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From the plain grass and trees humans have found many things. Internet was one of that. Internet was just created to transfer some files but then it became a place where to invest, make and grow billions and billions of dollars. Now internet is expanded to a wide market. There is millions or sales which are done through the internet. It is not always right. Not only true and secured sales but there is also cheating taking place in the internet so it is very important to choose the best and secured services throughout the internet.

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In internet making a appearance can be done in several ways. The first way is to start a website or a blog. We will talk about this method last in this article but now what are the other methods.

The next method is to start a page in social media. Starting a page will provide you appearance in the internet especially in the specific social media. If you are just starting a page in facebook then your posts will be only seeing to the facebook viewers or Facebook users. However, you Facebook page may be appeared on the Google search or the Bing search or any other search but the main problem is that if you advertise your page then it won’t be visible to the whole web but just the social media you are.

Now social medias are very important in the day to day life and it is not so small to have a social appearance through that website. When coming to other social medias like Twitter there is no option to create a page. The only thing you can do is to start a account for your page. Like you have started your Twitter account you will have to start a Twitter account for your online or internet appearance.

Then when coming to blogs it is one of the most advanced and also you will need to have to do a lot of work to bring your blog up. Unlike social media accounts blogs will be displayed in all the searches if you have submitted it to the search engines then it will be also available to the whole world. If you do a advertisement of your blog in Google or any search engines you will come to see that your advertisement will appear on Google search, and if you want to then your advertisements will also appear on many websites and blogs where all the web users see.

When coming to creating a blog, first you should consider using a blogging platform, the platform I suggest is WordPress. WordPress has been live for a lot years and have earned more popularity than any other blogging platform. There are many other free, paid blogging platforms but I suggest that you go with WordPress. WordPress is actually free of cost. But still you will have to buy a domain and hosting to make your WordPress blog a real one. However, there are many other options out there.

For example Blogger or BlogSpot is one another option. All you have to do is to have a Google account then you can simply start a BlogSpot blog and then if your blog is 6 months old you can just monetize your blog with Google ad sense and then you can turn your visitors into real money.

If you create a blog in Blogger or and then if you look at the left menu then you will notice that there is a Earning section. If you click on that link then you will notice a page which has a header of Google AdSense.

Domain Age Checker tool

And there is just an explanation about what you can do with AdSense. This will help to turn your passion into profit. It says that AdSense is a simple way to earn money with your website by showing ads in your website.

And then as a next paragraph, you will see that Your Blog doesn’t currently qualify for Adsense. If your blog is a new one then it is sure that you will get something like that. If you have just started a bit before and then you will see a option to start you’re earning right now. Then all you need to do is to just start your earning.

But I never personally suggest you to use Blogger there have been many cases which just led to many problems in the online. Blogger is said to delete some blogs which was a longer online appearance and more data. If you just copy someone’s content Blogger will stop your blog and then you will have to remove your blog without any reason. They could delete your content any time without any reason but if you do blogging with WordPress then you will have to buy a hosting and domain but you will be double sure that none of your content will erase without your permission.

However, you will have to need a better knowledge of coding if you are using the WordPress script. And also you will have to need to know about the codes or you will have to hire someone who knows about WordPress. Mostly it will cost you around 10 – 20K INR to create a blog with WordPress. However, it will include 1 year domain, then 1 year hosting and also doing a job.

Don’t think that it will cost you 20k; it is like choosing a best domain provider and also a good hosting company. For the domain provider, I just choose GoDaddy as my favorite. They will also provide a hosting for you. They have a great option when you buy a domain. They just provide you a domain at 99 INR for a year. Which is around 1.5 USD, I think you can just buy it for a long time. As their plan is going to be the best then I suggest you to surely try out this plan. Even in hosting they have a 50% off plan. You can just choose any of the plans that you want. However, you are not going to get both the plans in just a purchase.

There are many other domain providers and also hosting providers which can provide you a lot of offers. You can just select from the best service providers you can. Now what is domain and what is hosting? We will take a look at both of them. The first one is domain. There are different types of domain out there we will have a look at all of them one by one.

The first one is domain, when coming to the real world domain is an area of territory owned or controlled by a particular ruler or government. If you own a domain that means that you are a ruler or a government. We can consider the whole internet as a place like our earth. Yeah, it is a planet and it is named as internet. If we consider so then every domain can be divided as a country. I don’t know how much countries are there in the planet earth. However, imagining that there are more than 200 of them. If there are 200 in the real world there are around 1 billion websites in the web or in other words there are more than 1 billion countries in the web or the planet internet.

