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I’m guessing that you are blogger or a website owner. No other actually should visit our tools. Our tools are many created for who owns or works in one of the above role. We have 50+ tools. In all those tools 5-6 are open for all. Means these 5 or 6 tools can be used by anyone and anyone can understand what it really is. Other tools are a bit difficult and most of the online users can’t understand what the use of these tools is or how to use this. I wish everyone come to know about these things.

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When reading the heading of this tool that is PageRank Checker, almost everyone may think that this tool is about checking some kind of rank of a page. Yes it is. But there is a lot hidden in it.

Do you know about Larry Page, one of the co-founders of Google? Just think of his name and the word PageRank. Do you think both this have something in similar? Actually it is not just a similarity but they have named it so.

PageRank is not just a word like Page Rank. Both PageRank and Page Rank are different. In the first look there may be only a space between but still PageRank is just used by Google while Page Rank can be used as a word to mention the rank of the page.

When saying about PageRank, PageRank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites when they display the search result to the users. As I said the name PageRank is named after Larry Page.

Now when talking about an algorithm, the word algorithm is mostly used in mathematics and computer science. Our field is related with computer science but it includes mathematics to. An algorithm is a kind of script which can solve a lot of problems. Algorithms can perform many things like basic and advanced calculation, data processing and sometimes they can also do automated reasoning tasks.

These kind of automated reasoning tasks are mostly used by Google to rank our websites in their search engines. Every website which is submitted to their index is gone through this kind of algorithm and after that for a search they are ranked according to their automatic calculation.

So the first thing you will have to do is to submit your website to Google. I said Google because now we are talking about the PageRank which is used by Google only.

However, the fact is that PageRank is not owned by Google or Larry Page. It was Larry Page and Sergey Brin who developed PageRank but it was from Stanford University in the time of their computer science education there. Because of that the right of ownership is for Stanford University. However, finally they gave an exclusive license to Google in exchange of 1.8million shares of Google’s Stock. Isn’t it crazy? So I think search engine like Bing is also using the same method to Google. I mean Bing is also using the same PageRank. Google can never file a complaint or do anything against them until Google never owns that.

Maybe Google could create something like PageRank which works better later. But now they will have to stand with the rights which they have now.

Google PageRank Checker tool

The above image doesn’t explain the working of PageRank but it is just a example to show how is the algorithms. As mentioned in the image, this algorithm helps us to find the greatest common divisor of two numbers. This is the algorithm flow chart which anyone can easily understand after a quick look. However, to make this chart come tru, you will have to something to your brain.

An algorithm is set of rules which are an effective technique that may be expressed within a finite amount of space and time and in a well-defined formal language for calculating a function. beginning from an preliminary country and preliminary input (possibly empty), the instructions describe a computation that, whilst performed, proceeds through a finite quantity of well-defined successive states, ultimately generating "output" and terminating at a final ending kingdom. The transition from one state to the subsequent isn't always necessarily deterministic; a few algorithms, referred to as randomized algorithms, include random input.

The concept of algorithm which is set of rules has existed for centuries; however, a partial formalization of what could come to be the present day algorithm commenced with tries to resolve the Entscheidung’s problem (the "selection trouble") posed through David Hilbert in 1928. next formalizations were framed as tries to define "effective calculability" or "effective method"; the ones formalizations included the Gödel–Herbrand–Kleene recursive capabilities of 1930, 1934 and 1935, Alonzo Church's lambda calculus of 1936, Emil put up's "formulation 1" of 1936, and Alan Turing's Turing machines of 1936–7 and 1939. Giving a proper definition of algorithms, similar to the intuitive belief, stays a challenging trouble.

The last two paragraphs are a bit technical about the algorithms. However, to your better information, you will need to try out the new ways of making the algorithms. Wikipedia has a great guide which will help you to know more about all kinds of algorithms. Make sure that you check it out if you are interested in knowing how algorithms work. Not only you can know how algorithms work but you can have an idea about lot more things.

Now we will talk a little more about PageRank. It is said that PageRank works by counting the total number of links and also the quality of the links to your websites. It is said that with this method, Google can decide how important a website or a web page is. Even if you get a lot of links there is no use. The more quality backlinks that you have has more value than links from small websites or free blogs that you make yourself.

pagerank calculator

The above image explains how page rank works. This doesn’t fully explain but still you can get an idea of what I said before. The first thing the algorithms check is the age of the domain. However, this does not ever make your site full trusted by the search engines. But if you have an older domain in the full niche then there is a chance to get more rankings and also more backlinks to your website. The older your website is the trust of search engines will increase. In the image above the site C is an old website with an age of 20 years or more. So do to that trust the website has grown so big now. After a while the website C gives a backlink to website B. Which means there is some content in B which is important to the site C. It also means that website B is a bit trustful one. Even if we never think so, Google and mostly all other search engines think so. That is the reason why website B ranks so good like the website C. If B gets a little more backlinks and likes then B will surely grow more than C in a while.

