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Meta Tags are one of the important things that keep our web such a interesting place. You may know that all websites in the web is linked together to provide us the best information. Meta tags are in control of main SEO from the time I used to hear about coding or HTML. The first this I studied is head and body. Then in head I studied about title as the basic. After studying the basic what I studied is Meta tags. Meta tags will help any developer a lot. If you wish to then you can easily get 50% of SEO from just Meta tags. Meta tags have been a great way to generate leads or traffic to any website in the history of web. But many frauds introduced some ways to make fraud traffic to their websites via Meta tags. From here Meta tags have changed a lot and its SEO power has decreased but still when coming to SEO Meta tags plays a vital role in it.

Meta tags are hidden in your web pages and none of your website visitors will see this part of your code. According to Danny Sullivan, Meta tags are a legal way of hiding words in your website for some experts like search engine crawlers and social media crawlers.

Consider a web page without these kinds of details, I mean a web page without Meta tags. When a search engine crawler or spider comes to index your web page they will be looking for what this web page is all about. They will need to work a lot to find out some information about the Meta tags. But at the same time consider a web page which has a way to share all its information to search engine spiders. Then it will be super easy to find out what a web page is all about. The crawlers won’t need to work so much. They could easily fetch the details which the owner says and pass them to their users. In this cycle, all of them get the best results. The site owners will get real visitors without any fake ways. And it will be too easy for the search engines to display and manage the ranking and rating of the web to its users. And for the users it is a great way to know which a real and promising website is.

We will walk through some of most used Meta tags to increase your SEO rankings:

  1. Title: - Title tag is the title text that is shown in search engine results. Title is not written as the common Meta tags. Title is written directly in the head section. Title of our web page is written inside a title tag.

<title>The title text of the web page should be written here</title>.

According to the best practices you should limit your title within 70 characters. If you go more than that then you title will become bit disgusting.

  1. Description: - Description should contain a great note of the web page. With this description search engines can provide a simple summary about your web page to their users. There is a key thing which is known as keywords, we will talk about it later but these keywords decide what your web page is about. If your content is on online marketing you will need to have a good keyword according to get more visitors.

Meta Tags Analyzer.

If you could rank in the first page for any of this keyword then I’m pretty sure that you will be able to earn more that you expect. According to this chart the keyword marketing has around 800k searches. 800k is not a small amount you only want 10% of its traffic to earn a decent amount.

  1. Keywords: - From the example above you may have got an idea how search and web site traffic works. If there are more users to search for a keyword that you target then you can earn more than you make by creating a tons of articles without much targeting keywords. According to Google Adwords there are around 100k searches per month for our online marketing keyword. If you have a good blog with good posts then you are going to get 40% - 50% of them.

These three are very important when coming to Meta tags of SEO. To optimize your meta tags for SEO you will need to know what tags actually search engines care for. Watch the below video to get a bit of information from the Google.

Google says that they can read both HTML and XHTML style Meta tags, regardless of the code we used in our web page. I also wanted to show you another video which is the answer some a bit more interesting question. I had a search on Google to know who much Google care about Meta tags and I finally end up with a article on Google Webmaster Central Blog, from that I article, I got a short video which states answer for this question.

This article was published on 2009; you should understand that Google still care pretty less about keywords used in meta tags.

Google explained answer for the question” How Google uses the "keywords" meta tag in ranking web search results?” Google answered this question with a story; I like to repeat the same story with some changes in it. Google says us to imagine two website owners or bloggers. First one, Justin and the second one Ann (It’s my creation in their article it was Alice and Bob). So Ann runs a online blog name “Ann’s Fashion” and Justin runs another one name “Just Fashion”. Both of this was started in the same time so the visitors they have is almost equal. One day after making Ann’s site clear she just had a visit to Justin’s site. While inspecting Justin’s Ann notices that Justin has copied her keywords which she used in her keywords Meta tag. Justin’s brain has worked a bit tricky so he added “Ann’s Fashion” as his main keyword to attract the visitors of Ann’s website. Should Ann be worried about Justin’s trick? Will this matter her traffic somehow?

