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You may not have heard about keywords if you are new to the web. If you started your site via Weebly or Wix, they do not give much importance for Keywords. Keywords are mostly used in blogging. We can say that keywords are ideas and topics that define what our content is. It is like explaining about our total content in just a word. In other terms when coming to SEO, they’re the words or phrases which a user search in the search engines otherwise known as search queries. In a bit complicated way we can say that if we burn all our content to a word or a phrase then it is known as or keyword.
The main thing is that if you want a good rank or good page views then you should use most used keywords in your content.

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How do you think a keyword is created? Just think that you are just search for how to do blogging. So in the search engines, let’s take it as Google. In Google you just entered how to do blogging. There are billions of users in this world. Imagine that 1k of them searched for the same every day. Then what happens is that it becomes a phrase which users search a lot. So there are 1000 visits everyday. If you are a blogger who writes about blogging then you will need these thousand visitors to your website or in other words blog. So if you want all those visitors to your website you should focus your content to that phrase (here it is “How to do blogging”). If you focus in this phrase and do SEO according to that then in the end you will finally get a better ranking when a user search this phrase or in other words when they search this keyword.

Now why are these keywords so important? Keywords are so important because they are the one who keep a communication between the people and the publishers or the bloggers. If there was no keywords then what would we do. There would no way to communicate with the search engines for the bloggers. And search engines couldn’t connect to the users and provide them the correct information. If you get what you want when you search in Google, it means that it is because of this keywords. That is why I say keywords are so important. Our goal is to get organic search results or organic traffic to our website or blog. When talking about traffic, traffic means something like the real traffic. You have good traffic means that your website has good number of visitors.

So if you need good traffic then the best thing that you will have to do is to choose a high performing niche. Niche is very important, if you just choose some niche which a less number of users search for then you may be in the top of the search results but you may not get much traffic.

If you want traffic then the best way is to choose a correct niche for blogging. The main problem that almost all the bloggers do in the starting is choosing the wrong niche. The first thing that you should think before selecting a niche is whether you know something on the subject. Even if you don’t know you should have a passion to write and maintain in that topic. If you are interested in tech and then you start a fashion blog then you will finally finish in the middle of nowhere.

There is no use how much money you waste to grow your blog by advertising or doing anything to take your blog high. You will finally lose all your earnings. Not only your earnings but also your time will be wasted. You will know it after a year or two. Up to a year you will be thinking that your blog will grow, but seeing that your visitors are giving you a bounce rate then you will have to cry for sure.

I had to remove my fashion blog because of less passion on that subject. I have started a fashion blog 2-3 years before. Then it was a time of fashion blogs. Fashion blogs just started to take a new look and most of them was starting a fashion blog. I thought I could easily learn more about fashion within a month and then simply write one fashion and become an expert. But I was too late to know that I have wasted all my money by paying for advertisements. I have got visitors. I have got around 5000 page views a day with the help of advertisement. But the very next day when I stop my advertisements the page view has gone down to 200. This was after a year of starting my blog. So, I always suggest any new blogger to only start a niche which you love to do. If you are a sport addict then you can get start a review blog about the recent games or about the upcoming games? However, the main thing is that you should know about the game and the possibilities before you write article. If you are just a starter in the blogging platform then you will just need to know more about how this blogging works. I, you and all who are in blogging is here to make money. Most of them may have heard about the big money that bloggers make every month. There are many blogs which makes millions a month but they have been working hard for 10 or 20 years now. From the starting of the blogs, people where interested to create blogs and share the things they want but now it is all about money. In the starting, it was with the help of our passion blogs were written but now bloggers will write on any topic if they get enough money to satisfy themselves. However, I am always against that bloggers who always go behind money and only money.

You can try a niche which you don’t know but the main problem is that you may not be able to stay concentrated into that niche. If you could stay concentrated to a niche then you could make a niche and your blog profitable in a year or two.

You will have to look for the competition in the niche you are using. If the niche which you have selected is more competitive then you should drop your plan to start a blog in that niche. That niche will be greatly competitive and many bloggers and big companies may have taken their position in the first page of the search engine rankings. For example if you check for the keyword blog or blogging. Both are very competitive keywords which may take you years to yourself get into the tent position of your search. Always remember to keep your knowledge updated about the niche.

If you are choosing a fashion niche then always remember to subscribe about the best fashion news so that you will be able to create article on the latest update faster than any other.

Also remember not to start a blog for a fun. If you are not making use of your time then there is no use of saying that you blog doesn’t earn anything.

When saying about traffic, as I said there are two types of them. The first one is Organic traffic. This are the traffic that we receive from search engines or social medias without paying them or doing any advertisements. It is very important to have this type of traffic, only then you can make your blog profitable.