As in the real world some of them are big and some of them are small. It is not the traffic or the money they earn make them big or small it is the number of pages. For example, if you just go to Wikipedia you will notice a lot of links and the main fact is that almost 90% of them are linking to the same domain or in other words about 90% of the links that Wikipedia has is just pointing to their own website. That means they have more information than any other sites ad it also means that they have more pages. It is according to the number of pages we count the area of the internet.

But the earth have a fixed area, however the area of internet is like expanding. The expanding of the internet was done from IPv4 to IPv6. This was one of the most searched topics about the internet.

If there are many websites out there then it will not be able to find out the how to reach a website. There was no domains in the earlier day so all the websites was reached through the IP address. If you have a blog or a website in the online world that means that you have a specific IP address. When you host your blog or the website you are not getting the domain with it. You will have to purchase the domain differently.

If you purchase the domain then you will have to forward your domain to your IP address which is given to you by the hosting provider. However, nowadays you will never notices something like this because most of the domain providers come with a inbuilt hosting provider of their own and it will be automatically link and the only thing you will have to do is to buy a domain and hosting then you can just enter your domain address in the address bar of your browser and then you will be able to see your website.

There are many differences in IPv4 and IPv6. But I will just point you out the best and important different. I don’t know whether it is so important however, the main difference is that IPv4 was 32 bit and its area was over 4 billion websites. However, when coming to IPv6, it has over 10 million trillion space. That means now we can start websites upto 10 million trillion. I don’t think that it will be done so fast. However, with few hundred years it may also be filled and new version may be released. If it is version 6 now then they will see the version 7. But it is said that even if a new website is created in IPv6 in every picosecond or we will just go for seconds. Even if a new website is created every second after a trillion years we will have space for lots of websites.

You may have seen some website address with some different extensions with it. For example, there is a domain which we are using as then there is also a chance that there is a domain address like then there are many other options. You may see and even many other domain names like that. Even now there are many free domain names which are just free for a year and then they cost you as the same price of .com or .net. If you compare the domain names you will notice that all of them price a bit different.

bulk domain expiry checker

Here is the price of the domains in all names. I have just taken this price from GoDaddy and I haven’t compared the prices of any other websites. However, I don’t think there will be some big difference in the price.

The price will be almost same. If you check the price for .com, you will see that .com costs around 959 but if you register it now for 2 years you will get it at the price of 99 for the first year and then you will have to pay 959 for the next year. When scrolling down you can see that .in costs you 599 and costs you 549 and then .live costs you 1898.10. However, all of them are there for you to choose. You can choose anything you want.

There is always a chance that a user may go out of your website by the wrong domain. For example thing that you website is and your website is a social media or some bank section where users can just sign up and store some data. Somehow if a user ends up in and enter his details and then if he lost something then it will surely be bad for you and your website. So if you check the domains of the facebook social media or some other sources you will see that all of them may be already take. For example to show you how much Facebook cares about their users I just searched facebbok as the same way i did the last search. The below images shows the result of my search.

bulk domain expiry date checker

You can notice that there is no domain names available like which is direct to faebook.(something). You will have to work so hard to find out one of the free domains. There is no chance the users will try something like or or something like that the chances are that users may try,,, and not any more than that. If they are a good web user they will surely know that it is not facebook’s domain when they enter the page. Even if you have just entered some other page you will have to change your password fast as you can.

However, today it is very difficult to get into your account whether you email and password is known to another guy he can’t get to your account from a new place. If he is your brother sometimes he may get to your account but that guy can’t if he is from a long distance from you. At the same time now facebook, Gmail and many other sites are also observing you and your activities. They know from which device you are using their app or their site and they even know all of your devices. So it is very difficult to just break into your account. However, I just always suggest you guys to change the password ones and twice every 6 months so that there is 0% chance of getting to your account.

If you are just starting a blog or some other small services where you don’t need to store many personal information then you can completely avoid using all that data and you may just stick with one or two domains which are forwarding to you. But if you are trying to start a big website then you will have to buy almost all the major domains before you get started with your business.

We just compared the internet as a planet and all the websites as a country or a place. Sometimes you may see a place for sale board in somewhere. May it is a place or maybe it is a home or maybe it is a money making business which is for sale. That is what I said, you may see everything for sale in the real world. In the same way when you come to the online world or world of computers there is always a chance you will come with a sale of a website. You may see a page which says for buying this website just contact or something like that. I was just searching for a business and then I tried out many domain addresses and then finally I was stuck in these kinds of websites.

