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If you plan to make some money online, I’m sure that you will finally end up with a long term investment or you probably lost everything but doing some casinos or something like that. And after that you will say that online or the web is not a way to make money. Bu, before you say you should remember that big companies like Google and Microsoft because huge with simple websites which is now developed as a big online and offline network.

If you say that they just done something else to make money, I will still say you can make money online with the example of the blogs out there. If you observe you can see that there are lot of them who makes millions from blogs.

But for now just keep the millions and billions there I will take you to another fact that all of you can easily believe. I am just talking about a blog which is named as Shout Me Loud. According to them this was a milestone which they successfully completed. There milestone was to reach a income of 50k us dollars but now they have reached around 52k. The real number is $52 434. This is the amount they made in July 2017. If you have any doubts you can check their reports of July.

With this it is clear that not only online or the web has cheaters which take your money away but there are many legit ways to earn more than you can ever think.

The main ways in which people are losing money online is by betting online or investing in something similar to share market or something which offers 2x of what you deposit. The final result will be surely lost of 10 times greater than what you gain. You may feel as you are earning something but you will never earn. If you are a gambler then you will need to have a great mind power to control what you do. Without that it is impossible to win. And only 1% of them in the whole world have that. Or you will have to make up a mind which will help you to earn a lot than you wish.

If you are trying to make money online always think that you have two chances. One is to create a blog or some other services and then build users and keep the blog as you like and earn some pretty decent amount in the starting and creating a big income afterwards. Or the second option is do some gambling or something and waste some money, or if you have some good control then you can earn a pretty decent amount. However, gambling is known as a silent killer. I haven’t used or tried any gambling sites however, if you need to try out some ideas that you may world and help you to earn something by gambling then you can try out gambling and gambling sites.

But our or my option is to make some money with some hard work (this doesn’t mean that gambling is easy. It is pretty hard and you will have to work a lot) that is blogging. I don’t know how much you will be able to create by starting a blog. The only thing I know is that you will surely earn a decent amount after some time. But first you will have to deposit something to blogging. The first you need is some money, then the second one is the time and third is total you. I mean that you will have to completely work on blogging to earn from blogging. The first thing you will need to do is to buy a domain.

Domain is the URL address users enter when they want to visit a website. For example, if we want to go to Google, we don’t search Google instead we enter google.com in the address bar so that it takes us to the Google search engine. Like that you should need something like that so that users who want to come to your website can easily enter that address and they come and take what they want. So your first thing is to buy a address like this. For that first you will have to check whether an address like that is available. If you wish you need google.com as your web address will you get that? The answer will surely be no. So, always try to find a single word domain that no one have taken. Or try to find something which makes sense. The blog which I have mentioned above has a domain address of shoutmeloud.com. This makes users easier to remember. That is one of my favorite blog for some blogging tips or tricks. If I wish to enter that then for me it is easier to remember that the website address is jus three words shout me loud. Finding something which users can easily remember is a great thing.

If you can find a great domain address then you have finished 10% of the whole success. The next part is to buy a hosting. Hosting is a bit more easy method, when you start blogging I suggest you to try with a starter plan like shard hosting. Shared hosting just mean some of the websites are hosted in the same web server. All of them will have same storage and some other factors. However the main problem of this type of hosting is if a website which is hosted in shared hosting has a lot of content then all of the websites in that server will slow down.

Think that you brought a shared hosting where 10 others host there website. One of them just suddenly added 1000 articles to his website and he receives a lot more traffic. This will eventually slow down his website and also your website. However, most of the web servers now have a better capacity and bandwidth. So you don’t need to worry so much.

Whatever it is, for starting a blog, I only suggest you to buy a shared hosting and that to for 6 months. Buying something more than that will sometimes result in loss of money. Imagine that you bought a shared hosting plan for 1 year and then if your blog became a early success then you will have to upgrade your hosting to something better than shared hosting like a VPS. So, I suggest just trying it with 6 months. And if you are sure that you are going to make your blog something worth full so fast then you will only need to buy a three month plan.

However, both three month plan and 6 month may work in the same way. After doing this both jobs then the next one is to find a great blogging platform. If you are a complete beginner you will not have heard about any of the websites or any f the blogging platforms. But if have just searched the web for blogging tips then you will surely heard about some of them or maybe just the most famous one, WordPress.

There are some other blogging platform too. Other than wordpress we have:

  • Wix
  • Yola
  • Contentful
  • Jekyll
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • Medium

And there are some more. You can have a bit more big list of blogging platforms from an article from Creative Bloq. However, I haven’t tried Contentful and Jekyll, however, I have tried all other platforms and I still suggest using WordPress not because I use it but because it gives you more control over your website. No other blogging platforms give you such control like WordPress do. Also WordPress have a lot of users who create interesting plug-ins for your WordPress site and they even update according to the problems which occur.

