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The whole web is made up of links. There are links all over, every pages in a website is linked each other and even websites are linked together. In the early days of web these was not considered as such important things but after search engines and social media became much popular there are lot of options out there. Now major search engines like Google rank the web using these links. Links has been a great choice to make the best out of the online world.

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When speaking about links. In the web there are almost 4 types of links which every webpage should have or should have for better rankings in search engines and get more traffic.

  1. Internal Links
  2. External Links
  3. No Follow Links
  4. Do Follow Links

There is no rule that every web page should contain this entire links but for the better working of you website and good ranking you will surely need this. We will explain all this in detail but first let’s check out what are links.

In computing links are commonly called as hyperlink. And a hyperlink is a reference to a data, so that users can use the reference for more information about some particular content that is not so deeply explained in an article.

For example that you are writing about a fashion article which dealt with casual shirts, then if you just want the user to just read your article about t-shirt then the best way is to link you link some words to the article of t-shirts.

First we will talk about the internal links:

I simple words, internal links are those links which are pointing to the same domain. However, it can be a link to the same page or a different page on the same domain or the same website.

<a href="" title="Keyword Text">Keyword Text</a>

This is an example of the internal link. Instead of the full address like http://www.same – you can also use “blog/19_05_2017/article.html” This will also provide you the same result. Means in both ways you will be able to link from a part of your blog to another.

Internal links are those links which goes from one page of a website or domain to a different page on the same domain. These types of links are commonly used in main navigation section.

These types of links are useful for many reasons:

  • The internal links help users to navigate through a website. When coming to blogs internal links are used for SEO and also for many other factors.
  • They will not only help in navigation but also help to establish information hierarchy for your website.
  • They will also help to link all the web pages together. It is one of the important things which will make your site stronger. Linking the web pages is now a part of SEO. Now, many sites use this technique to keep themselves up.

If you thing our website or blog as a house then the internal links and the steel that we use to build our website. Internal links are most useful for establishing our site and also building a search engine friendly website.

You may know who the search engines work. The search engines will need to crawl the web pages or our websites to display it to the users. IF you do not use internal linking then the search engines won’t be able to crawl your website so easily.

In every individual page, search engines need to see content in order to list pages in their big achieve where they store all the data about you and your website mainly.

The will also need a crawlable link structure, a structure which will let the search engine spiders to browse the links and the paths of a website. From these links the search engines will be able to find more information about your website. has a great tool which will allow you to check the details about your website or your blog. You can visit their tool at Open Site Explorer.

Linking to every page is very important. Whether it is from your home page or some other page. If search engines are not able to find a link to ne of your page then they will never crawl that pages. So you should make sure that you always link with all the pages in your site. For your better understanding we will look at a image which explains it better.

Link Analyzer Tool Free

If you notice the above image, in the image you can see a spider or the crawler of Google. If you don’t think it is a spider just counts its legs. I guess it has 8 legs, and then it is a spider. Then after that you will see some letters A, B, E, D, C. Isn’t these are pages in your website or blog. The page A is your main page or home page. When you submit your domain to Google, Google will send their robots or bots which are called as spiders to our website to crawl and bring the details for Google’s Indexer to index and rank your web pages or articles that you may have. So imagine that you have submitted the website to Google and now the page A or your homepage which you have submitted to Google. So Google will surely come to your homepage to crawl all your web pages. So if Google’s spider came to your home page and if they didn’t get what they were looking for then you will have to work a little more.

The same example is shown in the image above. In the image above the spider got to one of your page maybe your home page and they got the links to the page B and E, that means they can easily complete scanning the page A and then switch to scan page B and E one by one.

If you know the working of these spiders then you will understand that these spiders scan a page and then the store all the links they get from the page as a temporary file. And the after completing the page they will scan the links they got from that page and it will go on like that.

So when the spider reach to page B and if they could not find anything then they will move to page E. Sometimes both these pages may not link to any other pages that means they spider can no longer will be able to crawl the pages C and D. Which means the pages C and D will never be shown in the search engines. Whether you have a good content or if you have good keyword or if you done a great SEO, there is no use without proper internal links. Always remember to link all your pages together.

The best example of internal linking is the website called Wikipedia. If you have a look at the pages or the articles of Wikipedia then you will notice that every 30 words will surely contain a link. And about 90 percent of the links on their pages are to some other articles which are on the same domain. Or in other name all the links are pointing to their own articles.

internal link checker tool

If you look at the image above you can easily understand that there are many links in the page. To know whether all these links are pointing to the same domain. I done a research. And the final answer is that all the links in the image are linking to the same domain. You can also notice a contents section. Even this section is linking to the same domain. Not only that. The links in the contents are linking to the same page. However, this will not help crawlers in anyway but this is just to make users navigate through the article easily.