Just check out the image below. You will come to know how a sale in the world of computers looks like.

domain expiry checker

If you go to then you will surely be able to see something like this. Here in the top you can see a click here text in green background which says click here to buy for your website name. This is known as domain flipping. They will just sell their website to you in some conditions. Sometimes they sell their website and then you will just pay the domain money every month. In this case you will also need to pay some dollars to them. When I say few dollars don’t think that it is 5 or 10. A domain can be less costly as 100s of dollars or it can go up to millions of dollars. For example, there was reported a case in which many of the facebook users just went to and the details they entered where misused. In that case facebook will surely look to buy that website. So that their users are secured, so the owner of that domain can ask whatever he thinks he wants. He can ask 1$ or 100million dollars, the price is what he says. In the same way if you are to start a new business then you will surely buy a domain if you are in need for that. Don’t think that there are very less amount of domains like this. If you search the web you can see that there are a lot of markets which will sell the domains. You can also sell these types of domains if you wish. Sometimes if you are lucky enough, then you may get some dollars for all the sales. You can also sell a domain for 10K USD and say that you will have to pay a bit again. I’m sure that no one is going to use a domain for such years. If they use then you can say you will have to buy it then. If they are big company then they will surely buy your domain and take the control over whole domain themselves.

Or if they are still standing a small company and has no much earning then they won’t sustain until that much years. For example just think, 10$ per year for a domain. Then 10 years will cost 100$ and 100 years will cost just 1000$. If you sell it for 1500$ then even after a 100 years you will have no loss. And the most important thing is that both of you. The one who bought it from you and also you won’t leave for a 100 more years. So in every aspect you will have a profit.

However, this is not pretty easy thing. If you don’t choose the right domain then you will waste the money you paid until now. Sometimes you will have to wait for years to sell a website and sometimes a few months is enough? So, in simple words we can say that it is based on our luck.

The next thing is hosting. Hosting is a bit expensive one. It costs a bit more that you can imagine. It is not like domain, the idea behind it is a space to keep your domain or website. Hosting includes the website files and any other things that needed to reach your website and also to run your website in a better way. The methods like hacking and phishing will go through this hosting service. Hosting service is one of the main accounts that we should always protect better than any other accounts.

When coming to hosting there are some things that you will have to know about. The first one is the number of plans which a hosting company offers. Mainly there are three plans that a hosting company offers. The first plan is Shared Hosting. You may see different names for these plans but the working of all are same. Some of the hosting providers name it as Baby plan or Starter plan. So don’t get confused at looking name of the plan.

domain authority

The first plan is Econonmy, it is same as the shared hosting plan. If you buy the shared hosting then you will get the same plans that the economy provides you. You can just host a website and you will get unlimited bandwidth and also you will also get 100 GB storage. This is the basic things which can change according to the plans. The next thing that you get is a free business email for the first year after that you will have to pay some amount for the email. The next one is you will get a free domain and that to only if you purchase a annual hosting plan.

This is just enough for most of the websites. However, the idea behind such cheap price is that it is shared hosting. Shared hosting means that many websites, especially websites with low traffic are hosted in the same server and it shares the space and bandwidth. The main problem with all this is that if a website which is hosted in your hosting gets a lot of traffic then there is a chance that all the websites which are hosted in the same servers means the servers both websites are can get slow. Your website may take a little more time than you will want it to be. For example if it takes a 1 second that the actual time it should take then it can decrease the number of visitors to your website. It is quite common that websites lose their traffic due to slow loading. Many ranking systems like Alexa takes a close look on how much time it actually takes.

Google has released a lot of tools for web developers and also for website owners. They have helped the developers in many cases. When it comes to the case of speed also they help you. You can also check the speed of any website from Google Speed test. First thing you will have to do is to go to the site and then you will need to just enter the URL of your page or website and after that you will next need to wait for a minute. It usually doesn’t take a minute. For me it takes around 10 second but I just told you as 1 min because you can expect the time according to your site content. If you have more content then you will have to wait for a bit longer. However, after doing an analyze you will come to know more about the speed and also you will get some suggestions to improve the speed of your website.

domain age and expiry checker

Here you can see the errors and also some guides to help it fix. More it worked well. There are many useful resources from Google like this. You should always give it a try.