However, you can give a try for any of this. But I suggest you to stand away from some platforms like Blogger. I know most of the web like this platform because they are from a trusted dealer, Google and even more it is completely free and customizable. You can remove any part and add your own text or whatever you want.

But you will not have control over your blog. If blogger finds that your blog has some copied content then they will deleted our blog without any information. There is a history of deleting a 10 year trusted blog from this blogging platform. Maybe this is to make bloggers do the right thing but Google failed a bit in this section. They should have made it better.

I suggest you to use WordPress. So I think you are in the right track and joined me with WordPress for your new blog. So to start you will have to download WordPress from their official website, wordpress.org. Then you will have to upload it to the server which you have bought. This is a little difficult method. I will you to a article which will help you host you a WordPress site. And the main thing is that many web servers or hosting companies have 1 click WordPress install. I suggest some hosing company like GoDaddy or Hostgator. I trust these two site and I haven’t tried anything else than these. So I can only grantee you that both of this will be great for you blog.

After completing all these steps then you will get a WordPress blog which is ready to carry own. Then your next objective is write as much as content you can. Before writing content, what are you going to write. It is one of the main thing which you should always think. You will have find out a answer on what are you going to write. This is know as a niche. A niche is a topic or a niche says what a website is all about. If you website is about mobiles and its useful methods. Then it is a tech niche. Or you may choose fashion or anything as you wish.The one thing that you have to remember is that if you choose a niche one time then you won’t be able to change it.

A change in niche is like a change in the whole blog which is like starting a new blog. So select a niche and make sure that you know about that niche. If you don’t have correct information about that niche then there is a chance that you get your blog running out to death. You will have to close or stop blogging. After you select your niche, you should start to write some articles. A minimum of 100 articles is needed for stepping to the next step. The next step is a bit more good one. Creating a blog and then making it as you want is about 20% of a success blog then you have to write some articles.

Minimum of 100 articles makes your blog 30% success. Then the next 70% is the most difficult section to make on. First you will have to make your site discoverable for search engines by submitting your site to them. You may do this before writing all 100 articles. However, you should do it to continue.

Then, the next step is to rank you blog in the search engines. It is a bit big step. Because we know that search engines are one of the most popular ones in the web. After social media the most used websites are search engines. So you will need to make your web pages or articles display on them. You web pages may be displaying in the search engines but where? There is an average of 1000 results that Google displays in every search. If your web page is the 1000th one then you will not have any hope. No web user check for a article through all the pages of Google.

I think Google usually displays around 10= pages or result which will take over a time to check for any user.

Backlink Checker Tool

The above image is the result page of Google for the search what is blogging. Google says that they have displayed around 32,70,00,000 search results in 0.42 seconds. That is a lot of results. And I don’t think anyone can check all this out for a answer. Most of the internet users just check the first page and then just change what they search if they don’t get the correct answer. I usually do this way, and most of you will surely follow this. But what we want is to get users view our content or in other ways we want our website to be in the first of Google and all other search engines so that users will surely come to our website.

To make this happen we will have to help Google and other search engines know more about us. This method is known as SEO, SEO is a short form of Search Engine Optimization. Think that a user searched know more about blogging. Search engines will work pretty hard to know which site has the best result of his question. If a search engine doesn’t come to know about our web page, then they will never consider our webpage or website as one source of the question the user asked.

To make them know that we have that content or our content is same as what the user searched. We have something called keywords. If your keywords matched the words user searched then we will get a little more ranking. So first what you want to do is to set the correct keywords for all your articles. This should be done before you publish a article. All your articles should target a bit of users. If you niche is money making online. Then you will have find out all he ways to make money online and then you will have to target all the users whether they are affiliate marketers or whether they are social marketer or some gamblers. Your website should have the guide for all of them. Whatever they do, they should simply get the answer from your website.

google backlink checker

This image shows how a admin panel of a WordPress blog looks. In the image you can notice a box which has a heading of focus keyword. You will have to enter the targeting keyword in that box. Now how will you get these keywords? How would you know what is users searching. Every user will not search what is blogging like I done. They will be typing something else. So the first this is to find what how they are looking for something.

There are many paid and free tools available in the web to know what users search. However, in the beginning I suggest you only to try out the free tools that are in the web. After getting some idea about how this works you can easily figure out the ways to get the best keywords by using paid tools.

When coming to free tools, I suggest using the one from SERPs. Their free keyword research tool will provide a lot of information to you. You will get the search volume and you will get the value of a keyword and also the CPC.