Google explained the question a bit more. And the Google even gave an answer for this question. Just remember that this post is of September 2009 before the most advanced settings and filter came to the floor. The answer given by the Google was no. Ann doesn’t need to worry at all. Google doesn’t use the keywords Meta tags in their web search results.

Now, Why doesn’t Google use the keywords Meta Tag?

Google itself says that about a decade ago, almost all the search engines judged pages only on the content of web pages not any off-page factors like links pointing to a web page from other domain (Backlinks). Back in those days Meta tags quickly turned to a place where anyone can add any un related keywords to the meta tags while not using it in the articles. This leads to some kind of miss-using, the users could be easily taken to fraud sites where they can lose everything they have. Because of some abuses like this Google and many other popular search engines begin to avoid meta tags. But they also state that they never avoid the Meta tags fully. This meta tags are used in Google search results so that users can choose which is better by reading it. Or maybe this can stop web users from going to some fraud sites and loss their valuables.

Now you will be surely think if a great search like Google avoids Meta tags then why should we use Meta tags in SEO?

We have the answer to this question even before we said about this policy of Google. I don’t know whether you remember it or not, however, I said that meta tags are important to attract visitors. Users will be able to view have we have written in our meta tags when they search online. So it is a way to communicate with users without even bringing them to our site. That’s why I say Meta tags are still important.

Before we get much deep into Meta tags let us know how search engines work. First we will check how Google search works.

How Google Search Works?

best meta tag analyzer

Google is one of the most modern and also one of the oldest search engines in the whole web. According to Google, they started their journey in the 19th century. They say that Google was founded on 4 September 1998, Menlo Park, California, United States. Now why is Google named as Google, there were many other possible names in this word but why did the developers of Google named it Google. Or what does Google actually mean? Google is something that is related with math. Google means 1000000000000000.................00000000(Google means a math word for 1 followed by hundred zeroes). It’s a lot of digits, isn’t?

And it is also said that Google handles around 40,000 search queries every second which is around 3.5 billion searches per day. Now guess how powerful Google is, just imagine how you would leave without a Google search.

Now, how powerful is Google, without search engines like Google it would be impossible to find all the information you need in the web. If you know how a search engine generates search results then it will be easier for you to understand the working of the search. Search engines like Google uses a special algorithm to generate search results. However, the only search engine that I know which shares facts about its algorithm is Google which is main factor which makes Google stand out from all other search engines.

Google has some has many workers throughout the world. Even Google uses programs as their workers (Maybe to save some amount given in the name of salary). One of such program is called Spiders or Crawlers. Many call it Spiders while some others call it Crawlers but I’m bit lazy to use my energy to say crawlers every time so I use spiders as Google’s worker. This spider is really a fast worker who works so fast that you may not come to know how fast it finishes it job. The method Google use is a trademarked algorithm called Page rank to rank the web pages. This page rank gives every web page which is linked to Google a score and then Google displays these sites in the search results according to their page rank score.

Now how page rank is calculated:

  • The frequency of keywords in a web page: Imagine that three web pages contain same keywords. In the first one keyword is only written 2 times. In the second one the keyword is repeated for 4-5 times in a good distance. And the final one contain around 10 – 12 of repeated keywords. And also imagine that every article has around 1000 words. What do you think which page will score the better page rank? According to my state it is the third one, isn’t? It has the maximum times repeated keyword. But Google never rank a web page without proper information about the page. With excess amount of keywords Google will come to know that this blog is just looking to make the maximum profit and not to satisfy its readers. If Google comes to know that then you may be pulled down from your position in Google search or you and your blog may be removed from the Google’s list. So always remember to use the right amount of keywords in every post.
  • How long the web page has been live: Google check everything, everything means everything! Some bloggers create new web pages everyday and they delete it after some days. This may give a 404 page to the users of Google. So to keep it stable Google gives more values to the web pages which are a bit old.
  • Backlinks, king of ranking: This is the last method used by the Google to rank a page. For this Imagine that you have a blog article. If it is a bit old one you will surely have a better rank in the searches. So if your content has something unique then other blogs and bloggers also link to your blog so that their readers get more deep information that they can give. If ten blogs are doing so that means that these 10 of them are depending on you in one or the other way. So because they take your help Google comes to know that your blog has some good content that can give the users some vital information on some topics. So Google allows your blog to rank a bit more that other so that you appear in the first position above all other blogs which use the same keywords.

