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Google, a word that we hear every day. Google just started from a search engine. It is known as a American search engine company and it was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998. However now 70% of the worldwide online searches are handled by Google. It has the headquarters in Mountain View, California.

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Google as a company was started from just a search engine in 1998 but now Google has a wide range of network including 50+ services which they offer for free and also some for paid. They have the famous Gmail, and the cloud storage in which they offer 15 GB of free space to all the users. After creating a lot in the online world, Google also has step their foot to the offline world where they converted their brand name into the real business. They have created many mobiles which include the famous Google Pixel and new tablets, computers and lot other things.

In 2012 Google become one of the most famous and influential company by sharing Apple, IBM and Microsoft. According to Alexa traffic rank Google is the most viewed website a day.

Google has helped many of the users worldwide by giving them a chance to display the advertisements in their websites, mobile apps and then earn a lot of money from the advertisements they display.

Now we will look at the history of Google. It all started when Brin and Page met as the graduate students in the Stanford University. When they met they just got the ideas of extracting the mass data in the internet to the users. They made a workplace in the Page’s dormitory room at the Stanford and their aim was to find a new type of search technology. There key was to rank the web pages or the websites according to the backlinks or the links they get form the other websites in the web and the user’s interaction. According to them all the search engines till then just returned a list of web sites and they was ranked by how search phases or keyword appeared on them.

So they done their work on that and then they came up with a search function where they find the number of links that a website had and then ranking it according to the amount of the links. For example if the web site A has1000 links and the web site B has 200 links then the website number A will surely have a lot more possibility to be appeared on the search results than the web site with less links.

Then after they created the algorithm or the new method then the Brin and Page just began receiving outside financing. Their first investor was Andy Bechtolsheim, who was a co-founder of Sun Microsystems. With the help of many investors they where able to raise the amount which is around 1$ million dollars. After raising the fund from the investors, friends, family they set up a shop in Menlo Park, California with the name Google.

The name Google was derived from the misspelling of the original name they planned that is Googol. Googol was a mathematical term of numbers 1 followed by 100 zeros. Can you imagine how you will read it? Now you can read it as Google. Within a year Google just clicked on to the web and by the mid 1999 when Google recieved around $25 million of venture capital funding and the main fact is that Google was then processing up to 500,000 queries a day. Then it was the time for Google to explode into the web. Google just started their first client search engine for one of the most popular sites which is known as Yahoo. But in 2004 Yahoo just said that they don’t want Google services anymore and then Google just started their journey alone. It is said that in 2004 when Yahoo and Google separated, users searched 200 million times a day. The growth of Google is really amazing. They just started from 1 search from a day to around 200 million searches a day. Yahoo somehow took the help of Bing search to go on and continue their journey while Google just continued themselves to make the world more trending.

Another thing happened on the end of 2011, when the search engine Google was searched more than 3 billion times a day. Imagine, how popular Google could be when the users who are using the web just searched the web through just one service. Until now it is said that every new guy whether it is a boy or girl, they usually use Google as their major service and they love to use Google over Bing or any other search engines out there.

There was a lot of data users searched on Google and a lot other things where going on which Google couldn’t hold with just one data centre. So Google decided to create 11 data centre around the world. And it is said that almost all the data centres that they created had around 1000 servers on them. Google just was able to interlink computers probably number several million. However, Google just build three pieces of computer hardwires for their servers. It was named as Google File System or GFS and the next one Bigtable then the MapReduce.

GFS handles the storage of data in chunks across the several machines. Bigtable is the company’s database program storage. And the Mapreduce was generated by Google to create higher-level data.

We now just looked at the history of the Google, next we will go to some of the key products which made Google one of the most profitable companies in the world of web or internets.

Not one just imagines that few computers connected together could create a marketplace where many companies grow and also earned a lot. In taking the case of Google, they just started in the web and then they grow a lot in the web.

The most used service of Google is actually the Google search for sure. But after that there are couples of them like Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs and even Google has a social media which is named as Google Plus. They also have one of the best navigation apps which are Google Maps. We will look at all of them but for now we will just look at the most used Google’s Tool.

Google Malware Checker tool

Gmail is one of the most used mailing app by Google. Google released Gmail in 2004 and then in 2012 November, Google Mail or Gmail just pass Hotmail in its usage.

When saying about Gmail, Gmail or Google Mail is a free web based e-mail service. When saying about web based or program based there are difference for both. You may also notice thunderbird by Mozilla or Windows Mail by windows which can’t be used in web but in the softwares. So, Google just allowed the users to simply create a account in Gmail or just go on with their existing Google account so that they can easily create their account and then start to sent mails to all they wanted to.