I simple words you will get the related keywords of the keyword you search and also you will get the volume of the keyword you have searched.

best backlink checker

The results page just looks like this. The keyword what is blogging has a search volume of 2900 and also has a great value of $1,711.00. But when coming to CPC, it has a average CPC. However, this only needed for search engines to make money. Some keywords like blogging has a lot more value that this has. So, you should select keywords with value at the same time you should also consider the volume of these keywords.

Some keywords like facebook has a volume of 414,000,000 and almost the value of $289,800,000. Which is a lot high comparing to the one that we searched now. But you just think, will you be able to be on the top of a keyword which is so popular? A starter blog can never be on the top of such a great keyword. You will have to have some experience at the same time you will also need to have a blog which is bit older.

With this method, you blog will become 35% to the trip of a success blog. After finishing that then you will need to have to make something more to make your site live.

Upto this method we just noticed the search engines that we are also participating in the game or in rush to get visitors to our site from these keywords. Now we will have to make the search engines know that our blog has something worth so that they can trust us and keep us in the top of their search result.

If you check the search result of Google, you will notice that the firsts site or the very first result is of a website called thebalance. To know a bit more about it, I tried out a SEO rank checker.

The result of this site is in the image below:

backlink quality checker

The have provided a score of 94, According to them, In Google this ranks first at the same time in Bing it ranks a bitt more lesser and that is in the 4th position.

And if you observe the result carefully you will come to know that there is a section called link building.

And they say that this website has 53,622 links from unique websites. And a total of 3113879 links from other websites. This doesn’t mean that a single post has this but the whole website has it. If you have done a check like this before you will be saying that I should have checked the main domain this site. But for some accuracy of some things I done it in this way.

As I said there is a part of SEO called Backlinks, Backlinks are what control about 70% of your ranking. If you could get best backlinks then you will be able to rank without much effort.

A few years later, it have the meta tags like keywords or meta description which helped to search engines to rank the websites and many of the blogger, no not just bloggers mainly it is webmasters, what this webmasters do is they create some meta tags which has no reaction with the content in the site, while this begin to occur search engines was losing their trust from the users so the search engines wanted a method to simply rank the web pages without the help from these webmasters. Finally Google came out with a solution of ranking the websites know as PageRank.

This method called PageRank is what change the way of surfing the web. If you are getting the right result when you search then it is by this method.

PageRank is a algorithm used by Google to rank web pages.


Imagine that you have got a page which has 200 links from different sites. While an another at the same time ha around 100 backlinks or links from other blogs but even after getting such good amount of links you are missing the position in Google search result. The keyword you guys targeted are the same. He ranks first and you ranks 6th. If you have some case like this then you problem is the quality of backlinks. If this situation was a few years back then you would have surely ranked. But when some webmasters again tried to cheat Google by creating some fake blogs with no content and then linking it to their main blog. Google again finds this as a difficult chance. Then after making it a bit more tough. Webmasters tried to create unique content of 500 words or 1000 words and then create some blogs in blogger or WordPress and then linked it to website.

After the failure of all these methods then it was the buying a cheap domain and then linking it to their main blog. Finally Google tried to end this game and then they introduced quality and quantity check in their algorithms. First it was just quantity, but as I said due to some reason it have changed. Its not the end of ranking. After Google finds than the quality and the quantity of a web page then they will measure it under a scale like scientists do. This scale ranges from 1-10, and is named after one of the co-founder of Google, Larry Page.

When I stay 60% of your road to success blog can be cleared using backlinks never try to do something which is illegal to Google. Google, mean that you and your blog should have real links to you. Not the fake ones.

There are some methods like Guest Posting or Guest Blogging to create backlinks. However, in January 2014, Google’s Web Spam head, Matt Cutts said that guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy.

This was a situation where everyone was using guest posting method with a main objective of backlinks. But even now Google doesn’t penalize those who allow Guest Posting but Google still warns that guest posting should never be for backlinks.

Now what is guest posting or guest blogging?

Most of the blogs will have a blog post with how to contribute to their blogs. This not a easy method. They will examine you website, your content and also what you write for them.

The image below will say what ShoutMeLoud wants from its guest bloggers. They have a great blog post which says how should you do guest posts to them. You are free to add backlinks to your site. However, they never say or promote to add it(maybe because of what Google says).

According to them they had 750+ guest bloggers who have written 1 or more article to there website.

But before we know more about guest posting lets now what guest posting is all about and how and why do guest posting?

Guest Blogging is also known as guest posting and it is a practice of contributing a post to another blog. This method maybe followed to build relationship or maybe to get exposure or authority or maybe links. This method existed a long before Google introduced PR or PageRank algorithm. Links are primary ranking factor in Google, and in SEO. Guest posting offers a strong opportunity to secure a link back from another website.