Even the backlinks also have some kind of problems that anybody can easily cheat. You may create 1000 posts on some other blog and link every post to your main blog. Or you may create new blogs at blogger or and then link them to you. There are many other such possible ways to get backlinks. Are you thinking a new way to become the next giant of internet? Don’t think so deep guys. It is pretty difficult to cheat a system like this. If they could create these kinds of hard ways to rank pages then they will surely find a way to stop scams. Yes they have found something more interesting. Google doesn’t stop checking you page after knowing that you have got some backlinks. Google will also check from where these links are? If they find something wrong then you are out of the tournament. If they finds that you got 500 or 5000 links from a same blog then they will examine that blog a little more closer and finally they will end up with the answer that you have create both blogs.

So whatever you do just never try to cheat them they will surely catch you once when you cheat. We are not such good hackers. We won’t be able to hide all these things from Google for a long time. You will need to close your blog so fast if your content is not good. Also make sure that you never copy the content of any other blogs to your blog. If you wish you can read and understand others blogs and then re write what you got in you your blog in your way. Every blogger will have a different way to writing their article. My style won’t be yours, a user who reads all your post can easily find out is the new one completely written by you or not. So always follow these rules to earn a good income in Blogging. Not only blogging whatever you do online never do it fully for money. So does it as a service then money will surely come to you.

Don’t think we have reached at the end of the article by reading this kind of free advices from me. There is a lot to go before we finish up this article.

You may have heard about OG tags which are used by the social networks to transfer a lot of information than common met tags that we use in our codes. If you are a Wordpress blogger then you won’t have come across these kinds of OG tags not even meta tags. What you guys probably do is write piece of text in the focus keyword section and in the description. But the real fact is social sharing or being visible socially is a way to tough than you think.

meta tag length checker

The above image show how the information from the OG tag is transferred to the social media. This is a post by WPBeginner, you may check out this post which teaches us How to add a load more posts button in Wordpress. OG tag was introduced by Facebook but know it is used by almost all social medias. After Facebook created something like this twitter also tried to give birth to something which can do it a bit more complicatedly. It was the beginning of Twitter Cards.

metadata checker google

Know what is the difference between OG tags and Twitter tags? By asking this question I found out a better answer. Twitter tags is only used by twitter while OG tags is used by Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and some other social medias. However, to optimize your web page for twitter we will have to try Twitter cards for sure. Twitter gives us some more flexibility while making cards. You can choose between summary cards (which displays Title, Description, Thumbnail, and Twitter account attribution) or Summary cards with large images (Includes Title, Description And Twitter Account attribution but instead of Thumbnail a large featured image is displayed). With two of this you can really get to the root of social exposure in twitter.

We will also need to look at the main Twitter card tags to get a bit more clear view about Twitter exposure. The first twitter card tag is Title:

<meta name="twitter:title" content="TITLE OF POST OR PAGE">

Like all the tags, whether it is a OG tag or a common Meta tag, Twitter card tags also contain title which is displayed in the tweet. You can change this title according to your wish; you can write whatever you feel to take social media to your hands. However, it is said that you should limit it with 70 characters so that your Twitter card looks more stylish and neat. If the characters are above 70 then there is a chance that Twitter cut off your text or title according to their wish. I know it is not fair but trust me it is for your benefit they do it. If they allow unlimited characters then your text will look a bit weird. So don’t think they are cheating you, they know how to make their website good.