In the web there is no much use if you have good content. Good content can never help you rank but good content is very important when coming to keeping your users stay in your website. You may notice this when you study about the bounce rate in analytics.

According to Google Analytics, bounce means a single page session on our site. When coming to analytics if a web page only asks or sends one request to analytics then it is calculated as a bounce. This will increase the bounce rate. This mainly happens when a user opens just a web page in your site and then exists your website without moving to any other pages of action.

When defining a Bounce rate, it is just a single-page sessions divided by all the sessions, or the percentage of all the sessions on your web site in which the users viewed just a single page and triggered only one single request to the Google’s Analytics server. Not only Google’s Analytics but many other programs use this method but I prefer to use Google Analytics because they are more accurate.

The next main question asked by all the developers or the web site owners are whether high bounce rate bad or not.

Google says it can be both. It can be bad in some cases and it is completely okay in some other cases. For example if you have a mobile app page or some other page which is in a single page then it is completely okay. But if you site is of some news, articles or some other website with many web pages then it will not be fine. You will have to work a little more in that case to make the best.

You can find more help on bounce rate from Google. Google also provide you some ways to reduce the bounce rate. However, no method works if you never have a good post or good content. To have a great content the first thing you have t do is to understand your audience. Any blogger whatever their niche is you will have to understand your audience. You will need to understand what they really want. For example if you teaching or helping your readers to do well in social medias then you will never need to waste your time by showing them how to do all the basic things like starting a page or naming it or something silly like that. It will be better if you help them to manage their pages wisely. Or if you give them more tips on how to earn more likes or followers and gain more leads from the social media. The second thing which is most important when coming to a blog post or a website content is the title. You will have to have a great title. The title should feel that your website has what they want by seeing your website. Whether your topic is pretty simple or some what advanced one. You will have to just use some methods to keep the users thrilled with the title. However, try not to cheat the users. Faking the title and keeping the content in the low standard is a bit bad way and this may finally end up with a huge or high bounce rate. And after that you will surely go down in your number of visitors. If you have some great content then you should never worry about the users. The users will surely come to your website if you have good content. They should feel that you are writing the article for them and not to make money. Around 30-40% of the internet users know that blogs are make to make money. So they choose only the less greedy blog as their favorite.

In my case, I would never go again to a blog in which it redirects every now and then. You may see some websites which are always redirecting. When you click on a link or a button it redirects to some other websites or ads. These types of websites are the worst ones in my category and I will never visit them again.

One of the main things that bloggers do is use some kind of date or time indicator in the title. For example if it is a article about haircuts, the bloggers use: Best Men Haircuts Of 2018. Te main problem for this is that they never update it. Even after 2022 then post will have the same content without any change which makes the blog look a little bad. Or some of the users think that your blog is not well updated. If that is the case then there is a possibility that the users go out of your blog or website to some other who has well updated content.

The third thing is to make the first paragraph or the intro part more attractive. We can’t say attractive. It is actually to make users think or understand that what our article has and what they get in return of reading the article. You should always share some amazing facts in the first section. If you are writing about making money with blogs, then in the first paragraph you should mention how much they can earn. Don’t simply mention it, just show them with proofs. Sometimes you may be earning or some of your friends or some others bloggers may be earning big. Many blogs are now sending out there earning reports to attract the visitors or bloggers who are trying to make money online. If we just say that we are making money online then no one is going to trust you. But if you provide the required proofs then they are surely going to trust you. Sometimes they may even buy some of your eBooks if you help them in one or another way. I know many bloggers who do something like this to earn a lot more that what ad sense or any other advertising platforms pay.

Always try to make a good relation with the users or the readers from the first paragraph. Never make the users bored. If the first paragraph is interesting then most of the readers will ignore the mistakes which you make in the next paragraphs.

The next thing is to keep the whole content well organized. It means you will have to make sure that there is a lot of place where users can interact. Only if the users can interact then you will be able to keep the article interesting. Make sure that you have the contents to make your posts interesting. Most of the bloggers now use photos, videos or even animated Gifs to keep the users or the readers interested during the whole article. However, it is not completed new ways or methods are always tried out by the developers or the bloggers, so you should also make sure that you do the best.

If one of the article has a lot of content then try to make it as different section or make a detailed video on a special section and decrease the length of the article. I usually never write an article which is more than 2500 words. And I wish all of you follow. Even 2500 words are a way too high. It is the maximum limit I use but usually I just keep it below 1500, so that the article is short and users can easily read it. And the best part is that we will not have to add many photos and videos to keep the users interested. There are many other ways through which you can make your posts interesting. It is better to understand it yourself than I explain it. You will surely find some ways yourself when you start making something out of blogging.

