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About Keyword Position Checker Tool

Computer, a device which can do many things faster than humans. It is very difficult to compare a computer system to a human being. Even many humans tried to defeat computer it can’t be done so fast. When looking back to the history, first computer Abacus was created by 1622. However, we can’t compare that system with our modern day computers. So Charles Babbage created a modern looking or a 1st generation computer (maybe I would call so) between 1833 and 1871. After this in 1990, Tim Berners-Lee invented World Wide Web which is known as WWW.

Keyword Position Checker

After the birth of internet a lot happened, for us it was in 1994 the first ever blog was made. The blog was made by Justin Hall. The domain in which it was hosted was and the most interesting thing is that his blog is still live. You can check out the world’s first blog before you start our article. As a blogger you should always know how the web looked before. From 1 we have reached to more than 200+ million blogs around the web. From 1 to 200 million, what a journey isn’t? However, we haven’t reached at the end. From the first blog to the last blog the only thing which repeated was change. Every blog was changing. When someone


starts a blog with great content someone else will try to make a better blog that old blog can’t provide. By competing each other, after many fights, cheats we finally started to love each other. Now in the present day every blogs are taking the help from other blogs.

Even though every blogger is trying to make some profit out of blogging only 9% of them actually rule the world of web.

After the beginning of blogging, and search engines it was SEO which ruled the blogging family. SEO means Search Engine Optimization; from this word it is clear that SEO means we are optimizing our blogs for search engines, but why? Why should we optimize our blogs for search engines? As you know the web is the place of lot of information and it is the search engines that help us to find out the correct information from the correct place. Without these search engines it would be nearly impossible to find the article that we are interesting in. You may have heard of Google Search, Bing Search. I just knew only this two of them when I started using the web. Even after a year, I didn’t learn any other search engines. But whatever it is, there are many other search engines. And like us, these search engines also needed to make money. But to make money someone should use their search engines. Okay, imagine that someone used a search engine for example let us take Google. If they can’t get the what they wanted from Google they are not going to stick to Google next time when they wanted something from the web.

Because of this reason search engines started figuring out which web page contain the right contain. But it is very difficult to do it manually by humans. Indexing around 200 million websites will take more than a year or two. So these search engines discovered new software called crawler or spider. Google’s software is called Google’s Spider at the same time Bing’s software is called Bing’s Spider.

Yeah! They invented the fast working softwares for indexing all blogs and websites around the web. But how should they display the search results to the users. Displaying the results to the users is easy. But what if two websites have the same content? Which one should the search engines display? Fine, we display 2 of them in a row. But after number of blogs starts to grow it became very difficult for the search engines to display the results. So they wanted a way to find which one is more accurate. Which one can provide the correct information to the user? Answers for all this questions came out when search engines used Meta tags from the websites to rank the website.

Search engines will only need to search the meta tags and if the meta tags has a great amount of data then they will be ranked first. Like this search engines started to rank some fraud pages. Again the first problem arises, anyone can exploit a new method.

Imagine that a user who searched for Facebook reached some other site named the same name. After entering all their information they find that this is a fake site. Someone used a fake site to copy all their data. If a search deviates there users like this then within a year search engines would be taken back. So search engines wanted some other great way to rank the web pages. Finally they reached out to a new method through which they can rank any page and no one can cheat their system. If someone tried to cheat their system then they will be added to the backlist. People won’t be able to see those sites that cheat search engines.

If this is the case then why should we be afraid of ranking?

I have thought of this question, if i have the great content then why I am not ranking in search engines, does a search engine avoid me?

The first thing you have to do is to submit your site to the search engines. Search engines will not come to know whether you have started a site or not. First think is to tell that you have started a blog to search engines. Are you thinking what I am thinking? How can I do it?

Every search engine has a place to submit websites to their database. Without this method whatever you do, there is no use you won’t be ranked. So you should go to all the search engines and submit your site. But how?

You may have searched Google but you may not have found an option like that. Before we do a lot more just watch the video from Google which explains how search works?

To submit you site to Google, go to Google Webmasters.

Keyword Position Checker

Then the second step is to enter the site’s URL in the form. Now you will need to check the captcha and verify that you are a human. If you complete these two steps then you just need to click submit button.

After you click submit Google sends a bit of code to the server, who knows what they send. However, after they sent all that information what we see is a page reloads. The page we are in reloads and you will see all the details that we have entered cleared. Means our site URL and the captcha which we clicked all cleared up. But as a bonus we get a small yellow pop up.

rank checker online

Now what the pop up says? The pop up says that your request has been received and will be processed. Google says that the add new website or update a website every time they crawl the web.

But when does Google crawl a website or a web?