When a user click on any of the links the user will be taken to the specific section which user wants to know. Maybe some of the users want to know the basic of web development. If that is the case then you can simply click on the section under contents. Here it is 3.1. Creating these links is also very similar to other links.

Just take the case of Basic in the above image for this example. When a user clicks on the word basic he or she should be shown with the content of basic web development. So, if the content is on another website we would navigate the users with common tags:

<a href="">Basic</a>

This is the way we would navigate the users but when coming to linking a page to same page may result in a page reload which may take up to minutes according to the internet speed of user’s internet connection. So we never want to have something linked like that. So, the method is to give the section which we want to show an id and then link the text through which we have to navigate a link to the id.

For example, imagine that here the section is wrapped into a section tag:



<p> The basic of the web....... </p>

<p> Web development takes into............... </p>


All you will have to do is to give the section an id attributes according to your wish. Check out more about id attribute in MDN (Mozilla Developers Network). The same code with an id attribute will look like:

<section id=”basic”>


<p> The basic of the web....... </p>

<p> Web development takes into............... </p>


If you have heard about CSS then you will surely have heard about ids and classes. Both these are very important to style your website. Not only the whole website but you can simply style anything like you wish.

After doing this then you will need to link the Basic text in the contents box to this section. There wrap the whole content with the ‘a’ tag.

<a href="#basic">Basic></a>

The whole thing done here is just linking the Basic text to the section. Instead of a hyperlink or simply link we have replaced the id that we need.

Make sure that you always include ‘#’ before your write the id of the section. This is something similar to CSS. In CSS we use these kind of methods to style something with id and we use ‘.’ To style any class according to your wish. There are many things which a basic web user should know about coding.

I will never say that you should study all the languages out there and then make some websites your own. You can simply hire a freelancer for creating a website for you. But sometimes after a month or a year you will have to change something in it. Maybe something simple as color. If you don’t know how to, then what is the use in saying that you are running a website.

These types of links are known as internal links. Both links whether it links to the same page or different page are known as internal links.

The next type of link is external link. This is one of the most common link that you will come to see on a new blog.

check internal link structure

The image above is a link which is break down into piece. The start of tag is “<a” which is start of the link tag. When coming to coding there are many tags like this. The part after the start tag is the link referral location or simply we can say, this is where we provide the URL to go when a user clicks.

The next section is the text which is displayed to users or those who are viewing the content. You will notice that link is inside “a” tag which is written as href=””. After this link section then you can simply put the first closing arrow. You may know that the basic of a html tag is like “<a>”. So we have written the link inside these two arrows and then after the arrows then you can enter the text which user can see. After entering the text then you will need to end the tag. The end tag is like “</a>”. If you know the basic of HTML then you can easily make it according to your wish.

As I said the next type of link is external link. The image we explained above contains this kind of link. However, with that example you may have got how to create a link.

When coming to external links, external links are hyperlinks that point or target some other articles or web page that is in the web. And to a link to be external the link should not be to the same domain. The link should point or target some other web page of some other domain or website in simple.

And if some other website has pointed some of their link to your website then it called as a external link to your website. And the link that you send to another domain is called external link from your domain. Both these are a bit different but the working behind the both is simple and same. If you have a good content then there will be many to link to your website in the same way that you link to some content. But some bloggers have used this method as one of the method for advertising their blog without the users knowing it.

Top SEOs says that external links are the most important source of ranking in search engines. If you how search engines rank then you surely know what the importance of external link is. Sometimes you will not be familiar with external links when coming to SEO but surely if you have searched for SEO then you will have surely heard about backlinks.

If you check the description for backlinks then you will come to know that backlinks are those links which are incoming links or hyperlinks from one webpage to another website. Just compare the definition of external links that points to you and then the definition of backlinks. While comparing both you will surely come to know that both are same.

The web is like a democratic country, all the websites are the political leaders. Search engines are those who count the votes and the voters are the internet users and the other websites. The visits from internet users are counted but in that level. However, the most important thing is the websites and the links from them to your websites. If the other websites voted for you then you will be elected to the first page of the search engines.

Google’s latest algorithm PageRank or PR, uses this kind of method to any the websites and their pages. So if you want to have standings in the search engines then you will need to try to get more links from the other blogs or the websites.