While the companies like Yahoo and Windows allowed the users to store messages only upto 2 GB or 4 GB while Google just provided then a little more long and storage of 15 GB which they get via Google Drive.

First Google Mail or Gmail was just made of Single tab which is Primary. It was so hard for all the users to find which message was sent from whom and which was important which was from social Medias and a lot more.

But after that Google just developed their email service according to the user’s wish. The spilt the email’s themselves by the AI which is used by Google. Maybe it is not an AI technology or may be it would be a AI, however, the result is the same.

Now Google has more tabs which will help the users to avoid some of the emails while consider reading some of the social and primary or personal emails.

For example, I will like to read a social message or news which came to me from Facebook while in the same time I may need to avoid the promotional message which just came from Amazon or eBay. So due to this variety of tabs it is very easy for me to know which one I should avoid and which one should I keep.

website malware check

This is how my tabs in Gmail looks like, you can see that, I always read all the messages which comes to Primary, Social, Promotions but I just keep all the messages of Updates unread and read it when I get the time for that.

In the update tabs I usually get the welcome messages from some websites, or some shopping offers or some payments services and my bank newsletters and lot more like that which is not so important and which I need not read always. So what I do is keep all of them away from my busy time and then I read it according to what I can.

After Gmail, then one of the most used products from Google was there web browsers Chrome. It is known as Google Chrome and is one of the best options for the developers to make their simple codes to apps in chrome. Chrome is one of the wide networks which offers common web users and in the same time the developers a great help.

Google Chrome has an in-built developer tools which will help any developer to examine any website according to their wish. The main thing which made chrome stand out from others was its simple design and then it was the speed of browsing and the same time it is integrated with all other Google apps.

There is a option for direct search from chrome to Google and you can go to any of the Google tools in just one click which made chrome stand out. When coming to the built of Google chrome for developers. Chrome always helps the developers to make their best.

When developing, if you check all the latest technologies like animation, svg and many other things have been invented by the developers in the world. What Google does is they will release the next version of Chrome as fast as a new invention is out. While in the same time some other browsers like Internet explorer doesn’t care about any of them until their 10 or more updates.

For me, I just always use Google chrome because I love its design and then the working of it. And I am a developer too. All those who have taught me suggested me to use chrome and I find chrome better than any other tools.

google malware removal

The source code of the chrome browser is a open sourced one so that any developer can just jump on to it and know how chrome was built. Not only has that chrome also started their own OS which is pretty easy for those who live in the world of internet. Yu can just search for Chrome book in Google to find out more information about them.

I said that Google just step on to many other products both in offline and in online. However, if the products which are online is for the whole world then Google just started some offline which is for just some parts of the world. For example the next most used product of Google is one of the offline products which is named as Google Fiber.

google malware check android

Google fiber is not only a solution for high speed internet which could make anything possible but it is also a new generation broadband connection which will allow some small business owners to start up their own social appearance with the high bandwidth which Google provide. The main drawback of this was that, Google fiber is just available in some of the cities of US and is not open to the world to try.

I don’t know how much is the Usage of Google Fiber in US. But I know about another product which provides internet to all the users in a public place and this product is in India. Google India made a special program called Railwire, which was started by Google to help the passenger who waits for the train in the railway stations.

google malware tool

I have downloaded 3 movies of 700mb at a speed of 4 mb/s with Rail wire so I can say that it is one of the fastest internet service providers out there. And the main thing with this is that this is totally free.

To get the free wifi the only thing you will have to do is to turn on your wifi and then search for available networks then you will surely notice Rail wire as a open wifi then you will have to connect to it. Before you start using it you will have to register or sign in to it. It is not like registering, you will have to first enter your mobile number and then you will receive a OTP and then you will have to enter the OTP and then you will be able to be connected to the web.

Another drawback of this rail wire is that there is only les number of stations which is available with this technology. If you want to know whether a station has Rail wire then you can check the Rail wire board on the Station platform or you will have to do a search in Google to know more about Rail wire and all the supported stations. For most of the Indians it is one of the best things that Google has done.

And the next best product that Google has launched is Google Maps.

google malware check api

Google map is one of the best products which gained a lot of publicity in the online world. First, Google and maps just got so much blame about the accuracy in the maps. But now with the latest technology, Google map is capable of taking and navigating us to any part of the world. Whether you are in the darkest place in the earth and if you have a mobile phone with you. Then you can get to any place you want. For me the story of Google maps was like, it took me to whatever place I wanted to go. I just moved on to Bangalore, a city in India for some jobs and lot other things in my mind. When I reach there, I was just thinking what and how to reach to my destination. It is a truth that with Google Maps, I was just be able to go to any end of Bangalore. Even if I don’t know the local language Google just took me to the correct place without asking for the help.