You can surely link to anywhere when you do your guest posting. Create some content and then link to one of your blog post.

Guest Posting not only gives a link back to your blog but it also gives a chance to open up a good relationship with the blogger hosting your guest post. If you guest post is really awesome then you are going to be attached with that blog a bit more. No blogger will hate or will avoid someone who can give them some better content.

The concept behind guest posting is simple. You just need to write according to the requirements of the blog you just need link from and then get a link from them. The most common method is by giving a credit to you via your author box.

Every blogger whether it is you or me, every one of the blogger will be interested to publish new contents in our website to attract new visitors for us. This is the reason by blogs allow guest posting. If you have a good blog then you can get a good amount of guest posts from most of the growing bloggers in your niche. Whatever you niche is getting blog posts are not hard if you rank in the first page of Google. If you does not rank well then you may not get guest posts. However, getting guest posts are a great thing to build you backlinks.

Before you think that you can start building backlinks, let’s hear from me. You should ensure that your content is of the best quality. Only after you are sure that you have the best articles with you, you should just start your work to make your backlinks stronger and ready for SEO. Some ways through which you can ensure your backlink stability and SEO are:

Lost Link Recovery: To do this you should first know which pages in you blog have inbound link. And if you find it out then using a 301 redirect will help your site users and search engine spiders will be pointed to the right page. It may also help you in getting back your lost link value.

Competitor Backlinks Audit: You should check from which sites do the backlinks goes to your competitor’s website and then you should always overcome them by get more quality and quantity backlinks from much more better sites. Our backlink checker will surely help you in this. Our backlink checker is made to help any webmaster or any other blogger according to their wish. One and every tool that we provide ensure the best quantity.

The next thing you have to do is the relation building. This is a great way through which you can get some backlinks from some of the bloggers and make your relation bolder with them.

Find the best bloggers who can relate their content to your content in or the other way. They may be able to help you to get backlinks from their blog or they may help you by giving their users a simple review about your blog even they may ask their blogger to check out some of your posts. However, if you want something to work then you will surely need a good content. Without a good content there is nothing to do whether you have Mark Zuckerberg as you friend. Even if facebook sent some free visitor’s t your blog you may not get it each and every time. When a user finds that you blog does not have a good content in which they can learn something from your content. Then they will surely stop visiting you after 3-4 visits.

According to Google, or any other search engines writing posts for backlinks is not a good thing. If you are making backlinks by writing some articles that means that you are giving something and taking something but search engines want backlinks without giving anything.

Not only backlinks matter, there is something any which you need to take care about when you build links. As we conclude I said that backlinks will provide 60% to a successful blog and then a 35% by some other things and if you notice you will come to know that a 5% is missing. You will get this 5% by letting your webpage grow. Imagine that if your web page is 5 years old and then you have a good level of backlinks then you will surely rank first. Many of the blogs which are in the first today have been established a lot of years ago.

If your blog is still not growing after getting backlinks and having a quality content then the possible reason will be that you are not yet trusted by Google or any other search engines.

You have just started the company with these search engines they see you as a friend and you are doing many things to earn their trust. The whole SEO is methods of getting their trust. You will have to wait to get good trust from this search engines. So the next thing you will have to do is to wait.

Now we will just move to a tutorial on how to check backlinks with our backlink checker. Our backlink checker will find out the total amount of backlinks that your site is linked too. Unlike all other tools which displays the top 10 or 100 links we help you to understand the total number of websites or domains linked with your website.

The first thing is to open our backlink checker tool. You have done it already so you may move to the next step

Backlink Checker

that is entering you your URL. You will have to enter the URL of the domain which you want to check in the box with a small title Enter a URL. This box will be highlight in blue so that you can easily understand it

There you will have to enter your domain address.

backlink generator

You can enter the address in any way. You may enter it like,


Or you can enter it like


or by

facebook.com or www.facebook.com. All of this returns the same result.

backlink builder

We also own some robots like Google does, our robots make the domain address you entered as facebook.com and then they will add all other things they wanted according to their wish. After that they will go through all the indexes of your website or the website you have entered and then you will finally get a result.

how to check backlinks in google search

Our backlink checker gives you some simple results which includes the domain name that you have entered and then the total backlinks.

Here in this case I have checked facebbok.com. As we all know facebook is a really big chapter and according to our tool facebook has 8284860 backlinks from many websites. Within a day it will increase by 3 for sure because I have linked couple of times to facebook in this article.

If you have any doubts in our tool you can check this result with any of the paid tools out there. We cannot say what will be the result given by any of the free tools in the web but even SEMrush will have the answer for this question. And also our tool is updated daily.