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We know that internet is a place where there are a lot of users. Some of them are looking for some results they wanted. Some others are looking for some ways to make money. Or some will be looking for some pleasure. There are many time of seekers in the web. However, most of them are looking to make something out of the web. We, means you, I and some others are really looking to make money online. Actually not just to make money online. We are seeking for some straight ways to make money. We are working hard like all others. The only difference is that we are trying to make money from a virtual world and they make it from the real world. If they are working had we are also working. Every job has its on difficulty.

I had a friend who worked as a cashier in a hypermarket, he used to say everyone thinks that his job is very easy, he just want to sit in the chair and then just bill the things up and then closes everything at the night and earn around $200 month. And he says that the job of a cashier is one of the hardest job ever. He will have to be very accurate in his calculations and at the same time he will have to answer what customer asks. Sometimes he get scolded by the customers and also by his supervisor even if the mistake is in the hand of customers. And at the end if his miss or gave some extra cash to someone in the rush, then it will be reduced from his salary.

With his example, I was pretty sure whatever the job we think is easy are never a easy task to complete. Sometimes it may be one of the hardest tasks ever. I don’t know whether you have heard of PrimeDice. I thought it would be a very easy way to make money until I got the answer by losing everything I have deposited. So, I am at the conclusion that every job has its own difficulty

Know when coming to the online world there are a lot of companies which have step foot on the web before and started to earn a lot more that we think.

If you have dreamed to become a online earner then I’m sure that you will have heard about the big brain under Facebook. It was Mark Zuckerberg created facebook when he was just 23 while he studied psychology in Harvard University.

He was a bit good programmer before creating Facebook, even before he created Facebook, he have created some other apps for all his fellows there. He has created Coursematch, which was created by him for his friends. This app allowed to view the people taking their degree and also another app named Facemash which will allow users to people’s attractiveness.

It was in 2004, he have started Facebook which was started in the name of The facebook.

And it was one of the life changer products of Mark, in September 2006 many companies like Google, Yahoo has shown interest in buying facebook for a price around 2billion us dollars. But he hasn’t sold that.

If he did sell facebook, then he won’t be such a business man like now. What he earns now is a lot more than that? He now owns messenger app like Whatsapp too.

Facebook has a profit of $701 million as of now. He would have not been able to earn so much if he accepted the offer from Google or Yahoo.

He is just a example there are many others like that who makes a lot more than you really thinks. Even some simple bloggers could make a real from if they work hard. And there are many bloggers whom I know earning a lot.

So making money is always hard but just if you can dream then you can sure make it. If you can dream to be a website owner of a website where millions of users enjoy then you can be. Every site like eBay, Amazon and FlipKart is was just a website like ours before they reached the top of the web sales. If they could make it then we could make it. If Steve could make Apple, which changed the way of smart phones then we can too create something which everyone likes. There are thousands of options out there for you. After knowing every option and still if you sticking with a website then it is your passion for sure. One day, you will feel that this is of no use and you may wish to quit this job. If you think of quitting by keeping your website, then you are someone ordinary.

But if you keep up and move forward then you are one who makes a lot more than you wish. If you don’t want to be a website owner then you have a lot of ways out there. You can simply be a youtuber or you can create games and publish it in mobile app stores. Or you may make something useful for the world. Whatever you make you can’t easily earn for sure. All you have to do is wait until you earn. You will have to work a little more at first but and then you will be tired by thinking that there is no use by doing something online. But if you can still keep your dreams up then you will surely win.

I know someone who did affiliate marketing in Social Medias. He was to make a new way of earning. As of then affiliate marketing was done by a website but he tried again and again, and he could do a sale of 60$ with the first 5 months. It was nothing worth so what he did was he stopped online ways of making money and continued his studies but after a year he has shocked to see that his facebook page have increased around 5000% in link clicks and when we has looking at his sales it was around 600$. Which was great for him. But we never continue doing that job again to make money, we friends all did say a lot to him but still the answer was no.