Google maps have a lot of facilities in it. If you have a smart phone which supports location or GPS, then you can surely use Google Maps to reach anywhere. Even now Google maps help me to reach many places which is still unknown for you. You can search for food or theaters and many other facilities through Google maps.

Even many cars are now built with inbuilt navigation which is powered by Google Maps. Even Google maps help us to find out any of our friends through sharing their location to us.

Now Google Maps have become a better option to share our location. You may know that in some messaging apps like WhatsApp we could share the location to our friends. Now through Google maps we can easily share our live location. For example if you are traveling and then if you give your location to your parents via the link or just via WhatsApp then they can just keep watching you now and then if the wish to know what you are doing.

I am sure that within a year or two, Google maps will surely help the police and other to solve the crime and lot many things would be able for Google Maps to do.

The next best thing that Google provide to the world is the Google Docs.


If you are using a windows operating system or Windows OS then you will surely know what Microsoft Word is. How cool it would be if you get Microsoft Word in the online word. If you think like that then the answer for you is the Google Docs. Google Docs will bring the same word like look to you and the best thing about that is you can save you document into Google Drive and the best thing is that it will be saved automatically. In case if you system just went down fast then you don’t need to worry if you are using Google Docs. It will be automatically backed up for you.

Google Docs has many features build into it. The first thing is the fonts. You will come to see a lot of different types of fonts that is being used in Google Docs. You can select from any of the font that you want.

Then you can include images, texts, and audio and lot more in the way that you want. The next thing that Google does the best is the templates. You will have a lot of templates which will help you to make the file look the best. In Google’s Template gallery, you will see templates for Resumes, Letters, Personal template and many templates for Work and you will even get the templates for sales, education and lot more.

You will also get many add-ons for Google Docs which will make it look much different than any other document out there. The best thing about it’s template is that all the templates has a get material design built in it so you will not need to do anything additional.

Don’t think that Google Docs just has the document type but it also has sheets which is very similar to the Excel Sheets that we have in the Windows and it also has Slides which is similar to PowerPoint in Windows. In addition to all this Google also provide Forms.

With the help of Google Forms you can easily create questions and answers section for your friends and family. You can ask any type of questions like multiple choice questions and then checkboxes and also dropdown questions. There is a lot of things that you can do with the help of Google Forms.

I conclusion all the tools of Google Docs is good and needed for both who are doing work and also for those who are taking it for fun.

All this tools from Google was to the common users of the web and Google but there are some of the tools which are made for the particular section of the web users. For example Google has a Analytics which is made for website owners and marketers and also for mobile app developers.

google website scanner

I am a developer and I used many tools to track my website and mobile app status. And according to me the best tool is the Google Analytics. Google Analytics will provide you a clear status of what is users doing in your website or app. It can even provide you information like how much click users have click on a webpage and where did they clicked and a lot more like that.

You can track the visits of all the visitors and also track real time visits from the users around the globe.

It will show you from which search did the traffic come, is it from social media if yes which media and a lot more information like that. It is also capable of showing the data of who and when did the traffic come from then to where did the visitor go after they visit your site and many other information.

I have been saying about many Google prodcuts and in most of the products I said that it is linked with our Google Drive account. And now what is Google Drive. Google Drive one of the simplest cloud storage. You can store any file to the Google Drive. You can store cracks, hacks or tricks to make something better or you can store data of any android app and a lot more. If you just look at any of the android apps they will be using Google Drive to store our files or their backup. For example the best app is Whatsapp, WhatsApp is one of the most used android app which allows users to store all their chats to backup so that they never lose the data that they just have. Not only WhatsApp but most of the apps and even many Google products like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Photos and many other products use Google Drive to store our file.

Google Drive has a upgrade plan through which we can upgrade our storage that we have. Everyone will get 15 GB of free space while you can get the space of 100 GB by paying around 2$ a month, exactly 130 Indian rupees a month. If you subscribe it for a year then you will get 17% off on the purchase which is equal to 1300 a year. You will save two months fees.

There is another option to upload your storage to 1 TB or up to 1024 GB with paying around 10$ per month or 650 Indian rupees per year. It is the same case; you will have to pay around 6500 for a year with 17% of savings. There are many other plans. Google Drive has plans up to 30 TB. The 30 TB plan will cost around 19,500 Indian rupees per month. But in that case you can’t pay via annual payment. However, you will not need that plan unless you do some lot of works. If you are a freelancer and then if you keep the track of all your files and projects then you will have to buy one of the products.

I haven’t upgraded by plans. I have just used around 4.18 GB of my 15 GB. I have uploaded just my files to drive which took my space up to 2 GB and then my Gmail just took around .47 GB of the my space and then my Google Photos used around 1.71 GB of files.