Google itself says that their spider crawl every day to rebuild their index. But they also say that crawls are based on many factors. The main crawling facts are Page rank, links to a page, and number of parameters in a URL. They also says that any number of factors can affect the crawl frequency of individual sites.

Google’s crawling process is fully based on computer algorithms. Computer programs determine which sites to crawl. How often to crawl and how many pages to crawl from a website. They do not support any kind of paid crawling means you can ask Google to crawl my website every 2 days, if so I will pay you 20$. However, you can make a website crawler-friendly. You just need to read the guide from Google and continue according to their rules. Just visit Google Webmaster Guidelines to know more. I also have a video for you which explain webspam content violations.

If you are a blogger you will surely know what a keyword is. Keywords are what decide how much traffic you get. If you target a good keyword then you can get more traffic. According to the most searched keyword is hotels with a search of 2253849 times and the second place goes to facebook with 1153319 searches. I have also given a try to know which the least searched keyword in Google is but unfortunately I couldn’t find a possible answer. So what I was saying is if you focused on keywords like hotels or facebook there is a chance of getting a good amount of traffic if you are in the first place of Google. But as you can imagine this keywords are some of the most competitive keywords so you will need to work a little harder to get in the first page of these keywords.

bulk keyword rank checker

The image above displays the most 20 searched keywords in the web. I’m pretty sure that you may have guessed that these are going to be the best. As you know Google is one of kings in the internet and their sites are mostly mentioned here. But there are some other legends too which you can see in the image above.

Now do you understand how Google ranks a keyword? If a keyword is searched more times then it is stronger than all other keywords.

It is searches that create a new keyword. If 1000 users search for India then India will become a keyword. Now how we will come to know which keyword is better and which keyword is less searched. There are a lot of website research tools available in the internet some of them are for free and some others are for paid. I suggest you not to completely trust on free keyword research tools. I have found a website called SERPs which has lot of useful tools. All these tools are not need for us. But I found a useful tool from them. The tool’s name is keyword research database.

They say that SERPs Keyword Research Database is a free tool which allows anyone to search for best and highest valued keywords and then filter it according to our wish and then build a list of relevant results.

All you have to do is to enter the keyword and then search. You will get the best results with the volume of searches, CPC (cost per click: CPC is what you get per advertisement click of your website. You will come to see lot of things like this in your blogging career.) and you will also get the value of each keyword. This is the best Keyword Research Tool, I can suggest you for free.

Now we will look how to use this tool to get the best result.

First thing is to go to there website. They have a lot of tools so it will be a bit difficult to find the required tool by going to their home page. You can directly go to SERPs Keyword Research and then you will see a page like this.

keyword ranking analysis

You will know what to do. All you have to do is to enter any keyword in the box and then complete the captcha and finally click on search.

website rank checker

It is pretty easy to say but a little hard to do. Now what I have entered is “Blogging”. As I love blogging I wish you will also need to know a little about its keywords. So what have we got now? We got the results. Did you understand anything from it? With the basic sense you will understand there are some keywords in the left and followed by CPC (which I mentioned before) then some other factors. But what is this?

I will explain it one by one. First have to noticed a filter section above the results. I will explain the basis of the filter section. The first thing you need to do is to search something in the search box with text “filter keyword”. It will be above the keyword results and below the keywords text. There you can enter something to get keywords related to that. Imagine that you have an articles which helps the users to know who to make money this blogging. So you will need to concentrate on articles with both blogging and money. So when you have the results in front of you just search “money” in the filter search box.

google serp checker

I total I have got 2001 result which include money and blogging. As you can see the most volume is for blogging for money. It has a volume of 1000 with a CPC of 2.02, which is generally high.

You can not only use that search feature but also other features. I don’t know whether you have noticed. There is a arrow before the Volume text. In the first image it was before the Value text. What this arrow does is it arranges the keywords according to the category we have selected. All you just need to do is to click before any of the text. If you click the space before the CPC it will display a up arrow before the CPC. This shows that the keywords are arranged from least CPC to high CPC. It means in the first position you will see the keyword with least CPC. And in the last position you will notice the highest CPC. I don’t think it is what we are looking for. So we will try again. Click again on the same place this time there is an up arrow. That means you need to click on the up arrow. You will see that the up arrow have changed to a down arrow. According to this site the keyword with most CPC is “best blogging platforms to make money” This has a search volume of just 20 but it has a high rate of CPC of $8.44. Maybe it is because of the competition of Wordpress, Weebly or some other platforms. The CPC is decided according to the price advertisers bid. It is a bit more complicated one for us to handle. So we will leave that aside.

Now you will be thinking which one you really need to look. Should I look and consider Volume, CPC or Value. According to me you should consider all of them but mainly volume. So what you need to do is click on the volume and brings that down arrow.