Even now I don’t know what the real reason is. But the only thing I know was if he continues that method, then he would have been one of the most successful affiliate marketers. He would have been one of them who withdraws 1000’s of dollars from Amazon or eBay.

Now we will come to our tool, have you ever heard of Alexa Rank Checker? What is Alexa actually?

You can visit Alexa by going to their domain, The screenshot of their website is in the image below

Alexa Rank Checker tool

Alexa is a Amazon product. Their caption says:

Find, Reach, and Convert Your Audience with Marketing That Works

The say that there software helps our business get better marketing results. Now we will look at what Alexa is really about.

Alexa is registered as Alexa Internet, Inc. It is an American company based in California that provides commercial web traffic data and analytics. Alexa was founded in 1996 as a independent company but it has bought by Amazon in 1999. It has a well functioning toolbar, which we will talk about later. It’s toolbar collects data on the internet browsing behavior and transfer it to Alexa website. Alexa website is where they store this data and then they analyze them. The company has a base of web traffic reporting. Alexa provides web traffic data, global rankings, country rankings and many other information about 30 million+ websites. As of 2015, alexa has be visited by over 6.5 million people monthly. As of November 2017, Google is ranked as the first in alexa ranking. The reason behind the ranking of Google is because in average Google is has a average time of 8 min and 2 sec by a user daily. And also average page view by a user is around 8.94.

When looking at the history, Alexa was founded on April 1996 by Brewster Kahle And Bruce Gilliat. Alexa in the beginning just offered a toolbar that gave Internet users suggestions on where to go next, based on the traffic patterns of its user community. The company not only did that but it context for each site visited: to whom it was registered, how many pages it had, how many other sites pointed to it, and how frequently it was updated. Alexa has a bot like Google has, ia_archeiver, I guess their bot is name so. This bot will help them to give more detailed results to their users. This bots don’t do much. It is the basic crawlers. They crawl every page of a website like search engines do. After doing that then those bots will store all this information into Alexa’s Database and is given it to them.

Every one like to know how much I t=rank and how much others rank, and why don’t I rank like them. These questions are always asked. When coming to the web and its ranking what Alexa done is the same method. Whether it is Alexa or whatever it is. If something that provide such a feeling to users or publishers or website owners then they will surely try to compete themselves. The main think which makes Alexa stand out of any others is their Ranks. They have a well know rank for every website. Whether it is social medias or search engine or porn, everything has ranking in Alexa. If a user entered a website, then that website is tracked by alexa.

Now how is Alexa Ranks Measured?

According to Alexa, they calculate the rank using a combination of the estimated average daily unique visitors to the site and the estimated number of pagviews on the site over the last three month. A site with the highest combination of this both will rank as the 1st in Alexa. This information is collected by browser extensions from the internet users who owned there browser extensions. According to them there is around 25000 of users who used browser extensions either in Google Chrome, Firefox or in Internet Explorer. The collect that data and then they change it geographically and they do a lot more calculations that we can’t guess. There are many ranking methods like this which rule the web. Google search result is a big example for this type of calculations.

Google has a bot and once a website is submitted to Google, Google will send their bot to that website and collects all the information about all that sites and then use it and with some algorithms they will calculate how much a website scores. They have  scale of 1 – 10. So if a website has a score of 1 will be displayed last and then the website which has a rank of 10 will be displayed 1st. It doesn’t mean that you should get a rank of 10 to be displayed first in Google search result. It just means that you will need to have a great rank than any other sites. The ranking is done by several methods, which is pretty difficult to us to calculate.

There are many other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and other lot of many other how use some methods like this to rank their site.

Even alexa and many other systems like this work and even if they make a good result many of the bloggers and website owners never support Alexa. They say that Alexa is something which we shouldn’t take seriously. However, don’t know why but alexa is still one of the number one rankings out there. Any starter in blogging or online business will surely have the alexa extension in their browser. This will help both alexa to notice what they do and the users to know how other websites rank.