The main file that I have uploaded is my WhatsApp backup which is around 1.5 GB. I have just used 27% of my storage. But I have some more photos to be uploaded so I will be adding those to fill my storage up to 50%. I’m sure that with a year or two, I will have to buy some more space. However, for 5 years I won’t need more than 100 GB of space.

There are many apps which are killing my space and I will need to take care of all that as fast as I can. It is very important to customize all the apps so that you will not have to pay a lot of Drive. Sometimes if you check your drive you may notice that it is currently full or it may have a lot more than my storage. This is because of your sync. You may have synced your phone data which is images videos and all other files to Google Drive which means that if you delete the files from your phone you will be able to see it in your Drive or photos. Which means that if you don’t care your device and your storage when your storage will be wasted without any use? So always try to store only the required files. I like trips, which are the reason why I have filled my storage up to 4 GB. But I am trying to keep it low as possible.

Now we have just known that Google search is one of the best products that Google has. Their search is so advanced and the tools that they use are more advanced. You will have to submit your website to your Google and after that you will be displayed in Google searches. And one of the most interesting thing is that, Google is just backlists around 20% of blogs or websites every day. So it is very important to know what your websites status in Google is. So our Google malware checker tool will help you to know your status. Not only your web site status but you can know the status of any of the websites.

But first we will have a look at what actually is our Google Malware Checker.

The Google Malware Checker tool will assist you find, whether Google has listed the internet site domain as suspicious or no longer. The tool offers the website online test from the security advisory, with the secure surfing fame of the website online which appears for malicious documents of viruses, worms, Trojans, and all types of malware. For an enterprise, malware infections can reason lack of highbrow assets, purchaser information, financial fraud and destruction to belongings. In case your organization’s website is inflamed, it is able to break your on-line recognition and power clients away in droves. Once you’re done coming up with your web site, it’s suggested to examine for malwares and errors to avoid stories that bit the guts. It’s a welcome plan to examine your web site for malware with the assistance of our powerful Google Malware Checker tool. Typically there could also be infected files that you simply might not apprehend that it's a threat to your web site and you want to replace such files in order that it will get approved by Google once submitted. There are a unit such a lot of malware checkers on-line and you thought to task to use the most effective ones to induce correct results. Whenever you run your web site with this tool, you wish to examine things like infected code, unwanted plugins, harmful content and your web site should pass Google check before it will be approved. Continually apprehend that a malware free web site runs swimmingly without difficulty and guests would like to keep visiting such site.

So you will have got a idea about what is Google Malware Checker and now we will look and check how it works. The first thing is to open our tool.

website malware removal free

And then the next thing that you will have to do is to enter the URL in the box and then click on submit button. We are not like other sites in which you will have to enter a Captcha for getting the details. We use Captcha only for those which need it. In this case there is no need for a Captcha that is the reason which we just avoided the captcha. So you can get the result so fast.

best website malware scanner

After you enter the domain address then you will have to click the submit button.

Then after you click that button you will get a pop up. In the pop up you will have to scroll down and then you will notice that your site’s status. It can be your site’s status or any other website. However, both are pretty same.

In that popup you can just enter any other site address or check any other website as you can.

It is powered by Google and they say that they are working for a safer web. Even I trust that it. With the help of this tool we can easily identify which website is better and which web site which should we avoid.

I also wish that there should be add-on or a chrome’s extension so that the users can know about any website just from there start bar. However you can always come to our tool and then use it according to your wish.

The Google has always planned the best for the users and also the developers. I think that Google will introduce us to something like this in the future. So now I am just saying bye and we will meet in some other article. You should also try any of our tools for free.

We have many other tools like My IP address which will help you to know what is your IP address and then you will also see web page code and many other tools.

Our tools are also very useful for all developers and also for website and blog owner. Whether you are a new blogger or a old blogger our tool will help you in many ways.

Our tools are always to help anyone in any way.

We have another tool which will use Google is our Google Cache Checker. You will need to know a lot about Google cache checker. All our tools are created mainly for the developers and blog owners. However, the best tools will work for bloggers. Bloggers are always trying hard to find out some ways to earn more with their effort. It is always very difficult to find how much you can earn with blogs. Even if you write a lot about all the topics that you have chosen as a niche there is no way that you can earn more. A survey shows that most of the bloggers are just stuck in earning more money. They always earn very less than they should. What they earn is by doing lots of hard work for years and then after all these years there is a chance that they lose everything. So our tools will be always there to help the bloggers do anything they wanted. All our tools are specially made for bloggers. So that they can actually know how there blog is performing. They may also try any of our tools and we are always adding new tools everyday.