The next main thing that you will have to do is to write a lot. When you write new articles you will completely learn how to write. If you hire writer by thinking that you can’t write then you will have to hire many and to write all the articles which may cost you a lot even in the starting of your blog. To make yourself profitable, the best option is to write yourself until you earn something profitable every month. The blog writers are surely earning a lot more than you can actually imagine. So if you are a good writer then you will surely get paid both via your blog and also by writing posts for others.

That is all you need. Moreover, you will also need to have a good content. By good content, I mean that you will need to have more and exact information about the topic you are writing about.


When we start the blogging, we will surely check all the things we need to know and then we will write it completely well. But after that eventually, you will lose the interest to write the articles. After some time you will be surely writing for money, not for the better development of your blog. But trust me without keeping you users interested you will never earn what you want.


There are many bloggers who always try to earn more money by working less. The main reason for starting a blog or a website for many is the easy money that they hear about blogging. Yes, it is true. You will get good money by doing blogging. But you will have to work a lot in the starting of your blog until you yourself becomes good and your blog grows. And it is another truth that there is no business without a investment. If you have to earn from blogging, then you will have to deposit for sure.


If you don't deposit, then there is no way you can earn. You may earn but you may not be able to dream the big amounts which you are seeing the reports of the popular blogs now.

Now, we will talk about some tools which will help you to do better in blogging. The first tool, I’m going to talk about is Power Thesaurus. Power Thesaurus is one of the most famous crowd sourced tool that will help us to find out an alternative word. For example if you have to find a alternative word for “however” all you have to do is to enter the word in their search and choose the best alternative.

google pagerank algorithm

This is how the tool looks. You will see a search box in the top and in below that you will also notice the words that are popular today and a updated list of just searched. This list is updated every once a new word is searched. This website was a great for getting new words.

google pagerank lookup

They have also launched a new Google Chrome extension which will help us to simply get the result from our chrome browser without going to the website.

I used this app for a long time before I become a good blogger. I was first searching for different words when I was stuck at using the same word again and again. But finally I end up with this website to get the best words.

The next website which I will say you to try is the ZenPen. ZenPen is mainly used to keep the bloggers or the content writers focused on their work. You can make the website to full screen, and then you can change it to night mode or the day mode by switching the color of the screen of the website. This will help you to write well in both night and in the day light.

The next main option is to set the targeted words count. You can set how much words you want to write in this section. Not only that you can also save the changes or the text you have added. When you click the save text then you will see a lot of options like Markdown, HTML, and Plain text. You can select any one of them and then download it according to your wish. This app or website was created by Tim Holman (@twholman). You can get ZenPen in github too.

I also have a video which will explain you about the best tools which will help you in blogging.

This video will explain you most famous tools which the bloggers will use.

Writing is not the end to get the best blog posts. There is many other things that you will have to do. You will have to fix all the errors in your posts. You will also need to update the articles after a fixed time. It is all about how you make use of the tools out there.

Another way to make your article more interesting is using some CTA in the bottom of the post. This is a common method now. Giving something to users to interact with in the bottom will help us to know how much the users interacted with our website and the content. The main thing is that if you use CTA as a downloadable content then you can track the downloads and the page visits, through which you can get a rough estimation about how much users reads up to the end of the article and also know what they do in their website.

After all this if you have to maintain the blog or the website then the best method is SEO. SEO means search engine optimization which is not a new thing in the web. But it is still a little complicated thing which everyone is trying to do. However, there is only some of them who will finally succeed in making their site SEO friendly.

Hubspot says that:

Don't obsess over how many keywords to include. If there are opportunities to incorporate keywords you're targeting, and it won't impact reader experience, do it. If you can make your URL shorter and more keyword-friendly, go for it. But don't cram keywords or shoot for some arbitrary keyword density -- Google's smarter than that!

Every blogs say that you should never cheat. I too end with a answer like that. Never try to cheat search engines. Because they are smarter than we are. They have more technologies than we have. We may be able to cheat them for a month or two because we are not only the cheaters whom they face. But we can never cheat them for our life.

page rank status

The above image is a example of how a search result of our website looks. I have searched foe Meta descriptions to get this result and then have returned a lot of results for me. The bigger text that is in blue is the title or is known as Meta Title. Under that you can see a green color text which is the URL of the content that appeared. You can set that to. After that you will see a paragraph which will be around 160 characters which is known as Meta descriptions.

You will be able to know this more clearly if you use Wordpress and some plugins like Yoast SEO in it. Yoast SEO has the same option like we do in coding. However, always you will have to make your blog more search engine friendly to earn a little more than you need to.

