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Every online data is exposed to thousands and thousands of online users. You can take the instance of a simple internet site, which can be accessed by means of heaps of on line people. With the elevated variety of people visiting your website, there are numerous chances of your web site getting injected by means of a few viruses. Those viruses can both input your site via your computer or with the aid of a hacker! These viruses can cause damage to your site, and they'll cause a terrible website online fitness. Every internet site proprietor have to take proper care of their website and shield it from viruses. A few viruses can inject inside the web site with the webmaster in no way understanding approximately them! So it's crucial for every website owner to perform an entire on line virus experiment in their internet site through our free "AVG Antivirus Checker tool". Viruses wreck your web site's health and that they cannot handiest have an effect on the consumer revel in however can also have an effect on the hunt engine rankings of the website. Use search engine optimization tool Station "AVG Antivirus Checker", as its rapid, loose, correct, and does not require any downloading. The unique characteristic approximately our tool is that in place of checking each internet site separately, you may carry out a virus test of up to twenty websites at a time. Our device does no longer require any registration and properly scans your site for viruses.


HOW DOES AVG Antivirus Checker Tool Work?

Copy and paste up to 20 URLS in AVG Antivirus checker box, verify the verification code then click the submit it generates and result came in below the submit box you can choose whatever result are came in that URLS.