There is no used if you create some free sites yourself and then give a backlinks to your website. You will need to get backlinks from the quality blogs or websites which have booked their standings in the search engines before.

outbound link checker tool

The images shows the working of search engines vales to the links. From the image it is 100% clear that you will need to have get the links from other websites to get a quality certificate from the search engines.

Not only that now search engines doesn’t care much for the links that comes from the newly created websites or the websites that they don’t trust. They need to see links from those who they trust. So now, cheating search engines have became nearly impossible.

Years ago search engines, ranked the websites via Meta tags. Everyone was really interested in making their site’s Meta tags the best in the web. If you got good keyword density in your Meta tags then you will surely rank. But when this method was highly misused, all the major search engines announced that Meta tags like title is not at all used for ranking your web pages. This was not official announced by them but they did it via a unofficial way of decreasing the ranks of the web pages or websites which tried to cheat them. And even many answers are articles from search engines like Google went on their blogs which say those Meta tags are useless.

There is an article about a survey which was done by Moz. They say that they do a survey every two years to understand the workings of the search engine algorithms. Finally what they do is to collect the information about how and what affects the ranking of a website.

website link counter

There is also some other pages which will help you to learn more detail about the survey. For more information I suggest you to go to their Survey Results Page. As their result this year they have surveyed over 150 leading search marketers and those guys have provided over 90 ranking factors.

The main thing that you have to remember every time is that these are not proofs. These are just characteristics of web pages that tend to rank higher. But the main thing is that if you understand this and then if you combine this with your SEO then you will surely end up with a better result soon.

This survey was done by Moz but still they had the help from many like SimilarWeb, DomainTools, Ahrefs. They have mainly conducted this study on Google and I am a bit disappointed when coming to other search engines like Bing or Yahoo.

The first kind of algorithm that Google created was using the number of links of a web page. The page that had most links from some other websites pointing to them is considered as the most popular. This was created by thinking that no one can easily do something to cheat them but very soon webmasters find out many ways to make the websites rank a lot better than before. There were many things which webmasters did. They created some free websites and then linked it to their main website. However, these ways never stood for a year. Google understood the new way of cheating and then the improved their algorithm so that many factors are needed for better ranking.

Search engines use a lot of metrics to determine the value of external links to rank the web pages. The main metrics they use are:

  • The search engines finds out how much they can trust the linking domain.

find all outbound links from a website

The image says how is trust of a domain is calculated. This image is by Moz and this method is only used in their tool. That means that search engines like Google, Bing will be using some other tools. But mostly all of them will have somewhat same method.

It is very important to have a link from a domain which has a good trustworthiness of linking sites. They say that if you get a link or a backlinks from a government website home page or a university home page then your website will be classified as one of the website with Trustworthiness. You can read a lot about how this area work in the MozTrust Article.

  • The next thing that search engines look for is the popularity of the linking website. I already said in the start of this algorithm many webmasters made their own free websites and linked it to them. Not only free the webmasters even started paid websites for getting backlinks. When these things come out then they just added a small term with this word backlinks. The word they added was “Quality”. The idea of quality backlinks is now ruling the web. With these rules if you website has got a link from the popular website then you will get a better place in search results.
  • Search engines not only look for how popular or how much they can trust the website which has your link but they will also check for how relevant the content is. For example if you have a fashion blog and then you got a link from a tech blog then search engines may never consider these are good links. You should always need links from those websites which they think matches your site.
  • The algorithm they use is so advanced so that they not only used the simple or common things they can find but also goes a little deeper to the website where the link comes from. The next thing they check out is the text that the website links. You may know that links are usually displayed in a text or an image. When coming to image it is a bit difficult to link and those links are not so strong. So, the search engines will find out how the links are displayed in the websites. If they are from the text, then what text does it provide for linking? If they are using text link “click here” with the link then it is one of the hard thing to get rank. The links one this kind of text was used a long time ago and now no one use this kind of text. If you use this kind of text in your website, then your website will never rank and also the website you are linking to will never receive a quality backlinks. Whenever I say quality backlinks and backlinks don’t get confused. Both of them are different. I usually love to get quality backlinks from those websites with some quality. If our website has some quality backlinks then we can surely receive quality traffic and turn them to a good income with your website.. If you are not looking for income then you can achieve whatever you are looking for.
  • Search engines will also check for how much number of links is linked to the same page or domain. Actually they check it separately; they will mainly check is how much links you point to the same webs page or the source page. If it is one or two, then it is satisfying but if they find that the websites have a lot more links than the simple ones then they will have a good study on the website’s quality and age.
  • The next one is an important this that every algorithm looks for. It is about the total number of root domains that are linking to our page. You can use Moz OSE or Open Site Explorer Tool to get more information about this tool. This method was the oldest method of latest algorithm which still exists without any problem. However, many of them have used this method to receive a lot of traffic, mainly fake traffic to their site for a short time. However, always remember that if you are making a website for a long period earning then you will have to try making good content and keep everything right. But if you are just looking for the short term 100$, then you may do anything as possible.
  • The search engines will also consider all the variations or the total amount of variations that are used as text in the links to the target page or in other words our page.
  • And the next one is a little tricky one. The last thing that search engines look for is the relationship between the web pages from where the links come from and to where it goes. For example, they will check whether the fashion blog and the tech blog have any relationship. Is two hosted on the same server or whether it is owned by the same or whether you have visited the backend of the both sites and many other things like that. I haven’t worked in Google for a clear answer but still I can promise you that no one can easily cheat he search engines. The only cheating method that is still working with search engines is the guest posting. However, guest posting have turned to something that Google never cares. Google officially said that guest posts and guest bloggers are good but guest posts for just backlinks are not so good. Even now guest posting has not gone down in its rating but who know when do it goes down. I don’t think that we can fully depend on to guest posts for getting backlinks. Think that to get backlinks you wrote for many blogs and then at last search engines announced that the backlinks from guest posts won’t be added any more then you will have to surely cry. There is no other option but to delete your blog or start again as a new blog. So, I suggest never trusting all those things which are not fake today but will be soon. You will surely have work hard to earn more. If you work hard then you will surely earn more.