Keyword Density Checker

The graph above shows the graph of traffic of a website. The green one is the Organic traffic and the blue is paid. You can see that the paid traffic is very less than the organic one. If you have a graph like this then you are one if the luckiest one. I couldn’t ever go more that 56% of organic clicks. However, I have got a good amount of clicks every month so that there was no need of paid traffic after a month. But still I used some social advertisements like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus when I launch a new and excusive content in my blog.

I haven’t told you about the paid traffic. From the name you may have guessed that paid traffic are the traffic or views your page or website got from advertisements. Every one says that paid traffic or advertisement is very important for a business. The video below will help you to know that it is correct.

Whatever business you do, you will have to do an advertisement to earn more. Advertisements are very important; they will provide you something new. Like sometimes you will get some important customers from paid traffic. Maybe they may do better than free traffic or organic traffic.

If you want to find out the best tools to find out a niche then I am here with some of the famous tools which will help you out to find out a niche. The first thing is that all the tools are paid. If you use some free tools then you may get some niche but you may not get the correct information about the niche. If you want to find out the niche and the more details about the niche then you will have to go for the paid tool.

The first tool is SEMrush. SEMrush is one of the most famous tool and out there. I usually use this tool as my best tool. SEMrush will also allow you to spy on your competitors and find out where they are going on and where they are going back. You can easily find out the places they are not good in and then go on according to your wish.

keyword density percentage

They say that they are trusted by eBay, Quora, Disney and lot more. You will notice a place for checking your domain.

The contain a great tools for SEO. It has a technical SEO Audit inside and then it has semantic core collection. And then our website’s position tracking and a lot more things which you will really need. The main SEO tools like Backlinks audit and analytics is also present in SEMrush.

Unlike all other tools SEMrush has a lot of tools which will find out the most about paid traffic that you get from the social medias and the search engines. I am very satisfied with SEMrush. They are one of best tool that will find out more about you in the same time they will also find a lot about your competitor and the competition that is going between you and all others in the same niche.

In the case of social media too this tool will work a much better. This will help you to know about all your social media pages in one place and also they will help you to know the best performing posts in all the social medias and a lot other factors. They will also compare your social media posts with your competitors.

You may know about Google’s ranking algorithm which is known as PageRank or PR. You will show you the most famous posts that are ranking the Google search results. It will also help you check how your keywords are working one.

eBay says that they not only perform day to day tasks but will also provide then in-depth analysis that is very clear and it can be easily incorporated into digital marketing strategy and the improve their performance. There is a lot they get from the SEMrush tool.

I completely trust SEMrush, their data have never been failed. They always gives us the great result that to in real time. They have now started developing new data in real time so that we get all we need in real time.

keyword analysis tool free

The above graph is the mind map that you should have before you create a website online. If you look at the graph above then you can notice the one who created the map just mentioned the entire niche in which he can start a blog. He is okay with Health, Travel, Gaming, Marketing, Technology etc... But the main problem is that he don’t know what should we write when he choose Travel or Gaming. If he selects travel then he would have traveled a lot and should have some images of the travel and lot more like that. If he select Gaming then he should have played all the games and should be buying and playing new games and reviewing it faster than any other blogs who selected the same niche. So he is not able to do that, the next thing which is a perfect niche is Health but even if he selects health there is no much topic he can write about. If he was a doctor then he could easily write on health. But now because of less knowledge on the topic he can’t go with it.

So the next option is to choose marketing or technology. Both marketing and technology goes with almost same content. In case of marketing there is social media marketing, email marketing, SEO and link building. There are a lot of topics which he could write and there are new topics which are taking place every day. So there is a real way out if he has the knowledge on the topic. If he lacks knowledge in that topic then he could just try technology where he can take care of web designs, developing, android, ios and a lot more like that. Both marketing and technology are good and easy. Both of them are profitable too. So selecting any one of them will end up with a profitable blog. Now marketing has a lot of blogs to compete but when coming to technology there are not much of them so you can easily find a lead in technology. So I suggest that this blogger goes with the technology as his niche.

He will not have to work so hard to make his place to the top list of the search results. However he will have to have some good content to get him in the top of users. He can also easily make his social appearance because of the niche which he has selected.

So we were talking about the niche research tools. We have talked about the SEMrush but now we will go on to the next one which is Long Tail Pro. I haven’t used this tool but I have heard a lot about this tool. It is said that long tail pro is working almost same as the SEMrush.

google keyword analyzer

Unlike SEMrush, long tail pro is mainly made to find the best niche. They say that they will find you the best niche which is less competitive. The pull out all the popular words in the Google search my using Moz API and many other technologies.

As I said, I haven’t tried Long Tail Pro but if you wish to then give it a try. You can just try it by paying $1 for the trail and then leave it if it doesn’t match the tool that you want.