The next thing is how to know a website’s Alexa ranking. Maybe you will have a website and you will be interested to know what your website have according to alexa.

To know the Alexa rank, the simplest thing that you do is to go to official Alexa website and then type in the full domain and do a search or hit the return key in your keyboard.

Even in the front page of you can’t noticed a place for searching the rank of your domain. Do some something like that you will have to use their extension or use our tool so that you get the correct information about the alexa ranking. However, I suggest you to use our tool more than the extension, because a lot of extension can slow down chrome and increase the time taken to load a page.

The result of a Alexa website check will look almost like the image below. This image was taken in December 2017 and if any changes occurred to the results then please be sure that you inform it to us as fast as you can. You will be also being a part of our growth by pointing out our mistakes. So be sure that, if you find something wrong, then you can complaint it to us.

alexa ranking list

If you check the results carefully you will come to see a graph. In this case, the graph starts from Jan’2017 and to the end of this year that is Dec’2017. In the other side there is some digits which are pretty high like 600k then 800k and finally 1 million.

This graph really shows us how this site done in 2017. According to Alexa, these sites have gone down in 2017. From the start of the month to half of Jan, the graph goes down and never came up in this year. That means that this site had a traffic fall in this year and then couldn’t recover from it. However, now the traffic of the site has increased and the site has a increase in the rank of 706k. Which means before the rank of this website was 3,092,039 (around 30m). But now it has increase to 2,324,004. And this may change according to the change in traffic that this site gets.

It also mention, in which country this website has the highest score. Here, it is in India. In India, this website has of 155,746.

This section that we come through now was the section called how popular is

web traffic rankings

For you reference, the graph which we seen in the image is given here too. You can examine it if you wish too.

Now, we are coming to our next section which is Audience Geography. In the name it is clear that this is about the places from which users come from. Here it is India.

61.9% of the users are from India. And something that I am confused here is why didn’t they mention any other country. They said that 61.9% of the visitors are from India but what about the other 38.1% of visitors. From where do they come from? However, you may get it when comes to a pro version of I’m currently in a free version and as you all know free versions always have something less than that of pro versions.

There ends the section and then the next section is about visitors activates in the website. Here you will come to see three sub sections or three different results. The first one is the bounce rate. Here the bounce rate of this website is currently 68.90% which is 94% increase in the last 3 months. What is Bounce rate? This is a question that everyone will surely have, I had it when I first tried blogging or some stuffs in online. However, finding and answer was pretty simple.

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing just one content or page. If you have tried Google Analytics then you will have surely noticed the same this there.

When coming to Google Analytics, A bounce is a single-page session on your site. In Google Analytics, they calculate a bounce specifically as a session that triggers only a single request to the Analytics server, such as when a user opens a single page on your site and then exits without triggering any other requests to the Analytics server during that session.

The next we will be thinking whether it is a bad thing to have high bounce rate. My answer or even Google says, not completely. It really depends on many factors.

Imagine that you have a images displaying website. And you have lot of category and then if a high percentage of users are just viewing the Homepage then it is not a great thing. It means that they don’t like your contents. If that is the case then you will have to surely try to make some interesting content for your users.

But if you have a blog with 100s of articles then when a user searches in search engine there is chance that he end up in your page and then leaves your page after his needs. This case is normal, perfectly normal. So, usually blogs have a little bit high bounce rate that websites. And increase in bounce rate doesn’t mean in the increase of traffic. Many of they asked me like that, they say that bounce rate will only increase if you get more traffic. But the truth is that if you have only 100 visitors in a month and 15 of them did a bounce then you are likely to have a high bounce rate that month. So bounce rate doesn’t depend on traffic but just how your site is.

I have seen a video which explains what I said, from one of the Youtuber.