There is also some other kind of links. Mainly, you will have to learn about No Follow links and Do Follow links. Both this links are very important to manage a website and make your website friendly for the search engines. Not only search engines check these kinds of activities but many ranking sites and even some developers consider your website as a perfect one if you do all this correctly.

Now when talking about our link analyzer, if you understand well about the all the types of links then you can easily get to our link analyzer tool. First we will check what is link analyzer.

Link Analyzer is one spectacular tool that checkmates the links that are connected to your website or weblog. It makes it attainable to look at each internal and external link that are related to your website. This tool creates of each relevant and useless links and offers you the chance to get rid of the dangerous ones that hurt your website. The importance of search Engine rankings could be very excessive and its miles considered as an essential parameter in on-line commercial enterprise and the conversion rate of visitors to any website. Your website rank will move higher if you'll be capable of maintains up with your competing internet site. The importance of search Engine positions may be very excessive and it is considered as an important parameter in internet commercial enterprise and the transformation charge of tourists any web website. Your website online function will cross better if you'll be capable of maintaining up along with your aggressive website. The link analyzer tool supplied by us shows correct reviews that consist of records related to overall links, inner links, external links and No follow links. There are several link Analyzer tools available via the internet, however, the best deal is to apply the tool that may offer suitable and applicable effects. The device is particularly beneficial for studying other websites that link to you because it affords information on the anchor textual content getting used as well as no follow tags that could affect the power of a Backlinks.

Next we will look how to use our link analyzer tool and what will you get in the end as a result.

check number of pages in website

The above image shows how our link analyzer tool looks. Our link analyzer is one of the simplest tools in the web. Our tool has a place where you need to enter the URL of your website or any website that you want to check and then you will have to pass via the image verification which is pretty easy. I don’t think that you will have to work hard to pass it.

anchor text checker

Sorry, In the image above there is a mistake but still you will have to do is same. You just need to enter the proper URL and the image verification and then click the submit button.

When you do that our tool will analyze your website and then pass the result to you via our tool.

link analyzer tool

This is how the result looks. In the first table we will provide you a small data of what your website has. Like the total number of links, total numbers of internal links, external links, no follow links. However, we have disable the number of do follow links because by default all the links are do follow until some latest updates in blogging platforms. We are making our tool better so it can find the best working do follow links and show it to you. But now you will have to be satisfied without those. However, i don’t think it is so important to know how much do-follow links you have. If you need to know it then I will give you a simple tip for that. All you have to do is to minus the total number of no-follow links from total links.

This is a simple method that anyone with a calculator can use. For example your total links are 500 and no-follow links are 200 then subtract 200 from 500 which is equal to 300. And probably this is the total number of do follow links. As you know a link can be either no-follow or do-follow. But a link can be both.

After showing this short table. We will provide all the links of your website below this table. The internal links, external links and all other links which you want to know.

If you have to check no-follow links of a page or a article you can use the NoFollow, the chrome extension which is the best one which can make your developing or blogging area a bit more exciting.

There are many other useful apps like this which you will come to know afterwards. However, now we will end it here.

Also make sure that you check all our tools and make something out of it.