Everyone who is trying out blogging is mainly here to make money but we should also have some commitment. We should try to keep our users happy. If they are happy then they will be happy to click on the ads in your website.

I personally click on the ads of the page or website that I personally like. However, that is not at all a fair game. You know that, I know that, but every click is worth. So always try to get click on the ads a lot. Focus and work for more clicks that so you will finally earn a decent amount of clicks. I usually aim for 1000-2000 clicks per day. Even I know, it is every hard to get, even the top bloggers are getting below that sometimes. But now, I am already at 200 clicks per day. I am not getting 200 clicks every day. Some day it can be low as 50 but in average, I have around 100-150 clicks per day.

I think the clicks that I am getting now are pretty decent from 10k+ visitors a day. I am not mentioning about just a website but this result is of 2 – 3 websites. And I’m sure that one day, I will be surely being able to get the same result from a website. So all I have to say is Dream Big.

I would also like to talk a little more about exit rate. Exit rate is a bit different from bounce rate but mostly all newbie think both are same. Exit rate is the percentage of people who left your site from a page. It seems similar to bounce rate, isn’t? Or even you may say both are same. But the true fact is that if a user viewed different pages of your website and then existed it is counted as a exist but in the same time, when a user exists after viewing just a page then it is known as a bounce.

how to check google pagerank

The image above explains you how is the bounce rate and the exit rate are calculated. As you can see the exit rate is calculated by dividing total exits from the page and total visits to the page.

Imagine that you have three pages in your website. Page A, B and C. A visit enters to the website by the page A and then moves to page B and then to page C and then he exists. In the same time another user enters the website through page C and then he exists from the same page. In the first process it is know a exist from the page C because it trigger more than one script from the analytics. But the second case is known as a bounce because it just sends a request to the analytics. It is said that high bounce rate and exit rate can be dangerous mainly if you are running a blog or some other pages like that.

However, exit rates can help you to know how much the users engage with your website.

Now it is our time to look at the PageRank by Google. As I said we have a great tool which will help you to know in which place does your page ranks in Google. We also have the results for other search engines like Bing or Yahoo. Because yahoo use Bing search to get the results checking one of the two will be okay to know your rank in both.

When speaking about PageRank Checker This Google PageRank Checker Tool could be a terribly great tool enabling you to search out at a look the PageRank values of a listing of URLs and to ascertain however necessary you're per Google. PageRank works by count the quantity and quality of links to a page to figure out a rough estimate of but important the online web site is. The underlying assumption is that extra important websites unit of measurement doable to receive extra links from different websites. The PageRank Checker device is determined by means of the linking of various web sites and their high-quality this suggests that the additional usually the location is hooked up from exclusive web sites, the top your PR well worth. Moreover, the PR of different websites that link to the web page, into attention. The top their PR, the additional it's weighted inside the calculation. That is, if one desires to attain a high ranking really worth for its internet website, it's important that you simply rectangular measure related from pages with a high PR worth. Some of links from a web page with an excessive well worth will for that reason carry home the Bacon an equal end result as numerous links from pages with decrease PR well worth. Earlier than purchasing an internet site, commercial area, or before getting a backlink from for a domain, you can take the help of this device to per how strong and excessive quality an internet site is via searching at it is web page Rank.

Now we will look at the working of the PageRank Checker Tool.

pagerank matrix calculator

This is how our tool looks. The first thing you will have to do is to enter the URLs of the site in the box. As said in a time you can only enter up to 100 URLs. You just need to enter the domain address of the different websites or you can enter the page URL. But whether you enter different page URL of a same domain, there will be no change at all.

The next step is to enter the image verification or you can say that it is to complete the image verification. This image verification is a technique introduced to stop bots from entering the web and doing a lot of job with ease. Not only that these bots will be able to hack the website and make the website do, if we allow then to just enter our website and take all the information they need. There are many types of image verification. There are many complex ones however; we just added the easiest one for you guys. All you will have to enter the letters or the numbers that you see in the image to the box below. If you think it is a bit hard then you can refresh it and then get a simple text.

It is said that bots can never read this and type it down and then continue. However, nowadays many humans are working for bots and the writing this down for bots to understand well.

After bots studied how to write this Google introduced noCaptcha which will help to prevent bot. noCaptcha uses a special method by tracking the mouse movements and checking your recent activities and a lot other things before coming to a conclusion that it is not a bot but a human.

pagerank algorithm calculator

I have entered same domain twice. This was just a mistake, but when you do this if you want the PageRank of one site then just enter any one domain address or any one page address.

After you d this you will get the result. You can use the result for anything you want. However, before leaving try to check our new tools too. If you want to manage a website or any other things online, you will always need some great tools. We are here to provide you that.