Then it is daily Page views per visitor. Which is the second one of this section. Here it is 2.00. It is down by 52.72%. When it Google to the number one site, average page view is around 8.99 which is by and it has a increase of 6.50%. While comparing, Google with there are a lot of difference.

check website traffic free online

But still, I just want you to know how much it can come. This result means that no website now has a daily page view more than 8.99.

After that there is another one to the right of these two things which Alexa care a bit more, it is the daily time on site. When coming to the case of average time on site is 2:45 and that is a decrease of 41%

However, I’m not really satisfied with the result I get from I don’t think that this results should rank the web. When coming to the case of Google, Facebook or some other websites, it is okay. But when coming a information site or blog or something like that if you rate the site like this, then it can reach to a great failure.

There is a lot of difference between, Alexa ranking and the real traffic for sure. Even Alexa accept that a ranking above 100,000 is rough estimate that they make and it cannot be correct. They says that only the ranks which is above 100, 000 can be accurate and the details can be correct.

The next section in Alexa result will provide some information about from where do the traffic or the visitors come to

In this case the search visits are around 35.60%.

alexa rank wiki

This is the graph of what Alexa displays about’s users. According to Alexa there is no correct information about any site with has a rank above 100, 000. However, they just give you a search visits from the search engines and here it is 35.60% as I said. In the right you will also come to notice top keywords from search engines. Here there is only one keyword. That is varun tej height in feet and this keyword gives around 11.39% of the whole traffic. As I said you can see the problems of Alexa here too. If it was some sites which have good rankings then they would have got the great result.

There is some information like from which site the visitors comes to or it is known as Upstream site. Here the most used upstream site is

There is a section which displays the information of where this visitors go next and then followed by sites linked to The results are 30.

But why is the last section hidden or locked.

alexa ranking india

When using Alexa you will often come up with contents like this. All this contents are locked and can be viewed by only those who subscribe to their pro plan.

You can get their Essentials Plan for just $99 per month and get their Advanced plan at $149 per month. We you purchase the plans you will be getting access to Marketing Stack, The Website Traffic Analysis.

When coming to SEO Tools, Alexa gives you site audit option and you can do it once in a month if you bought essentials and twice if you bought advanced. With essentials you won’t be able to get access to paid keyword research, competitor Backlinks Checker, and On-Page SEO Checker. Also you will only get limited amount of Organic Keyword Research and only up to 100 results of Competitor Backlinks Matrix. And there are many other features which will be only available for advanced subscribers.

You can also get a certified Alexa Rank for Your Site, The plans are still divide into 2. 50 million page views from month and for those who get 200 million pageviews per month.

alexa ranking extension

Then, if you don’t wish to plans in total then you can get all those separately. When coming to certified Alexa Rank, You can buy it privately for websites which has pages views of 10 million or less per month for 19.99 in a month and this plan is called basic. There is also a better plan for those who get up to 50 million page views per month. And this plan is known as Insight plan.

You will have an another option which is for those websites who have up to 200 million page views per month. This plan is called Advanced plan and this will cost $149 per month. All these plans have a free try available. You can use this trial to know who Alexa works and what you will get out of Alexa.

But now what will you do, if you have a page view more that 200 million, maybe 300 million? It is difficult isn’t?

Alexa still have a solution. If you monthly pages views are below 1 billion you can try out Alexa’s Advanced High Traffic plan which costs around 799$ per month. However, alexa can’t handle that cash on their website so you will have to contact them to know more and to subscribe to their plan.

website traffic tracker

Before closing this simple section, I want to answer one of the most asked questions. Many of them have asked in many forums that whether they should consider Alexa ranking, or is it important to get a god ranking in Alexa?