So we were just talking about the hosting plans. As we were saying the second plan is Deluxe. It has nothing much as a difference the main difference is the storage. In the shared hosting you get a limited storage of 100 GB but where in the second plan you get unlimited storage. The next difference is in its name. The name of the second plan is VPS or virtual private server. This is also same as the shared hosting. But here you will get a feel of dedicated server. Just imagine hosting as a room. How it would feel sharing a same room with 4 or 5 guys? It is how your website feels when you buy a sharing hosting and then how about owning a room for yourself but dividing room into two. I mean first there was a room of 1000 sq meters, when it was shared hosting all of you just lived in the same room. When you get to VPS you will be in a single room but the size of the room will be 100sq meters. In this you will feel like you are in a single room. For them it is like giving a separate bathroom and all other features to all 10 of you guys.

The next type of hosting is the dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is like that you own a 1000sq meters room for yourself. However, you will also get some services as a bonus if you buy the dedicated server. I think it is always better to buy a VPS unless you have more files to take care of. This is not the end. You will also have to buy SSL certificate then the website backup and lot other things. This is one of the main drawbacks of the web hosting companies. If you want to do all this then you will have to pay a lot as extra money. However, it is very important to have SSL certificate because many sites has be blacklisted by Google Chrome and also removed from Google search because there is no SSL certificate for them.

Then we can’t guarantee a attack from some hackers or from some of our friends. They may erase out data. So a good backup can provide you a lot more that you can imagine. You will not come to know the importance of site backup until you face something bigger.

I once had a situation to through which I lost all my files due to some un experience of mine. If there was a site backup then I could easily restore all the files. However, my site was not very badly affected because there weren’t many files which changed after the last update and also the site was not a database connected or something like that. So it was just a simple website but whatever it is loss is a loss. So I always suggest you to try out site backup. It doesn’t cost much. If you have selected the correct area then you could easily get back all that you have given for all these things.

We have just talked a lot about many things which are in topic or out of topic. However, we are here to know about the tool Domain Age Checker. And for me this is one of the best tool to know how much time does this domain will be out there. For example if you are just starting to use a online job then you will need to know when was this domain established or when does it end. Our Domain age checker will help you in this situation. First we will have a small look at the description about domain age checker.

This free tool show you the most correct age of any internet site and allow you to find the registration date of that website. You can additionally take a look at the ages of your competitor’s websites via using this domain age checker tool, older web sites always rank nicely in search engine rating. Essential search engines such as Google and Bing always recall the age of the area as one of the maximum essential elements. Furthermore, in case you love to shop for and sell domains then additionally you could want to test the ideal age of the domain. There are several area age checking equipment which might be available across the net and also you need to make sure that most effective the reliable ones are used. Bear in mind this as essential for accurate consequences. A mild deviation might also cause an error and might cause you loss. There are several uses of this tool. It could be helpful to the ones online marketers who are area investors and want to recognize the precise age of a site earlier than its buy. Our area age checker device is likewise beneficial whilst reading a competitor, and researching applicable sites for advertising purposes. You may locate an e-commerce website and before you agree with them together with your cash you would love to check how long these human beings have been in commercial enterprise. In different words, you would love to locate the domain age of the website that could help decide how credible the website genuinely is. This is in particular genuine of some net hosting sites as well as the websites of net marketing companies. There are some approaches by using which you can discover the age of the internet site and considered one of them is with the help of a website age checker which you can locate online.

I thing now you have got an idea of what actually is domain age checker now we will move to the tutorial of the domain age checker. The first thing is to open up the tool and then enter the domain address in the box.

domain expiry date checker

After that the next thing that you will have to do is to write down the text in the image below in the box. You will have to write it as it is shown in the image. If you enter GZ5GF, then you are not going just pass the image verification. You will have to enter gZ5GF and then you will have to click on the Get Domain Age button.

domain validity checker

For some reasons I was not able to take the screenshot of that image verification I done. And it is very hard to get back that same image verification so I thought I will take it again and just give you another screenshot.

When you enter the domain address then you can just enter just the domain address with or without http://www. You can just enter the domain address and then you can just click on the button and leave the work for us.

find out who owns a domain godaddy

After some things happen in background we will take some information of the domain and first display the domain address and it is in a table. After that we will deliver you the domain age. Here in this case the domain age is 1 year and 280 which is otherwise around 1 year and 9 months old. We will not stop the information right there. We will also provide you some information about the created date of the domain and the last domain update date and in the end we will also provide you a domain expiry date. All this information are double checked to make sure that they are correct and if you have any doubt on our result you can just check on any other tool and you get the same result. In addition to that we provide you a little more information like created date, updated date, expiry date and so on.