Both of these are paid ones and specially made for these purposes. But when coming to a free tool there are two of them which I use for some free search of the results. Both of them are from the Google. The first one is the Google Keyword Planner and the second one is the Google Trends. The Google Keyword Planner is specially made for the advertisers who need to know in which keyword should they target and advertise. However, when coming to the second one which is Google Trends. Google Trends shows the historical trends of all the keywords. You can get the trend of a keyword in a month, year or more.

website keywords checker

This is how Google Trends display the usage of the search term blogging. The difference between the Google Trends and others is that Google Trends not only show the result of search terms but also the news, stories and many other things.

In below to that they show the map where it is most searched. According to Google Trends the search word blogging is mostly searched 100 times which is 2x of the Philippines which is 50. Below that there is a section of related topics and then in the right to that you can also see the related queries. Make money blogging has a increase in search of 1050% in this one year.

You have an option to compare this search term with any other search term or any other stories. You can check the interest of a country, and then you can select how it looks in last hour, last day and from 2004 to today. There is a lot of option available to get whatever you want to. The below is the graph which will show you how the term blogging has performed in India the last day.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript"> trends.embed.renderExploreWidget("TIMESERIES", {"comparisonItem":[{"keyword":"blogging","geo":"IN","time":"2018-01-12T09 2018-01-13T09"}],"category":0,"property":""}, {"exploreQuery":"date=2018-01-12T09 2018-01-13T09&geo=IN&q=blogging","guestPath":""}); </script>

The next best thing is that you can just embed any of the graph or the data that you get from the Google Trends to your website in the real time which means that if the trends or the interest has changed then it will automatically If you embed the last hour graph then it will change automatically. If now it is displaying the graph of 1.00pm to 3.00pm then after an hour it will be displaying the graph of 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

Below that you will also get the graph of India where it is search more and where is searched less. You can totally find more keywords and also more information about the keyword in India so that you get all the required information that you need in a free tool or website.

keyword proximity checker

Now we will see what Long tail keywords are. You can easily get to something which is like; there are two or three types of keywords. The first one is Fate head keywords or in simple words we can say that these types of keywords are one word keywords. For example, blogging is a one word keyword or a fat head keyword. Even though these type of keywords get many visits they are very hard to rank because of the high competition going on in this searches. For example Facebook is a keyword which is searched more than 100 times a day and is very competitive and you can never rank in that keyword. So now you would have understood how flat head keywords work. The next one is the Chunky Middle keywords. This is the same flat head keywords with just a small word after it. For example you may also search for facebook login or facebook sign up. Both of them are a chunky middle keyword. It has a good keyword followed by something after that.

The next one is one of the common types which are called long tail keywords. You will see all of the bloggers recommending you to use this type of keywords. It is because if you use these keywords then you will get the results so fast. The both other keywords are just so hard for anyone to compete if they are just starting their blogging life. I always ask you to just use long tail keywords in the first 1000 posts until you get a good rank in search engines after that if you want to switch you can switch to chunky middle keywords and slowly to fat head keywords. If you try to go directly to fat head when you start the blog then you will have to wait for 5 or 10 years to get a lead. Sometimes you may leave your website or the blog due to no result. You will surely loose all your money. Or if you have a lot of money to waste until you get the rank in the search engines then you can just wait and carry on like that.

If you search for How to start a facebook account, you may not see the link to the domain or you may not see many advertisements that mean that the keyword is not so competitive.

So always deciding how you use a keyword is very important. You will have to study a lot about the blogging the working of the web to understand and rank in the search engines.

If you are using WordPress for your blog then you will surely use Yoast SEO in your blog. If you do so then you will surely get some recommendations on how to use a keyword. They will say how much time should you repeat the keyword in the article, where you should use it and a lot more things.

It is said that you should use your keyword in one of the heading like h1 or h2 and then you will have to use your keyword in the first section of your title which means if you keyword is best marketing tools then you should use that keyword in the title followed by some other text.

how to find keywords on a webpage

I couldn’t take the image of the latest Yoast SEO. However the workings are the same. You can see a focus keyword usage section there you can see how and where you should use the keyword. Now you should use the keyword before the content in the Meta description and when you write the article you will have to write the keyword in the first paragraph.

However according to the new policies from the Google they say that they will not rank your web pages with the help of keywords. According to the new PageRank algorithm of the Google, it is said that it is the backlinks which will help the websites rank. This algorithm was introduced to keep the cheaters out. However it is a big trouble for the new bloggers and also it may be easy for old blogs to rank better than before.

If you are maintaining a blog then you will have to use unique keywords for all the articles that you write. If you have 2000 articles in total then you will have 2000 unique keywords. And you will have to keep a track of keywords that you have written so that you can now how and when it was done. You will always have to create a new list of keywords so that you can build the list and then keep the track of what you have written and what to write.