Every site owner will be interested to know whether their site is ok or not? Then will need to know how their website works or how much success it is. But, I think if you just want to know how your site is then you should never consider Alexa. Alexa never check out most important things these are some methods by which they could make money. But this doesn’t mean that Alexa is bad. Alexa is a great option to know from where the links come from or how popular your competitors are. Alexa tools is great too to compare you site with others. You can compare and know is your site or their site is more popular, what you lack and what they lack.

However, my final words in this section is that if you to know how your site is doing then I suggest you to still stick with Google Analytics. Google Analytics will provide you bounce rate and many other things that you get from Alexa and also more better and accurate information about your site. If your site is in the beginning then alexa won’t and will never be able to provide you such great information.

After completing all this now we will look at the tutorial of Alexa Rank Checker. Our Alexa Rank Checker is designed in a way that users get what they wanted from the Alexa. No promotions and noting about Alexa will be showed to you. Our tool will provide you the results as expected it to be. We will finally check out and compare the result between our tool and Alexa but for now let’s together do something.

Something means we will check rank of the same website in out Tool. And finally compare both to get a final result.

The first this you need to do is to enter you domain URL in our Alexa rank checker tool. Our alexa rank checker tool has a great built-in function so that you just need to enter only the domain URL without any : and /. All other websites will need a URL which is in a complex form like We just need the domain name and then the .com or .net which you have already added to it. So you can just enter here.

Alexa Rank Checker

This picture shows how our Alexa Rank Checker looks in our website. After the heading you will see a box with a sub heading which says enter the URL, this is where you want to enter the URL.

what is alexa rank

The domain address can be in any style, as I said, you enter it full or just enter the simple address.

After you enter the domain address then here the next step is to prove that you are a human. There are many thinks like reCaptcha or NoCaptcha which are a little difficult or there is old type solve media. All of these are difficult, and we want our customers to have a great and simple usage with us.

I never personally believe that every site need something complex to stop the bots. And more over no bots are going to check someone’s rank in Alexa. So, we have just kept the simplest captcha here.

After you complete both this steps you just need to press the Submit button.

This will pass all the information for us to check all the things about your website in Alexa. So after you enter these details we will sent it all you Alexa and says Alexa we need the details of this site. And when we say so Alexa is one of our friends so that he will answer to us as fast as we can and when we receive information from Alexa we arrange it and then display it to you. The real fun is that all this happens in not more than 6 seconds. So you may have guessed how fast we can fetch any information from any part of the web. But we don’t have a chance to get to your privacies, don’t worry about that. Many hackers have been and is still trying to hack social medias like Facebook or peek into your personal email account like Gmail. Even they try to hack some websites like ours to get information or maybe for no reason at all.

website ranking checker

This is how our final result looks like. You can see all the things you wanted in a simple manner. This does not have any advanced option. Anyone with basic knowledge can understand this. The whole box has a heading of How popular is

And then followed by the heading in the box, there is some information that you will need.

The first one is about the global rank. The same global rank of the website will be displayed by our tool. If you have any doubts then you can simply check out the image that we seen before. Both have the same information. Next in the table there is something called popularity at, this is a box which will display the popularity of the website in the highest ranking country. Or it will display the name of the country in which the website you entered is more famous. Here the answer is India, and we have discussed about this answer a bit earlier.

After saying in which country it is famous or it ranks more then it will also mention you the rank of the website which you have entered in the most ranked country. Again when coming to this case we have seen, it is 155,746 and it is in India.

And after that it displays the number of backlinks the website has. However, this information is fetched from and we are not deciding or we don’t have any responsibility whether the answer is wrong or correct. However, there is very less chance to be a wrong answer. All we can do is to trust sites like this. There is no way we can count the sites which is linked in. Or you will have to purchase some paid SEO tools.

And in proof for what our tool had done is correct, we also display that same graph which you will see in Alexa result. I have uploaded the both of images earlier in this article. You can check it out if you wish too.

We have finally finished our article now the only thing you will have to do is to enjoy our tools. You can use any of our tools but at the end please remember to support as by your words.

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