 The next think Twitter wants from us is Description:

<meta name="twitter:description" content="DESCRIPTION OF PAGE CONTENT">

If you have seen OG tags you will notice both OG and Twitter card tags are almost the same. When coming to OG tags it is written as:

<meta name=”og:description” content=”DESCRIPTION OF PAGE CONTENT”>

That means the only difference is the OG and Twitter in the name section. All other contents are the same. Whether it is same or not you will have to use both of them to get your contents displayed well in all social networks. The description tag will be displayed in the Twitter card. It is better not to use more than 150 characters in the description Twitter card tag (however you can see the number of characters when you do a analyzing with our Meta tags analyzer). Not only in the Twitter card tag but in OG tag and also in our simple Meta tag we say the same thing. We suggest you to keep your description below 150 characters so that the description will be fully displayed in the social media or even in the search engines.

The next important one in Twitter card tag is Image:

The image is also available in OG tag but not in the normal Meta tag. Some search engines like DuckDuckGo displays favicon in the search engines.

extract metadata from website

If Meta tags had a image option these search engines would display those in the search result. You can see in the image above that they should the favicon of every web site which will help the users to check out how perfect the company is.

If you have some time you should check out this search engine. This is simple without ads and is looking stylish and giving me a open look. Don’t think that I am promoting a new search engine; I am still the fan of Google. But just try out this one, it looks pretty stylish and it has indexed a lot of websites.

As I said images had taken birth in OG tags, OG tags has introduced many new things while Twitter tags just done a lot more than that. Next we will be talking about some of the new methods that twitter implemented to make it fully creative. The next big one in twitter is Site:

This is only used in Twitter tags which make Twitter tags a bit different from others. OG tag doesn’t have a option like this. The site tag looks like:

<meta name="twitter: site" content="@USERNAME">

Did you have got the idea behind this site tag? It’s nothing but the publisher. Twitter makes it advance by helping the developers add information about both the creator and the publisher of the content. Here they are asking about the publisher. That means you will have to enter the twitter username of the one who is publishing it. If you have a twitter account in the name of your website then you can surely add that username in this area.

Can you guess what the next one is? I think you can because we have talked about it now. The next one which we should about in the Twitter tag is Creator:

<meta name="twitter:creator" content="@USERNAME">

Creator tag is a special where you can give a credit to those who created your site. You will only need there twitter username. So both of you will be happy when someone shares your articles. The creator will be thanking you from his heart.

However many of them avoid these two tags but it’s your wish whether you want to have this tag or not. I suggest adding this tag to become a social star yourself.

There are many other twitter card tags available. These which I mentioned are some of the basics, if you want to have a great documentation about the Twitter Card tags then you can visit Twitter Cards and read their full documentation and then you will get good knowledge about their working. Twitter cards are for the developers so you may see some developer languages in it. However, you can understand the basic working of Twitter tags.

There is no way to have a test to know whether your twitter cards are working fine. You may view it from some third party websites or you will need to share your articles to twitter to know whether it is working according to your wish. However Twitter has a bit different type of validator which is known as Card Validator.

How to validate my Twitter tags?

Validating twitter tags is easier that you think. The first step is to go to Card Validator. And then you will need to enter the URL which you have entered in the Twitter meta tag in your site.

bulk meta description checker

After entering the URL the next step is to click the preview card button.

meta tag analyzer google free

I have entered the URL from the blog called ShoutMeLoud and the article is about guide to create a Wordpress blog. After clicking the preview card button Twitter will test your site and then they will provide the preview of your card and then the log of its working. Under the preview card it shows what twitter found from your website. Here Twitter says that ShoutMeLoud is whitelisted for summary_larger_image_card. When we talked about card earlier we said about summary tag and then summary with large card. This blog has opted for the second one. According to twitter large images get 30% more engagements those small thumbnail images. That is why it is always better to have large images. Below the preview of your card you can also see a log section which displays what twitter validator did? According to this log first twitter will fetch the page with the URL your entered. And then they will scan for the Meta Tags. Here in this card Twitter has found 26 Meta tags. Then after finding all the Meta tags Twitter will check for “twitter:card” tag which will say whether a summary with large image or small image. After finding that then they will load the card. If all this things goes right then we will get the preview.