After you get that down arrow in the left of the volume text check for better CPC and value. According to my graph it is Blogging for money. Because it has a volume of 100 and CPC of $2.02 and the value of $2020 while all others have much lesser than this. Or there is a short way to get it. You just need to sort Value instead of Volume. Value is calculated by multiplying the volume with CPC. So it means that you will get the highest CPC and Volume combined if you sort Value. I think by default it is done so.

Why did I say this site and their tool is great? I said they are great because they show up 4038 results for our search, which is not a simple thing. Mostly only the pro keyword planners give such a result. According to some paid keyword planners there results are almost correct. There is a bit change (maybe that is because of the change data. May be they haven’t updated for a day.)

However, it is always better to keep a paid version in your hand. You may not need to use it in the starting of your blog. But when your blog grows and when you receives more guest posts and when you hire other bloggers you will have to do a great reasearch. So if you ask me which one I’m going to suggest. I will give the link to an article. You can compare them yourself and find out which is the great one. Try this blog post from They have explained it well.

They have explained about Google Keyword Planner but still for a better information, I will also give you some reason why I hate Google’s Keyword Planner.

I love almost all products from Google whether it is a online one or a offline one. I have been using Google Pixel for a year now. But when coming to Google’s Keyword Planner, I hate it completely.

The first reason is that, it’s not even looking nice. All of the Google products which they made were looking extra stylish. I have used almost all products from Google and I know how their product usually looks. Even there free digital training page looked very well designed but keyword planner is looking very simple. Maybe they have decreased the design of this page to make the page load faster but I think they could add some more basic styles to it. Now there planner looks completely like raw HTML (It is said that HTML is the skeleton and the CSS is the skin of a web page. What if you are born without skin? How would you look?)

And the second reason is that this is made for advertisers. This is a part of Google Adwords, which is especially made for advertisers. I don’t mind whether advertisers uses it or publishers uses it. In my case I want to work well. We can’t find unique keywords. It is a fact that this is a free tool but whether it is a free tool or what they should have the basic styles in it. However, if you wish to try Google Keywords Planner, then you can try it for sure. The below image will also show a guide on how to do a search on Google’s Keyword Planner.

keyword ranking google

If you have any doubts then you can just click on the help section in every category. However, Google Keyword Checker has just the basic of it.

So what should I try for the best result?

My answer will be SEMrush. I know if you had a search in the web about keyword research, you will surely end up with this tool. I have shown you how the search of blogging in the SERPs keyword research tool. There the things were well explained but the details where very less. But when coming to SEMrush, the things are a bit more advanced. For example just look at the same search of Blogging in SEMrush.

google keyword checker

You will come to notice that SEMrush provide a lot more than SERPs. There in SERPs it was only volume mentioned but here it is divided into Organic Search and also to Paid Search. And the main feature is that all its status is live update. You can see search results all servers. All servers of Google, Bing and a lot more.

Also in the Paid search section you can see the CPC that a advertiser should pay to Google and also the competition of the keyword.

Below that you will come to see the phrase match keywords, according to SEMrush there are 75,980 of them. There volume and CPC in USD. You also have a option to export that keywords.

Then you will see related keywords in the right to that. According to SEMrush there are 3342 related keywords. The next big related keyword is “bloging”. It has a volume of around 320 and a good CPC rate of $4.25. There are many other keywords like that which you can try out according to your wish.

The next section is all about the results that appear in the search engines. The organic search results displays first 20 results from Google and then you can navigate up to first 100 searches.

In the right of that you have got the ad copies. This may not be intresting for us but there are many who check this out. Maybe in the future you too want to advertise your blog. If you check out the advertisements then you can see that the most of them are blogs. Maybe a one page blog or maybe a 2 page blog which helps you in how to start a blog.

In the last section you can see the ads history. According to them in Dec’16 ads was just 4 but when coming to Nov’17 it has increased to 8. Form this data it is very clear that the trend of blogging is increasing. Maybe every month or every day, blogging is increasing. And if you think to start a new blog this is such a great time to do so. You will have all the tools you needed to start a blog with the price of your weekend celebrations.

However, you will need a Keyword Position Checker to check how your keywords are ranking. Before we go to that section let’s talk about why keyword is so important. Why is the whole web under the control of these keywords?

Now what really are SEO keywords?

A website which has a well SEO speaks the same language like the search engine. If search engine could easily find what a website has then they can rank a webpage accordingly. Search engines will give more power to those websites which do the best SEO.

To make sure your website is a friend of search engines you will have to know how users search for products or articles or any other information in the web. Every user won’t be same. I way I search the web may not be your method of searching the web.