We have talked about some of the tools which will help you to find the niche and now there are some other tools which will help you to do a keyword planning. I suggest you to use the same tool that you used to find the niche. If you use SEMrush then you can use the same here. I love SEMrush because of this thing. The SEMrush tool will help you to do the best.

They say that they have 1 million users and they have a database of 800 million keywords and 100 geo databases and then 130 million domains. They have many happy sites like Ebay that we discussed above and then some sites like, and many other websites who are always trying to find the best of them.

They will provide you a search box where you can have a small analytics of your website in any country. However, you will have to subscribe to them to get the details about the web site. But still you can take a small trail of 14 days to know more about your site and also unlock all their tools for 14 days.

Now we will look about what actually is Keyword Density checker.

Keyword density changed into an essential component in how a page became ranked. But, as site owners determined this and the implementation of most useful keyword density have become full-size, it has become a minor factor in the rankings. Search engines like google started giving precedence to other elements that are past the direct control of webmasters.

Today, the overuse of key phrases, an exercise referred to as keyword stuffing, will motive a web page to be penalized. The keyword density analyzer tool is extraordinarily helpful in serving to users to refine the keyword distribution among the prevailing content of their web site. Every time you’re writing your web page’s content material, it’s essential that you know the suitable quantity of keywords to use. Excessive key phrases aren't allowed, and such act will lessen your site’s overall performance on search engines like google and yahoo. The range of times key phrases are cited in a site’s content is often referred to as keyword density. Google has a strict policy regarding this exercise and violating Google’s policy isn’t tolerable. for instance, if you’re to write down a piece of writing of 500 words, and you've got a particularly excessive rating keyword you want to apply, then you must make sure you do no longer repeat the keyword regularly within the article. In case you want to realize your website’s keyword density, then this device is especially evolved for you. With our computerized device, you can calculate your keyword density in a few seconds. Use our Keyword Density Checker tool to look at your target keyword density.

Keyword density checker is one of the most used tool by most of the blogger to know how much dense is their keywords. When you use keywords on your blog articles or on your blog post then make sure that you use it in a different frequency. There was a time when the bloggers wrote the content they want and then they just write the keyword as much as time they want and then and then change the color of the keyword to the background color so that no one will be able to understand that there is keyword in the page. But now most of the search engines are looking at how far are the keywords. If the keywords are just in a paragraph or two then they will be completely ignored by the search engines.

In today’s search results keywords doesn’t have much importance. The importance it has is just 5% or 10% in the total SEO, and if the keywords are ignored by the search engines then you will have to do a little more work to bring back your SEO.

If you are using Yoast SEO, then you will know what the correct amount of keywords in a post is. However if you are not using tools like that then you will have to know that you can use 4-5 the keywords in a 1000 words article. So when you write next time make sure that you keep this in your mind.

Now we will go through a tutorial which will tell you how to use our keyword density checker. Using our keyword density checker is very simple. You don’t need any technical knowledge. You don’t need to know to code or do anything complex with the search engines or you won’t need to pay a trail amount of $1 for checking this. We have a great tool with us which will help you to know the best results.

google keyword density checker

This is how our keyword density checker looks like. First you will have to enter some web address in the box and then you will have to enter the text which you see in the image below that. Here the text is 5LtJS but in some cases the text can be a bit difficult. So if you think that the text is a bit difficult then you can click on the refresh button which is in the right to that. When you click that we will load some another text which is pretty easy for you to solve. In most case we provide you the easiest one.

calculate keyword density

After you do that two things then you will have to press the submit button and then you will get a result.

keyword density example

This image is the example of the result. When you press the submit button our tool has got the permission to check the domain that you have entered. First we will check for the domain. Here we got the answer as Then we will find out how much keywords you have used. We can’t simply find out all the keywords which you have used. But we will try to find out the most used and almost all the keywords. Here our tool has found 45 keywords.

Then after that you will get a links of the columns in a table. In the first column you will see the keywords which you or the one who own the site which you have entered used. Then in the second column we will provide you the amount of times or the number of times you have used.

Then the next column is all about the percentage of the keyword density. Here the keyword rangoli has a count of 8 and is 6.5% dense. Here we have mentioned about all the 45 keywords.

However, whatever the site you entered you will have a limit of keywords our tool can display. Most of the websites which provide the same service have a same problem like that but the main problem is they never accept that there tool has a problem like that. If I search a 20 years old blog or a news blog which has 10000+ articles, I’m sure that it will have more that 10k unique keywords. If we check the density of all those it is not possible to get the list of all of them. But just the best performing one, also make sure that you check out all our tools before you leave.