This is the same procedure going on when someone share our page in Twitter. Can you believe that so many things are going on in just a second? This is what made me interested in this field. Actually more than blogging I like designing and developing the web.

When coming to OG tags and validating those in Facebook the same things happens there but still Facebook’s Validator doesn’t displays such logs to us so it makes the procedure a bit hidden. However, we could easily guess that nothing else is going to happen in between.

extract meta tags from a website

This how the same web page looks when it is debugged in Facebook Sharing Debugger. Both are needed for sure, if you are running a blog you should be able to keep your blog visible in all the Social Medias. I know many blogger who just focus on the main Social Medias. Some of them will only concentrate in Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter some of them will add one or two Social Medias with this. But I wish that it would be great if all the bloggers share their articles in every Social Medias then they blog will look great.

I know one of the social media that you should never avoid. If you avoid this social media then you will be a total failure. We can’t say total failure but almost a failure. You will feel like surfing the web in a touch when you surf through this social media. They will study you and your interests and displays WebPages or articles according to the users interest. Imagine that the web page you added to this social network is about affiliate marketing. What this social media does is they show this web page to users how have interest in affiliate marketing. In this way it will be users to surf the web according to their wish and also will get some traffic from them. In any way this is a bonus for you and your blog. Oh! I haven’t told you the name of the social media, isn’t? Sorry for that, it is named as StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon was founded on 2001 in Canada. They have a website for web users they also have apps for both android and ios. You can download there app from Google Play Store or from App Store. You may also visit their website to download both apps and also to know more about them. They have a small intro video in which they explains what they are all about. You can watch it below.

Now we will talk a bit about the importance of analyzing your Meta tags and what Meta tags analyzer is really about.

Whatever it is, whether it is meta tags or site traffic or whether it is a comment we should properly manage it every day. If we doesn’t do this then our users will consider us as frauds. And also remember that online users have no patience. Even in my case I hate web pages which take more than 3 seconds to load. In the same way all the web users have very little patience. So always try to replay to their questions as fast as possible and also consider them as the main source of income. Not only Meta tags analyzer is important but analyzing your full site is very important.

After you enter you Meta tags it is very important to check whether all the tags have been correctly entered. In this way we can make sure that we have done everything correct. I will take you through a small guide which will help you check your sites Meta tags.

First take our Meta tags analyzer tool then you will see a simple screen in front of you. You will see a heading which says “Meta Tags Analyzer Tool” followed by a text below the heading. The text says Enter your domain name and then you can observe a box below that. There you should enter the domain you need to check. Domain means the web page and its address you need to check. In the box you only need to enter the URL of your web page.

how to find the title of a web page

Then below that you will see a place for image verification. You will be seeing a simple image with some text. And below that you will also observe a box where you need to enter the text in the above image. If you think the text is bit hard then you can change to another image by clicking the reload button in the right of the image verification box. Image verification is used in our Meta tags analyzer to prevent the bots from entering and blocking our system. So of the other websites have given a lot of captcha but we just left it as simple as we can so that it will be easier for you to check all your web pages.

Don’t just stop by analyzing one or two pages. To become a successful blogger you will have to test your entire page for desktop, mobile, and also for cards like twitter. Who know how the future is going to be. If some law or some rules is introduced which says that you should manage your page or you will have to add an image or description to your web page to get ranked then it will be a lot of work to make your site as good as you want. It is better to work a 5 min more today than working a week in the future. However, to the present day OG tags or Twitter card tags are not going to make any impact on you SEO. However give a try for our Meta Tags Analyzer.