time and you will have pay a fee to them within the time they say. It can be an hour, two or ten. However, if you don’t pay them there is nothing much going to happen. But you may lose all your files. This is why I never go to websites which I think is unsafe. They never ask you to pay via dollars or your currency, the main currency the use is Bitcoin. If you look at the image above you can notice that they have mentioned only to pay the amount via bitcoin to the address they have given. Bitcoin is very famous now because there is a option to do a anonymous payment. You will never know to whom you are paying. They can then change it to Dollars or any other as their wish. No one will be able to track them.

The virus can take away the login details of your computer or the device and then block you from logging in. Or the virus may encrypt the files on your computer and also in all the connected devices.

First these type of virus just locked or blocked the user from entering to the web browsers or to some of the windows drives but this was easy to decrypt and take back all the files they wanted. But when hackers was losing all they made then they began to make it so strong. And now finally they use public-key encryption to stop the access to the computer which makes the virus more dangerous.

The two famous ransom ware attack was CryptoLocker and WannaCry. The cryptolocker was a Trojan horse that was active on the internet in the September of 2013 to the May of the 2014. The asked for payments via bitcoin and also through prepaid voucher and the experts said that there is only a 5% chance to recover the files which we lost in that attack. However, in May 2014, a online tool was developed to decrypt all the files and make your system work good again.

The next attack was after a three years in May 2017. I haven’t heard of the first attack but I heard about the second one in the May 2017. Is was in the time of my birthday which made me feel sad because my sister’s phone was attacked in the same way when she tried to download some game. The virus attack was called WannaCry attack, this virus was able to infect and encrypt more than a quarter million systems globally. The malware used asymmetric encryption so that no user will be able to decrypt the files by recovering the private and the undistributed key.

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With just a week it is reported that ransomware was transferred around $100,000 in bitcoin and also many orgs were affected and was shut down for a week. For example  the National Health Service in the UK was very badly affected by WannaCry virus and was forced to take down all their online services for a week.

The reports published after the week says that the damage was caused to thousands of companies and the loss might exceed $1billion. Even after paying there is no guarantee that we get all our files back. Many companies were reported to lose all their files after paying the required amount which took them to a bigger loss.

It not only worked on the computers but it also did on the mobile phones. In 2015 many phones were affected by a mobile app named Porn Droid which changed the pin of the mobile phone and then demanded $500 in return to get the mobile back.

There is some Ransome ware kit which is on the the deep web which will allow the cyber criminals to buy that and create their own virus according to their wish. The can change the method of working of the virus and then use it to distribute and then get paid to their bitcoin address. With the help of ransom ware kit it is now possible for anyone with or without technical knowledge to create these kinds of viruses and then earn some money. Some of the big virus attacks earn billions.

The best way to stop this kind of virus attack is to keep your systems secured and also to keep them updated. It was said that WannaCry couldn’t attack the latest version of Windows 10. Only Windows 7, Windows 8 and the oldest versions of Windows 10 was been attacked by the hackers. So if you want to stay away from their websites then the best way is to stay updated.

The next thing is to keep all your data in the cloud. If you keep your data in some cloud systems like Google’s which is nearly impossible to be hacked then you will never have to worry about what it does. There is nearly 0% chance to keep you away from the ransom ware virus. The only thing you can do is to decrease the amount of damage that caused you.

Now we will be talking a bit about the IP address. The image below shows what IP address is.

ip address owner lookup

You can see that here the IP address is You can change your IP address to your wish.

Every system that uses the internet has a IP address, the computer of the mobile that you are using now also has a IP address. You can have a search on Google for “IP Address” to find out your IP address. When saying technically an IP address is a fascinating product on the modern day computers which is designed to allow a computer to connect to another computer in the connection.

We can compare the IP address to a mail id that we have. If someone wants to sent you something then they will need your email in the same way, if someone in the web have to communicate with you then they will need the IP address.

IP stands for Internet Protocol and Internet protocol is a set of rules that govern internet activities and the entire action on the World Wide Web or the WWW.

You may come to notice two types of IP address now. The first one is IPv4, each of which contains one to three digits, with a single dot (.) separating each number or set of digits. Each of the four numbers can range from 0 to 255. An example of the IPv4 address is This is a key for me and you or any two computers to transfer and receive the data they want. The IPv4 means IP version 4 and the next one is IPv6, you may have guessed what it is. It is Internet protocol version 6. This version consists of eight groups of four hexadecimal digits. If a group consists of four zeros, the notation can be shortened using a colon to replace the zeros.

Like every computer or the devices have an IP address every website has a IP address. If you need to know the IP address of any website then you can easily find it using out tool. There are many other tools which will help you to do a lot more.

Every website or every service you use in the web will have a IP address. When you enter in the web browser then you are taken to, there is a lot of things going in between of that. You are first connecting to the IP address of Google and then they are retrieving the data and sending it back to you.

Actually the domain name or the address that is which you enter in the browser is just a mask for the IP address that Google uses. Imagine that if the Google IP address was, you will have to enter this every time you want to go to Google. Not only Google, then if you want to go to Facebook you will have to follow the same method. Then what about the search, you will have to search an IP address instead of searching for Facebook or Twitter. It will be so hard, may be that is the reason the creators of the web created and developed some more easy way for us to search and browse the web.

You will also have to know about two different types of IP addresses. The first one is Dynamic IP addresses which are temporary and are assigned each and evry time when a computer joins a network.

And the next one is the static IP address. These are generally preferable for such uses a voice over Internet Protocol. If you want to know deeper about all this then you will have to have a deep search in the web.

Now I’m not going so deep into all those tricks and advanced things of IP address. Now we will just talk about our tool to check your IP address. Unlike all other tools here you will just need to click on our tool and keep calm. Our toll usually brings you your IP address in less than 2 sec. But the time taken can vary according to the speed of your internet connection.

First you will have to do is to click on our My IP Address tool, when you click that tool our bot will have a search on your IP address and find out with which IP address you have came to our website.

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After our bot does a little bit study about you and your device our bot will find your IP address and then display it to you.

We are not like other websites which provide you just the IP address. We provide you the information of your city and then we provide you the region or otherwise known as the state. Then after that you will come to know the country that you are using the web from.

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The above is a screenshot of what our told provide. You will not be able to find a better tool which finds more information about you. After finding your country our tool will also find you the country code and then your ISP provider, here it is Ideas Cellular. Whatever you use, it will be displayed here. Then next it will be the latitude and also the longitude. No other IP address founder will show you this much details.

If you are using a VPN then our tool will find you the exact location of from where the VPN takes you to the web. If you want to know whether the result is correct you can just go to your network settings and see your IP address. Or just open your command prompts and then enters ipconfig then hit enter and then you will get a long result. You can just notice your IP address there. Sometimes you will get both IPv4 address and Ipv6 address. But when you use our tool we just display you the current one that you are using, mostly it will be IPv6.