May be both of want to start a blog but when coming to search I may search like “How to start a blog?” But when you do it you want it to do in an easier way and you search “blogging”. Both of us are looking for the same thing the only difference is the way of search. If the blogs or website which provide a guide on how to start a blog couldn’t know that both of us are looking for the same thing they will lose some visitors. That means the main thing is to know how and in which way the internet users do a search. Bloggers may not know how this is going. These details will be only available to search engines only. However, like the keyword planner that we check earlier blogger will have to use these kinds of tools to get hold of all the keywords and optimize your blog for the search engines.

Now the first step of search engine optimization is developing a list of keywords which have a great volume of searches. It is said that Keywords and SEO are in a direct relationship when coming to winning a search marketing campaign. Keywords are very basic of your SEO efforts so you should ensure that you pick the highly relevant keyword to your audience.

If you have read some blogs for starting a blog then you will have probably come to a word “niche”. A niche is one of the most important this which decides how much traffic a blog receives. If you select a niche which online users don’t search much then you will have to wait a lot to earn some money. Even if you appear in the first place there is not use at all. But in the same time if you be in the 9 or 10 place of the highly ranking keywords than you will get the more money that you are in the first position.

That is why all the bloggers say niche is important. But according to me niche is just what interests you. If you are interested in something like fashion, then you should choose fashion as a niche whether it is competitive or not. If you like a niche then choose it not matter how hard it is.

After choosing a niche you should have a great knowledge about the niche. Don’t worry if you don’t have much, you can check out other blogs to get some ideas. Whatever you niche is there will be many blogs for sure. I like to teach others what I have learned. It is not teaching just sharing; I like it in that way. Teaching is something hard to do (maybe for me). I like to share whatever I have.

There are three main things that you should check or keep in mind when doing SEO:

  • You should do SEO research in a fixed interval. Changes can happen, today’s trend may not be tomorrow’s. So always try to keep these things updated.
  • You should update you keywords list and also try to expand it. Every day new keywords may raise so in order to follow the trend you will have to update and add new keywords to your list and target them to get good interactive users for your website.
  • The last and the main thing is not to target way too popular keywords in the starting of your website. If you are starting a blog and your blog are just 6 months old. Whether you have a good content or not, you won’t be able to rank because of Google’s page rank policies. You may know that Google rank the pages according to many factors and the main one of them is how old the web page is. If you keyword is so popular then you will probably playing with giants of Blogging.

Keep these three tips in your mind as a bonus. It will come to use when you write a article about blogging.

Whenever you blog, remember users always likes to know the real things from you. If you have an experience about your niche then you should just share it. Don’t make fake articles to get views. All the things I have said in this section is my experience. I did say SEMrush is great, that is because I have good experience from them. What I mean is that you should always be open with your customers. You can right e-books or sell anything to your users but make sure that they will get something out of that.

Now after you have done a lot of keyword research and found many keywords and build a list and then you wrote many articles targeting those keywords, now how will you find out whether you got something out of your articles? How to know whether you ranked in search engines? Here comes the importance of a Keyword Position Checker.

Alternatively you can check your position using SEMrush but it a bit difficult to do so. Therefore you will need some other tool to check it easily. Our Keyword Position Checker will help you to find out where your articles rank in which keyword your article have a great position.

Let’s know how it works.

First thing is first. Open our Keyword Position Checker. You will get a bit long form than any other tools. Now the next thing you have to do is to enter you domain address in the above box. Domain address means the web page URL of the post that you want to check.

ranking checker tool for seo

Then you will have to enter the keywords which you want to search. You can enter unlimited amount of keywords if you wish too. If you are entering two keywords, enter the first one in the first line and then enter the second one in the second line and so on.

You can select any of them. If you select 50 you will get the results so fast but when you select 500 then our keyword position checker will have to work a little hard but our keyword position checker will return a result as fast as we can.

This tool is very useful for blogger because without this tool you will have to use a pro subscription from SEMrush or you will have to search it manually. You will have to enter your keyword in Google and check page by page to know where your web page ranks. You will not only need to look in a search engine but in all search engines manually which will destroy a lot of your valuable time.

The best thing about our tool is that it is free for anyone to use. You can use our tools unlimited times. There are a lot waiting in our tool to come. So wait out and see you again.

Always remember whatever you do, do it for your users. If you have a blog then you will have some user who always uses your blog for some needs. When coming to reference in developing I check out the Mozilla Developer Network. Maybe because I’m happy with their services. Like that if your services are good then you will have some users who always come to you. So after reaching a level member to give something for these users for their loyalty.

If you wish you can make your blog a place where users can sign up and talk to. Don’t think I’m speaking about a Forum. But just a small place so that you can track your real users and give away something for them. Try your best and be a good blogger who can read others mind.